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Bank Zenith

Bank Zenit is the parent company of the Zenit financial group. The bank was founded in the winter of 1994.

The main activity of the organization is to provide a full range of services to legal entities. But the banks administration does not forget about ordinary citizens of Russia, for whom a wide range of retail products has been developed:

  •                    all types of lending;
  •                    savings accounts;
  •                    plastic cards;
  •                    individual safes;
  •                    money transfers and payments, etc.

Bank Zenit is active in the lending market. Programs related to the attraction of trans-government syndicated loans were implemented . The organization issued bonds twice (the equivalent of the euro currency).

The company takes an active part in the social life of the country, financing the activities of various sports clubs. Much attention is also paid to the implementation of charitable projects, the purpose of which is to provide assistance to children left without parental care.

Comfortable service

 Remote services are modern technologies that allow you to carry out financial transactions without visiting a bank branch. The Zenith company, taking care of the comfort of its customers, offers them a number of services of this kind.

  1.                 Virtual banking is designed to carry out mutual settlements via the Internet. The capabilities of the service allow you to carry out almost all types of banking procedures, effectively manage finances and receive complete information about the status of accounts and expense and income transactions.
  2.                 Mobile banking has almost the same capabilities as an online service, with the only difference that work with finances is carried out not from a stationary computer, but from a portable device (tablet or smartphone). By downloading a special application to his phone, the user will be able to access accounts at any moment from different parts of the world (provided that he is connected to the Internet).
  3.                 Service of SMS-notifications provides information on expense and income transactions. Messages are sent to the account holders mobile phone.

Managing finances through the online banking service is not only convenient, but also profitable. You dont have to pay for the connection, and many financial procedures are carried out free of charge. Of course, there are transactions for which a commission is charged, but there are very few of them, and the cost of services is in any case an order of magnitude lower than in a bank branch.

For connection and work with the service, you can consult a specialist. This can be done online (Zenit Bank website https://www.zenit.ru ). 

Save and increase

 The banks specialists have developed a wide range of savings accounts. Thanks to this diversity, a person will be able to easily select a contribution that will meet his needs. You can open a savings account in domestic or foreign currency (including in Chinese yuan). There are even multi-currency deposits that provide for simultaneous investment in several types of currencies. The bank offers accounts with the ability to replenish and spend funds.

  1.                 "Urgent Online ". This product is opened through the virtual banking system and provides for higher rates. Funds are invested in local currency. The amount of the deposit can range from 1 000 to 1 400 000 rubles. The contract is concluded for a period from 1 month to 2 years. Income depends on the term and amount of the deposit and can reach 9% / year. The profit is paid at the end. The terms of the agreement do not provide for the possibility of replenishing or spending funds.  
  2.                 "Urgent". To order this product, the client needs to contact the bank branch. Funds are invested in Russian, European or American currency. It is necessary to deposit at least 1,000 rubles (100 conventional units) into the account. The contract is concluded for a period of 1-24 months. Depositors who have issued this product receive a free plastic card that will work for the entire period specified in the agreement. You can get income up to 9.25% / year (with ruble investments). The profit is paid at the end.
  3.                 "At Zenith" is a special offer from the Bank "Zenith". The deposit is opened in rubles. You can deposit an amount from 1 thousand to 3 million rubles into the account for 24 months. The income will be 7% / year. Profit is paid at the end of each month. The account can be replenished (the amount of replenishment must be at least 1,000 rubles), provided that the total amount of the deposit does not exceed 3 million rubles. An additional service is provided - registration of a plastic card.

Representatives of some categories of Russian citizens (for example, military personnel, pensioners) can use special products that provide the most favorable and convenient conditions for accumulating funds.

Loans for Russian citizens

 Bank "Zenith" offers all types of lending. Russian citizens can get:

  •                    a loan for the purchase of consumer goods;
  •                    loan for the purchase of a vehicle;
  •                    mortgage for the purchase of real estate.

Consumer loans

Clients of Bank Zenith can get a loan, the funds from which will be used to solve everyday needs: purchase of home appliances, outerwear, furniture, payment for education and medical services, etc. The financial organization offers several products. The client has the right to choose the loan, the terms of which will be most favorable for him.

The peculiarity of loans from Bank Zenit is that they can be repaid ahead of schedule, without fear of charging fines and additional commission fees. The amount of the credit limit depends on the total income of the clients family.

When issuing an unsecured loan, the borrower should count on an interest rate in the range of 15.5-23% / year. The client can receive an amount of up to 600 thousand rubles. The debt is repaid within 60 months.

By providing collateral, the borrower can reduce interest rates up to 21% / year. The loan amount will depend on how solvent the client is.

How to buy a car?

