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Globex is a domestic banking structure serving Russian citizens since 1992. The organization works with corporate and private clients, offering such types of services as:

  •                    business lending;
  •                    loans for ordinary citizens;
  •                    payment transactions;
  •                    conducting intrasystem and interbank money transfers;
  •                    deposit accounts (the bank participates in the state deposit insurance program);
  •                    complex service of status clients and so on.

Globex has a well-developed banking network. Representative offices of the company operate in many large settlements of our country.

Serving corporate clients

 For enterprises and organizations, the bank employees have developed a number of services that allow not only to carry out standard payment transactions, but also to effectively manage finances, increase work productivity, and attract customers. These are products such as:

  •                    salary programs;
  •                    settlement and cash services;
  •                    acquiring ;
  •                    business financing;
  •                    savings accounts;
  •                    documentary letters of credit;
  •                    hedging risks associated with sharp fluctuations in currencies;
  •                    brokerage services;
  •                    depository services and much more.

Salary programs

Most managers have long been convinced that paying salaries to card accounts is not only convenient, but also profitable.

  1.                 The burden on accountants is reduced. They do not need to fill out the piles of paperwork that are required to dispense money in cash.
  2.                 Risks associated with the transportation of "real money" and their storage are excluded. In addition, there is no need to pay for the services of collectors and security.

The conditions of the salary project are also suitable for employees who receive their wages on bank cards issued in the Globex bank.

  1.                 The cardholder can receive cash at any time of the day or night. You can withdraw money at all ATMs of this financial institution or its partners. Banking equipment is installed in Globex branches, in public places. The head of the enterprise can conclude an agreement with the bank for the installation of an ATM on the territory of the enterprise. Moreover, with a salary card, you can pay for services through self-service terminals and pay in stores.
  2.                 The client can dispose of finances at his own discretion: you can receive the entire salary or some part of it, or you can not withdraw money at all, accumulating them on the card account.
  3.                 Bank cards are a tool that ensures complete safety of finances. Even if the document is lost, nothing threatens money. It is necessary to react in time and block access to the card account.
  4.                 Crediting salaries to a bank card is convenient especially in cases where a person works in shifts or has to travel frequently.

To become a member of the salary project, the head of the company must contact the employees of Globex Bank, conclude a partnership agreement and submit the necessary documents (including a list of employees who will receive salaries through this financial institution).

No commission is charged for financial transactions using salary cards. The bank offers favorable lending terms and higher rates for deposit agreements.

Cards for corporate clients

For corporate clients, Globex specialists have developed special payment documents that can be used to pay for entertainment and travel expenses, as well as expenses related to the companys economic activities.

The capabilities of the corporate tool VISA Business allow you to effectively manage the companys budget and control the direction of funds flow: the manager receives monthly financial reports, thanks to which he can draw up a plan of expenses for the next reporting period. You can set restrictions on expense transactions. This will prevent unauthorized waste.

Globex corporate cards are connected to a package of insurance services for people traveling in our country and abroad.

Opening a corporate card account will cost the manager $ 20. For a year of service, you must pay $ 50.


Non-cash payment methods are gradually replacing the traditional payment method with "cash". Therefore, the service of merchant acquiring (accepting payment using bank cards) is becoming more and more in demand.

Globex Bank offers the most favorable terms of acquiring : tariffs for each client are determined individually. The size of the working capital of the trade organization is taken into account. The money is transferred to the recipients account within 3 banking days.

The bank takes care of the troubles associated with the installation and connection of equipment. Globex employees will train cashiers and provide advertising and information materials.

Business financing

Owners of firms and managers of large enterprises can apply for a loan from Globex Bank. A wide range of programs will allow you to choose a product that will help solve the problems of the enterprise. Each category of clients has its own loan program.

When applying for a corporate loan at Globex Bank, a client can count on :

  •                    prompt decision-making on granting a loan;
  •                    low interest rates;
  •                    loyal approach to securing a loan, up to receiving a part of the loan;
  •                    the possibility of concluding non-traditional transactions;
  •                    obtaining a loan without limit on the amount.

Loan funds can be directed to :

  •                    purchase of commercial real estate (offices, warehouses, sales areas, etc.);
  •                    equipment upgrade;
  •                    business expansion;
  •                    replenishment of working capital;
  •                    purchase of commercial vehicles, etc.

The bank provides the following types of loans:

  •                    urgent loans;
  •                    non -revolving or revolving lines of credit;
  •                    overdraft;
  •                    financing of project activities;
  •                    syndicated loans.

Collateral (goods, real estate, equipment), guarantors or bank guarantees can act as security.

You can apply for a loan directly on the website of the financial organization Globex http://www.globexbank.ru . 

