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The VISA payment system can be called a link that unites all the banks of the planet. It is thanks to VISA that commercial enterprises, social establishments, financial organizations and government agencies are able to conduct fast, and most importantly, secure electronic payments. The payment system operates in more than two hundred countries.
The VISA-Net processing system is based on the latest IT technologies. It takes no more than 1 second to process 65 thousand financial transactions.
VISA does not issue plastic cards, does not provide credit services, does not put forward conditions for the use of credit cards and other types of payment documents. The companys mission is to provide a reliable platform for electronic payments, on the basis of which banks can develop their own products and offer their customers modern payment instruments.
VISA sets itself another task - the creation of a unique system that would work without being tied to a specific place and time. It must be said that the companys employees successfully achieve their goals. Today, holders of VISA bank cards can withdraw cash or pay for purchases in a non-cash way at any time of the day or night, wherever they are. You can make payments or money transfers even in those settlements where there are no financial institutions. You will need a computer (or mobile device) and Internet access.

Latest developments

VISA has greatly influenced the lives of each of us. Thanks to the companys products, the inhabitants of the planet can save not only finances, but also personal time: plastic cards open access to money at any time of the day, and mobile applications allow you to pay for services and purchase goods without leaving home.
But the unique VISA-Net system is considered to be the special pride of the payment system. With its help, it was possible to unite almost 2.5 billion bank cards, several million ATMs and outlets that serve them, and more than 14 thousand banks. VISA-Net functions not only for payment processing. Thanks to the system, users can get the necessary information related to electronic payments. With its help, you can manage financial risks. It is VISA-Net that creates conditions for payments to be made quickly, safely and comfortably.
What innovations did VISA offer to its customers?
1. Making money transfers. The VISA payment service managed to radically change the scheme of making money transfers. Users can send funds anywhere in the world in various types of currencies.
2. Mobile services. VISA cooperates with many mobile operators that hold a leading position in the global cellular telephony market.
3. Pay for purchases in online stores. VISA card is a reliable tool for paying for purchases on the Internet. Most recently, the company has offered its users an innovative product "Verified by VISA". This technology guarantees the safety of financial transactions.
4. Microchips. VISA payment instruments are equipped with microchips that allow making payments using contactless technology. It is enough just to touch the card reader to the terminals reader and the transaction will be completed. Fast, convenient and safe. Contactless forms of payment are used in public transport, in public parking lots, on trade equipment, etc.
VISA Direct

The VISA Direct service was developed specifically for instant payments. The service will help in those situations when “money is needed today, tomorrow it will be too late”. To send funds to friends or family, you just need to know the recipients bank card number. The money will be credited to the subscribers account instantly. This service is also convenient when paying credit debts, when there is a risk of delay. If there is no time to visit the bank, then the payment can be made in virtual mode.


VISA payment documents

VISA payment instruments are very popular among the worlds population. The system offers debit and credit cards.
Debit Cards
A debit card holder can pay for purchases in land-based and virtual trade organizations, pay for services, make money transfers and receive “real money” anywhere in the world. A debit card is suitable for all types of non-cash payments (through mobile and online banking services, in the telephone mode, through self-service terminals, at ATMs, etc.).
Cashless payments are convenient and reliable. The card is always at hand, and even if the payment document is lost, the owner should not worry about the safety of his finances. The card can be blocked to prevent fraudsters from gaining access to the account and then recovering it.
Payment instruments can be linked to a personal account registered in the Internet banking system. Such a step will allow you to effectively manage the account: control expense transactions, monitor the movement of money, view the payment history, and receive accounting reports.

Credit cards

VISA credit cards are a convenient and profitable way to obtain a loan. Usually, the terms of the agreement provide for a grace period for lending, during which the borrower uses the funds without accruing interest.
Payment instruments are suitable for all types of payments made by a non-cash method: payment for goods and services, bank transfers, purchasing goods in online stores. Using the card, you can get cash at ATMs or at bank cash desks.
Owners of credit products can take part in bonus programs:
• bonus miles: by paying with a card for a train or plane ticket, the client receives a discount in the form of points, which are credited to the bonus account (bonuses can be exchanged for travel documents or pay for hotel services);
• discounts on purchases: when shopping in VISA partner stores, you can get good discounts;
• return of money: a certain percentage of the cost of goods or services is returned to the card account in the form of points, which can be used to pay in shops or social establishments;
• additional features and privileges.
VISA credit cards are an ideal solution for unplanned waste, for example, when unexpected guests arrive or a car needs to be repaired.
Today, almost all financial organizations in the world issue VISA payment instruments. To get a card, you need to contact the bank branch operating in your city.
VISA offers several card options.

Traditional cards

You can pay with the VISA Classic card at any institution that has the VISA logo. Distinctive features of this document are its versatility, financial flexibility and ease of use. A payment document is popular among people with low incomes. The card provides its holder with the following options:
• withdrawing cash from ATMs;
• payment for goods and services by non-cash payments;
• connecting to an online banking account;
• virtual financial management;
• booking hotel rooms, tickets for various types of transport, car rental.

Premium Products

Premium cards VISA Gold, VISA Platinum, VISA Signature and VISA Infininte provide their holders with special privileges. The opportunity to purchase clothes and shoes in world-famous stores, visit the hairdressing salon of the famous master Jean Luis David or try gourmet cuisine in the elite restaurant Muzey. These cards are not just convenient tools for paying for goods and services. Thanks to them, a person does not feel discomfort from being on the territory of another state. • The cards are connected to special services that provide access to medical and legal services; • the owner of the document can book a hotel room or rent a car; • if during the trip the card is lost, then you should contact the customer support service, and the problem will be solved as soon as possible; • purchases purchased with cards can be insured against unforeseen situations: theft, loss or damage; • VISA Signature holders can take advantage of the extended purchase warranty; • having paid for a travel ticket with a premium card, the client receives an insurance policy.