In the modern world, a car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation. But this tool is quite expensive, and not every family can buy it. You have to save money, and it takes a lot of time. For those who dream of their own vehicle, Zenit Bank has prepared special offers.

Car loans in this financial institution is a very tempting offer.

  1.                 The bank does not require an initial payment.
  2.                 To obtain a loan, the client needs to provide only 2 documents - a civil passport and a drivers license.
  3.                 Borrowers can participate in the governments rate subsidy program. This will allow you to arrange a loan on more favorable terms with minimal interest rates.
  4.                 The amount of loan funds can reach 6 and a half million rubles, and the debt can be repaid within 7 years. The client can repay the loan earlier than the deadline specified in the contract (no penalties are provided).

Own housing

"Zenith" will help to acquire real estate. To do this, you should use mortgage lending. The bank lends to all types of housing: apartments in new buildings, premises in buildings that are under construction, country cottages with personal plots, etc.

By purchasing an apartment in a building that was recently put into operation, the borrower receives a loan of up to 14 million rubles. The client will need to make an initial payment - from 20% of the cost of housing. The contract is concluded for up to 30 years.

You can take out a loan with subsidized rates and get up to 8 million rubles at 11.75% / year.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are very popular all over the world: they are the easiest and most profitable way to get a loan. Having issued a credit card from Bank Zenit, Russian citizens receive a number of advantages.

  1.                 Within 50 days, credit funds can be used free of charge: the borrower pays only the amount actually spent, without interest. Interest is calculated at the end of the grace period. This condition applies both to funds received in cash , and on non-cash payments.
  2.                 The terms of the credit card agreement provide for reduced interest rates - from 17 to 20% / year.
  3.                 The borrower can receive funds in Russian or foreign currency units.
  4.                 The client can independently calculate the amount of monthly payments. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the amount of payments must be at least 3% of the remaining debt.
  5.                 Up to 1 million credit funds can be credited to the card.
  6.                 The credit commission makes a decision to issue a loan within a few days (but not more than 5 working days).

Debit payment documents

 Payment cards are a tool for making non-cash payments. Bank Zenit is the official partner of the trans-state systems VISA , MasterCard . Holders of Zenit payment cards can:  

  •                    purchase goods and pay for services in any locality of the planet;
  •                    place personal money on a card account;
  •                    calmly cross the Russian border without declaring the finances stored on the debit card;
  •                    withdraw "real money" in the currency of the state in which the owner of the payment document is currently located;
  •                    get the advice of an experienced specialist by contacting customer support.

Withdraw the cash you can at any ATM of "Zenith" or organization that cooperates with the bank. In total, about 800 instruments + equipment of partner banks operate in the Russian Federation.

Big savings

Holders of Zenit payment cards can take part in promotions that allow them to purchase goods at good discounts. When paying for goods and services with a card, the client receives a discount of up to 40%. Discounts are provided by trade organizations that have entered into a special agreement with Zenit Bank. The list of shops and social enterprises participating in the promotions can be found on the website of the financial organization. You can also find out that the outlet provides discounts by looking at a special logo.

Finnair is No Borders product

With this card you can accumulate bonus points. Having collected the required number of bonuses, the account holder can purchase tickets for them. If you pay for Finnair services with your card , you can get twice the bonus. When the card is issued, 5 thousand points are automatically credited to the account.

"Give a smile to children"

Having issued this product, a person can take part in a charitable program. When paying for purchases with a card, the client will transfer 0.3% of the total amount spent during the day to the account of a childrens charity. The cardholder can independently set the maximum transfer limit: no more than 5, 50, 200 rubles.

Financial transfers

 Bank Zenit customers can make money transfers to their friends, relatives or partners. This category offers several types of financial transactions:

  •                    from one card to another;
  •                    domestic;
  •                    interstate;
  •                    without opening a bank account.

Payment instruments VISA and MasterCard can participate in transfers from card to card . The client can transfer amounts in the range of 50-75 thousand rubles per session (but not more than 150 thousand rubles per day). For a thirty-day period, you can send no more than 600 thousand rubles to a third-party card account.

This is a paid service. For its implementation, the client will have to pay 1.7% of the transfer amount (but not less than 50 rubles).

Without opening a bank account

Russian citizens and guests of our country can transfer funds to their relatives or partners without opening an account with Zenit Bank. Transfers can be carried out both in domestic currency and in monetary units of other states. The addressee can receive the money in cash .

"Western Union "

Money transfers can also be sent through one of the most popular systems "Western Union ". Branches of this system operate on the territory of more than 200 states.

When making transfers within the country, the client will pay only 1% commission. The commission for sending funds to the neighboring countries will also be 1%. The cost of transfers to non-CIS countries starts from 250 rubles.