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Absolut Bank

Absolut Bank has been operating since 1993. Two years after its opening, the Central Bank of Russia issued a license to a financial organization allowing it to carry out procedures with foreign currencies. A couple of years later, the bank received permission to attract deposits from Russian citizens. Absolut Bank actively works with securities.

The banks specialists have developed service packages that will interest ordinary Russians and corporate clients.

Comprehensive service for private clients

 Complex of services "Basic"

The Basic package includes registration of a current bank account, connection to remote services: online banking and SMS-notification system. To issue this package, the client needs to present only 1 document - a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. Package activation and service are free of charge.

Set of services "Standard"

The "Standard" package is completed with the following services:

  •                    payment instrument VISA Electron ;
  •                    registration of an overdraft in the amount of up to 50 thousand rubles;
  •                    making a profit on the "Savings Account";
  •                    registration of a current bank account;
  •                    connection to remote services.

Comfort package

Clients who have purchased the "Comfortable" service package can receive 2 types of payment instruments:

  •                    debit card VISA Classic ;
  •                    credit card MasterCard Standard with a credit limit of up to 250 thousand rubles.

Participants of the "Comfortable" program are connected to the remote services "Absolut Online " (virtual banking) and "Absolut-Info" (SMS-messaging system).

As part of the package, a current bank account is opened, as well as a "Savings" account, which allows you to receive a stable income: a profit of 5% is calculated on the balance of the money.

The client can at any time of the day or night receive advice from an experienced specialist. To do this, contact the technical and information support center.

Privileges package

The Privileges complex includes the following services:

  •                    issuing a debit card VISA Gold ;
  •                    issuing a MasterCard credit card (together with the card, the client receives up to 500 thousand rubles of credit);
  •                    access to remote services;
  •                    opening a current bank account;
  •                    opening a "Savings Account" with profit accrual up to 7% / year on the balance of money;
  •                    participation in the loyalty program "Absolute-Discount", which provides 30% - hydrochloric discount on the purchase of goods;
  •                    technical and informational support.

Complex of services "Prestige"

"Prestige" is designed specifically for status clients. This complex consists of a wider range of services than the previous packages. When issuing Prestige, the client receives two premium cards: settlement (VISA Platinum ) and credit ( MasterCard Platinum ). The credit card account can hold up to 750 thousand rubles.

The range of services also includes remote services, through which you can not only receive information about the account status and transactions, but also effectively manage finances, carrying out all types of payment transactions and controlling the expense of funds.

The client can also open a current bank account and receive income from the "Savings" account (7% on the balance of money). People who have purchased the Prestige package automatically become members of the Absolute-Discount loyalty program. By paying by bank transfer, the cardholder receives a discount of up to 50% of the cost of goods or services. Purchased purchases are insured against loss or theft: in case of unforeseen situations, the bank will reimburse the costs incurred. The warranty period for servicing goods purchased using cards received as part of the Prestige package is extended.

When traveling abroad, a client can count on the support of experienced lawyers or doctors.

Possibilities of VISA and MasterCard payment documents

Payment instruments MasterCard and VISA provide their holders with ample opportunities:   

  •                    the ability to pay for goods and services by non-cash payments (cards are also suitable for online purchases);
  •                    booking hotel rooms anywhere in the world;
  •                    purchase of tickets for various types of transport;
  •                    management of card accounts without leaving your home or office;
  •                    receiving information about expense and income transactions on a mobile phone;
  •                    the ability to withdraw cash at any of the 40 thousand ATMs of this financial institution and partner banks without charging a commission;
  •                    payment for services through terminal networks;
  •                    participation in the Absolute-Discount program.

To become the owner of a package of services, you need to perform just a few steps.

Action 1. Choose the package of services you like.

Action 2. We write an application for a plastic payment document. This can be done on the Internet resource of the company "Absolut-Bank" (site http://absolutbank.ru).

Action 3. We conclude a cooperation agreement. To do this, you should contact the nearest bank branch.

Action 4. We receive the payment document and activate it.

Profitable and affordable

 The specialists of "Absolut-Bank" have developed several projects that allow obtaining loans on favorable terms.

For employees of the Russian Railways

Clients who work for Russian Railways can get some loan products at reduced interest rates. For example, when applying for a loan to meet consumer needs, the borrower receives a discount of 6% / year from the standard rates. On favorable terms, you can also get a mortgage: the discount will be 0.5% / year from the standard rate.

The client can purchase a new property or an apartment that has already been in use. If housing is purchased on the primary market, then the loan amount can be 100% of the cost of the apartment. For the purchase of secondary housing, the bank will issue a loan of up to 90%. The debt can be repaid within 15 years. You can repay the loan even earlier than the date specified in the loan agreement.