Services for individuals

 A wide range of services is also offered to private clients who can:

  •                    place free funds in savings accounts;
  •                    get a loan for the purchase of everyday items or for the purchase of living space;
  •                    issue a payment card;
  •                    use remote service systems (ATMs, terminals, Internet banking);
  •                    make a payment to service providers;
  •                    transfer money (intrabank and intersystem financial transfers are available);
  •                    carry out currency exchange;
  •                    to perform operations in the precious metals market and much more.

Globex Bank offers to get a stable income

Money should work. To get a good income, free funds should be deposited in savings accounts with Globex. The bank offers several types of products, the conditions of which will satisfy the needs of Russian citizens. There are deposits that can be opened without going to the bank. To do this, you need to use remote services.

Lets consider the terms of some products.

  1.                 “Optimal” can be ruble or currency. The deposit allows you to receive income up to 9.11% / year (with ruble investments). When calculating the rate, the term of the deposit, the invested amount and the type of conventional units are taken into account. The contract can be concluded for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months.

To open an account, the client must invest at least 30 thousand rubles (500 foreign currency units). The agreement can be terminated early, but in this case the profit will be calculated based on 0.1% / year. The income is capitalized monthly by joining the deposit. You can carry out expense transactions (the withdrawal amount should not exceed the amount of interest income). This is a renewable contribution. You can deposit funds no later than 30 days before the end of the deposit.

  1.                 "Optimal-online" allows you to get a higher profit - up to 9.27% / year. The depositor must deposit at least 10 thousand rubles (200 conventional units).
  2.                 "Universal" deposit is opened in rubles, dollars or euros. The yield depends on the conditions stipulated in the contract (terms, type of currency, amount of investments). On the deposit, you can get a profit of up to 9.24% (in rubles). It is necessary to deposit an amount in the account in the range from 30 thousand to 15 million rubles (from 500 to 300 thousand conventional units)

Debit transactions are allowed on the deposit. The profit can be paid to a special account (every 30 days) or added to the total amount of the deposit.

The client can himself determine the term of the deposit and conclude an agreement for 6, 12 or 24 months. The depositor can terminate the agreement ahead of schedule. In this case, the yield is calculated based on the conditions of the product "On demand" (0.1% / year).

  1.                 " Universal Online" is opened through the virtual banking system. The contract can be concluded for a period of 3 to 24 months. The profitability is 9.25% / year. The minimum investment amount is 100 thousand rubles (1 thousand conventional units). Depositing and withdrawing funds from the account are not allowed. The depositor will receive profit at the end of the contract.

Loans on favorable terms

In "Globex" you can get a loan at favorable interest rates. The bank offers loyal conditions for granting loans. A financial institution issues consumer loans, the funds from which can be used to purchase fur clothing, furniture, computer equipment, and more. The bank also helps Russian families in purchasing housing.

  1.                 Loan for every day. Globex offers several consumer lending products:
  •                    overdraft (with and without collateral);
  •                    loans for clients receiving wages through Globex Bank;
  •                    loans for employees of enterprises cooperating with this financial institution.

Overdraft allows you to receive an amount of 300 thousand rubles or 10 thousand conventional units. The rate is from 23%.

Favorable lending conditions are provided for salary clients. They can get a loan in the amount of 100 thousand to 1.5 million rubles at a rate of 18.5% / year. The contract is concluded for up to 60 months. No collateral required.

  1.                 Mortgage. The bank will help people who do not have their own housing to buy an apartment. Using mortgage programs, you can buy a finished property or an apartment in a house that is under construction.

Globex participates in government subsidization of mortgage loan rates. This allows you to issue a loan on the most favorable terms. Under this program, you can receive an amount in the range from 500 thousand to 8 million rubles at a rate of 11.5% / year. You will need to make an initial payment, the amount of which must be at least 20% of the property price.

There are several ways to pay off credit debt:

  •                    through the cash desks of Globex Bank (free of charge);
  •                    through the online banking system (free of charge);
  •                    in Euroset stores (the commission fee is 1% of the payment amount).

Bank cards

Globex issues its own payment documents. The client can issue a payment (debit) or credit card. The bank offers several card options from classic documents to premium instruments.

The function of a plastic card is not only to receive cash ( you can withdraw cash at any ATM "Globex" or partner banks). It is a convenient tool for paying for purchases. Payments are made by non-cash method.

Holders of some documents can enjoy special privileges: discounts, bonus programs, concierge service, access to airport VIP lounges, etc. You can pay by card in any trade establishment on the planet where documents of the VISA payment system are accepted . 

A product such as a credit card allows you to get a loan almost free of charge: within 55 days from the moment the money is spent, the client does not pay interest. Only if during this period the loan is not repaid, you will have to pay 22% / year.

The card account can store up to 6 million rubles (the amount depends on the type of the issued product).

Payment cards can be connected to the SMS-informing service. This service is very useful because it provides complete information about the expense and receipt of finance, cash flow, and more. Messages are sent to the cardholders cell phone.