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Moscow Industrial Bank

In the fall of 1990, the Central Bank of Russia registered a new financial organization - Moscow Industrial Bank. The work of the company is regulated by current legislation and authorized by documents that give the right to carry out banking activities both on the territory of our country and abroad.

For more than 2 and a half decades of operation, Moscow Industrial Bank has gained a reputation as a reliable and efficient financial structure. The organization participates in the state deposit insurance program, therefore, Russian citizens safely place their savings in the deposit accounts of the MinBank .

The company is focused on serving all categories of clients. The banks client base consists of 70 thousand legal entities and over 1 million 200 thousand ordinary citizens.

The banking network includes 273 offices and branches, employing more than 6 thousand employees. The authorized capital of the company exceeds 2 billion rubles. The organization has its own funds, the amount of which is almost 25 billion rubles. For one year of operation, the bank makes a profit within 500 thousand rubles. One share of the bank costs 5 thousand rubles. " MInBank " cooperates with 200 domestic and foreign financial institutions.

The Bank takes an active part in the social life of the country. The administration of the company supports charitable projects, providing targeted and targeted financial assistance to people who need it . The organization also implements programs aimed at developing and educating the younger generation.          

Comprehensive service for status clients

MINBANK has prepared special offers for high-profile clients, which are collected in one package of services "Priority". Having issued a comprehensive service, the client will be able to use almost unlimited possibilities. "Priority" is an ideal solution for people who value comfort and their own time.

The package includes several types of services.

VISA Infinite

VISA Infinite bank card forms the basis of the "Priority" package. This is one of the most prestigious tools that the VISA system offers . It indicates the high position of its owner, opening up opportunities for him that are not limited to banking services. 

  1.                 Access to finance from anywhere in the world. The card is accepted in all ATMs and trade organizations of the planet. When withdrawing cash or paying for goods with this payment instrument, the client does not pay a commission. While abroad, you can get cash in your local currency. Limitations on the amount have been set for expenditure transactions. This is a necessary measure to keep your finances safe.

The cards are involved in goods insurance. In case of loss or theft of purchases purchased with the card, the costs will be reimbursed. In addition, the warranty period for the devices is also extended.

  1.                 Saving. Cardholders can participate in the Cash Back program and receive discounts on the services of gas stations (up to 10%), cafes, bars, restaurants (up to 5%), as well as on goods purchased in duty-free shops (up to 5%). Discount for other types of goods is 1%.
  2.                 Gold cards . As part of the Priority package, you can order additional payment documents from MasterCard or VISA systems .

Favorable deposit offers

The "Priority" service package allows you to invest free money on favorable terms and get the maximum profit, freely managing your finances.

Personal manager services

Each client who has issued this package of services is assigned a personal manager. An experienced specialist will help prepare the necessary documents, select products that will meet the needs of the client, and more. The manager can be given a task for a long term, for example, paying off credit debts.

As part of the package, there is a separate line of customer support, whose employees will help resolve issues related to the operation of a bank card or other financial products.

Concierge service

Using the services of a concierge service , clients can:

  •                    receive information about various states;
  •                    book hotel rooms;
  •                    purchase tickets for all types of passenger transport;
  •                    buy tickets for concerts, exhibitions, etc.
  •                    order a rental vehicle;
  •                    reserve a table at any restaurant on the planet and much more.

For those traveling abroad

The “Priority” service package is an optimal solution for people who often have to leave the aisles of our country. The package is a guarantee that all risks associated with cancellation or delay of flights, unforeseen expenses for medical or legal services, etc., are insured.

As part of the package, clients receive a Priority Pass card . This document opens access to lounges for privileged passengers at over 600 airports around the world. The client can use the airport shuttle free of charge.

Clients who have issued the "Priority" can get advice from an experienced lawyer by phone or online. The service works without breaks and days off. Specialists help with paperwork, provide advice on various legal issues.

To order the Priority package, go to the official website of the Moscow Industrial Bank.

Offers for businesses and organizations

 " MInBank " provides a wide range of services designed specifically for corporate clients:

  •                    settlement and cash services;
  •                    corporate client cards;
  •                    business financing;
  •                    deposit accounts and so on.


Settlement and cash services are carried out in domestic and foreign monetary units. In its work, the bank uses the latest technologies, thanks to which customer service gets a qualitatively new level. The money is credited to the recipients account within half an hour. You can accept and transfer funds through the cash desks of the Moscow Industrial Bank; transfer money to accounts of other clients, receive cash by checks.

Within the framework of the cash settlement, a financial organization provides the following types of services:

  •                    opening and maintaining a bank account;
  •                    making calculations;
  •                    work with letters of credit;
  •                    search for money that has not been credited to the recipients account;
  •                    advice on issues related to the execution of financial documents and payments;
  •                    work with transport checks.