For regular customers

Favorable lending conditions are offered for regular customers of Absolut-Bank. When applying for a consumer loan, they receive a 2% discount / year from standard rates. Mortgage rates will be cut by 0.25%.

To corporative clients

 Settlement and cash services

Absolut-Bank offers its clients a range of services related to settlement and cash services. The financial organization provides a wide range of products and a flexible tariff schedule. Current accounts can be opened in domestic or foreign currency (even in Chinese currency). Enterprises with an extensive regional network can take advantage of great opportunities.

The advantage of the current accounts registered with this bank is that the money can be used immediately after it is credited to the account. To deposit funds, you should contact any bank branch, including the operational or additional office. You can even make payments on Saturdays.

Accounts can be managed through remote services that were created specifically for corporate clients ("Internet Bank iBank2", "Internet Bank 1C"). The online banking system works day and night, without breaks and weekends.

The work with the current account during the entire period of cooperation is accompanied by a personal manager. An experienced specialist will help with the paperwork and provide competent advice.

The following types of accounts are available in Absolut-Bank :

  •                    calculated;
  •                    trust accounts;
  •                    accounts for brokerage companies;
  •                    depository;
  •                    invoices for suppliers of goods or services;
  •                    accounts that allow you to keep track of pension savings;
  •                    accounts for the pension reserve.

Virtual acquiring

Virtual trade organizations can use the online acquiring service , which allows them to accept payments over the Internet. "Absolut-Bank" offers favorable terms of cooperation and reasonable cost of services.

Payment can be accepted both in cryptocurrency and in real money (using bank cards). The amount of the commission fee will depend on the payment method. By accepting payments from e-wallets of electronic payment systems, the user will pay a commission of 4-5% of the amount of the financial transaction. The cost of transactions carried out with payment cards will be significantly lower and amount to only 1.3%. The money will be credited to the merchants account within a few working days (but no more than 6).

Connection to virtual acquiring of Absolut Bank is free of charge. The client pays only for the operations that were actually carried out: all payments are absolutely transparent, no hidden fees and additional fees are provided.

The bank administration does not impose any special conditions on clients connecting acquiring , for example, the obligatory opening of a deposit or opening a current account.

Cash collection

Corporate clients can use the services of collectors, which will ensure the safety of cash or other valuables. The financial organization has its own collection service. The bank offers several types of collection services.

  1.                 Transportation of cash. Delivery is carried out in a special vehicle. The work schedule is agreed with the customer.
  2.                 Accompaniment. Specially trained bank employees accompany money (or valuables) along the route specified by the customer.
  3.                 Delivery of large amounts of cash to the customer.
  4.                 Delivery to the customer of change bills or coins.

Electronic cash collection

The essence of electronic collection is that the employees of "Absolut-Bank" install a special terminal on the territory of the enterprise, which will collect the profit received during the day. To work with the device, you need access cards (issued by a financial institution).

Having transferred the proceeds to the bank through the terminal, the company shifts all responsibility for the safety of funds to the financial institution. From that moment on, "Absolut Bank" is the official guarantor of the security of money.

This way of transporting cash is very convenient for a company: you can collect "real money" at any time of the day or night. The need for daily collection is eliminated.

Electronic cash collection has a number of advantages over traditional methods of transferring proceeds to a bank.

  1.                 By transferring money to the current account using the terminal, the company can dispose of it on the same day.
  2.                 Remote cash collection reduces the risks associated with keeping cash. Cashiers do not need to wait for collectors to arrive and keep a large amount of money in the cash register, which can become a decoy for intruders. Proceeds can be collected in small quantities several times during the day.
  3.                 There is no need to "prepare" cash for transportation: draw up reports and inventories, pack bills and so on.

Online cash collection is much cheaper than the traditional way of transporting money. For each operation, the bank will take only 0.35% -0.5% of the transferred amount.

Loans for corporate clients

 "Absolut-Bank" offers a wide range of loan products that will help the company to solve temporary financial difficulties. The companys management can get money to cover the cash gap (an overdraft loan or a treasury loan). Loan funds can be used to replenish working capital. The bank also provides loans such as:

  •                    leasing;
  •                    factoring;
  •                    bank guarantees;
  •                    project financing;
  •                    trade finance.

The overdraft is issued without collateral. The loan amount will depend on the average monthly turnover. The tranche arrives within a month. The interest rate will be 12% / year. The debt should be repaid within a year.

No collateral is required to obtain Treasury loans. Interest rates are determined individually for each company. The borrower can receive an amount of 10 million rubles (or 100 thousand conventional units). Interest is paid at the end of the loan term. The advantage of this product is that you do not need to contact a bank branch to register it: the contract is concluded over the phone.

A revolving credit line can be used to replenish working capital. It is the ideal solution for businesses with seasonal activities. Credit lines allow you to establish cyclical production and not depend on financial troubles. The interest rate is set for each client individually.