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There was a warning about fake airdrops for Lun holders. The attackers who are trying to make money on the upcoming launch of the new version of Terra 2.0 are to blame for this.

Chinas largest stock image provider has launched a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. Ethereum is accepted for payment.

The largest crypto exchange Binance tightens control over KYC (user identification) The reason is compliance with sanctions. Kharon and Neterium will help identify illegal activity on the site.

An investment in a digital currency called Dogecoin for just $ 1,200 today could be a whopping $ 400,000. This is how much your funds would multiply if you invested money in the spring of 2020.

BNBs capitalization has surpassed $ 100 billion for the first time amid the resumption of the rally in the Binance token.

The digital currency market is constantly growing, which forces specialists to think about predictions about future trends. According to one of the well-known crypto-strategists in traders, now it is worth paying attention to 11 crypto-assets, since it is

Ripple Labs, which has a stake in the fast payment system MoneyGram, enters the financial market in the UAE. The Emirates are one of the largest countries in the payment transactions market.

The growth in popularity of the Ethereum system exceeds the rate at which the popularity of the Internet grew in its time. But the figure of one hundred thousand addresses should still be considered with a certain degree of probability, since many users h

During 2019, the amount of transactions using the stablecoin (USDT) cryptocurrency from Tether Limited exceeded $ 212 billion. Its growth was especially noted in the first six months of 2019.