Cards for representatives of enterprises and organizations

Corporate cards are intended for making payments related to the implementation of the companys business, travel and entertainment expenses. The card differs from the checkbook in safety and comfort of use. The document is convenient in that it allows you to pay by non-cash method without being tied to a specific place and time. When issuing money, strict accountability is observed.

These are registered payment instruments. They are issued to an employee of the enterprise responsible for spending budget funds.

The card is valid for 2 years. The document can be tied to the domestic currency or to American or European currency units.

Why do you need a corporate client card?

  1.                 Using this card, the head of the company will be able to reduce the cost of operations and simplify the process of issuing money.
  2.                 You can connect to the card the " Auto-top-up " service. Thanks to this service, the card balance will always be positive. The money will be automatically transferred to the account from the current or savings account.
  3.                 Holders of these cards can independently collect daily earnings by depositing it through special terminals of the " MinBank ". This is the easiest and safest way to collect money.
  4.                 The SMS-informing service allows you to quickly receive information about the receipt or expense of finance.
  5.                 You can get several cards for one account. In this case, the spending limit will be the same for all owners of payment documents. Restrictions can be set individually for each cardholder.
  6.                 The head of the company will be able to easily control the expense of finance and monitor the direction of cash flow.

To order a corporate client card, you should contact the Moscow Industrial Bank or fill out an online application (official website http://www.minbank.ru ). 

Placement of free funds

The head of the company can increase the budget of his enterprise at the expense of the profit received from deposits. " MinBank " offers high interest rates and flexible conditions that allow you to freely manage your finances.

A savings account can be opened in Russian rubles or in conventional units. The term for placing funds can vary from 1 day to 2 years. The depositor can replenish the account or withdraw funds up to the minimum balance.

Profit is paid monthly and transferred to the companys current account.

Some products can be checked out without visiting a bank branch. One of them is " Online Deposit ". This account can be opened through the virtual banking system . The profit can reach 10.35% / year with investments from 30 to 50 million rubles. The client independently chooses the method of payment of income: profit can be paid every month or at the end of the contract. This deposit is opened in national currency. The contract is concluded for a period from 1 day to 1 year.

Business lending

To solve temporary financial difficulties, the owner of the company can apply for help to the " MinBank ". The banking organization offers favorable conditions in all areas of lending. Loan funds can be used to purchase equipment, commercial real estate, business expansion or the implementation of new ideas and projects.

  1.                 Overdraft will help pay off suppliers or pay salaries to employees on time. This is an ideal solution in cases when money appears in the current account within a few days, and you need to pay already today. The bank offers two types of overdraft:
  •                    an advance loan involves the issuance of a loan in the amount of 30% of the companys working capital for a period of up to 6 months;
  •                    the product "Trust" (only for bank clients) allows you to get a loan, the amount of which can be equal to 50% of the companys working capital, for a period of up to 1 year.

To obtain a loan, you do not need to pay a collateral; it will be enough to find guarantors.

  1.                 "Profitable real estate". This product is designed for businesses that specialize in the provision of real estate for rent. The funds received from the loan can be used to increase the amount of working capital, to purchase new objects or to carry out repair work. The bank issues this loan to borrowers who:
  •                    have been working in the rental of real estate for at least 1 year;
  •                    lease only their own objects;
  •                    receive at least 90% of the profit from the rental of real estate;
  •                    have an income of at least 150 thousand rubles / month.

The client can receive an amount from 2 to 50 million rubles (but not more than 50% of the companys working capital).

  1.                 Special funding program. This program is designed for customers who are going to purchase equipment manufactured at factories in Belarus. The project is being implemented jointly with the Government of the Republic.

The loan amount can be 80% of the cost of the equipment. The loan is issued in Russian currency for up to 60 months. The client chooses the form of financing independently: it can be a line of loans or a one-time payment. Equipment, movable or immovable property, or guarantors can act as security.

  1.                 Refinancing loans issued by third-party financial institutions allows you to change the terms of the loan agreement, including interest rates and debt repayment schedule. The loan can be issued in rubles or in foreign currency. The loan agreement can be concluded for 72 months.

Bank guarantee

" MinBank " provides corporate clients with such a type of service as a bank guarantee, thanks to which it is possible to establish trusting relationships with partners. The guarantee secures the obligations assumed as a result of the signing of a cooperation agreement. The bank provides the following types of guarantees:

  •                    tender;
  •                    excise;
  •                    payment;
  •                    in favor of the customs authorities;
  •                    securing obligations under commercial agreements;
  •                    securing obligations under government contracts;
  •                    securing obligations to return advance payments and so on.