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Credit Bank of Moscow

90s were marked by the emergence of enterprises of a new format on the domestic market: commercial firms and companies, including financial organizations, began to appear. During this period (in 1992) the Moscow Credit Bank was established. The company managed to survive all the crises that have swept the Russian economy with a negative wave. Moreover, the bank entered the top three among commercial financial institutions and ranked 9th in terms of equity capital.

The sphere of influence of the company extended to Moscow and the territory adjacent to the capital. ATM networks "entangled" the entire Moscow region. The bank owns about 1 thousand ATMs and about 5 and a half thousand self-service terminals. 

In 2004, MKB became a member of the state deposit insurance project.

The companys services are used by heads of enterprises and organizations, as well as ordinary Russians. The bank has prepared such products for corporate clients.

  •                    f inansirovanie large enterprises and small businesses;
  •                    factoring and leasing services;
  •                    bank guarantee;
  •                    letters of credit;
  •                    RKO;
  •                    savings accounts;
  •                    merchant acquiring ;
  •                    collection services.

The banks specialists have prepared a wide range of proposals for Russian citizens:

  •                    all types of lending (loan for all sorts of needs, purchase of housing on a mortgage, loan for the purchase of a car);
  •                    plastic cards (settlement documents and credit cards);
  •                    deposit accounts;
  •                    rental of individual safes;
  •                    remote services.

Individuals can contact the Retail Service Center, which is located in the very center of the capital. All premises here are equipped in such a way as to provide clients with the most comfortable conditions. The latest technologies and modern equipment raise service to a qualitatively new level.

Opportunities for private clients

 Reliable and profitable

There is no safer way to store your savings like in a bank account. Having opened a deposit in the MCB, the depositor can be sure that his money will not lie "dead weight", but will bring good income. Credit Bank of Moscow is an official member of the state deposit insurance program. This is a guarantee that the funds placed on the accounts will not disappear without a trace, and in the event of unforeseen situations, depositors will be able to return their hard-earned money.

The financial company offers 4 types of savings accounts. The conditions of each of them are very attractive. It can be a foreign currency or ruble deposit, with the possibility of replenishment, with interest capitalization or monthly payment of profit. The client can easily find a profitable and convenient option for himself.

You can calculate the possible income using a virtual calculator. For regular depositors, MKB offers favorable lending terms.

You can open a deposit by contacting one of the branches of the credit company, or through remote services - MKB Online, MKB Mobile, or in self-service terminals. You can also apply to open a savings account on the banks official website.

Personal accounts of virtual and mobile banking are equipped with the "Open an account" function. It is this that should be used to place funds. The capabilities of the services allow you to choose the type of product, currency, method of generating income and the period for which the contract will be concluded.

Consider the product with the highest income - the Savings deposit. According to it, the depositor can get profit up to 10%.

The following conditions are provided for the deposit.

  1.                 Interest is capitalized and paid at the end of the term specified in the deposit agreement.
  2.                 The contract is concluded for 1 year.
  3.                 You must deposit at least 1,000 rubles into the account.
  4.                 Receipt and expense transactions are not allowed.

If the depositor wants to get more opportunities, then it is worth using the All Inclusive product. When making a deposit, the client himself determines the conditions. You can choose a monthly profit payment, the ability to spend funds or replenish the account, currency, etc. The profitability will also depend on the conditions chosen. The profit can reach 8.75% (with ruble investments). To open an account, a client must place at least 1,000 rubles.

Payment Instruments

Credit Bank of Moscow issues international payment cards together with the popular MasterCard and VISA systems . You can get a settlement document or credit card.

  1.                 Debit cards are used for making non-cash payments, as well as for withdrawing cash from ATMs without charging a commission. You can open a card account in ICB in domestic, American or European currency. The cards of this organization allow you to receive income up to 7% on the balance of funds. 

Accounts can be replenished by financial transfer from one payment document to another. The tools are equipped with contactless payment technology. Online banking and SMS-informing service are connected to the cards.

  1.                 Credit cards are not just a payment instrument, but an opportunity to quickly get a loan on favorable terms. The amount of loan funds can reach 800 thousand rubles. Loans can also be obtained in foreign currency. 

The cardholder can dispose of the money at his own discretion: you can get cash (all or part of it) or pay by card in stores. During 55 days after the debit transaction, interest is not charged (the actual debt is paid). After this period, if the loan is not repaid, 24% / year is charged.

You can also store your own funds on the card, receiving income up to 7% on the rest of the money. Card holders receive additional privileges, for example, participation in discount programs.

Loans on favorable terms

The bank provides private clients with all types of lending. Here you can get money for various types of goods (furniture, household appliances, computer equipment), services (training, health services), the purchase of a vehicle or real estate.

Having issued a consumer loan, the borrower can receive up to 2 million rubles at a rate of 12% / year. Money is issued in domestic or foreign currency. The contract can be concluded for a period from six months to 15 years. The application can be submitted through the companys website or from an account in virtual banking. The loan application will be reviewed by the credit commission within 72 hours. You can pay off the loan before the date specified in the agreement - fines and additional commissions will not be charged.

To purchase real estate, you can use one of the mortgage programs:

  •                    housing in a house that is under construction;
  •                    apartments that were already in use;
  •                    commercial space;
  •                    a country house or a cotte j with a garden plot;
  •                    mortgage secured by an existing apartment.

The loan amount can be 30 million rubles (depending on the type of loan). The interest rates range from 12% to 22.5% / year. By purchasing an apartment in a house that has not yet been put into operation, the borrower can get more favorable conditions: interest is reduced to 6.9% / year ( in the first 365 days of the loan agreement).

When receiving a loan, the client will have to make an initial payment - 20% of the value of the property.

Comprehensive service

MKB offers to issue one of the service packages. The kits consist of several products. For example, the Basic package includes an All Inclusive accumulation account, premium cards with the possibility of earning income (documents are connected to the SMS-informing service), remote systems and cash settlement services.

The bank offers 3 more packages: "Honorary Client", "Corporate Client", "Online". The capabilities of these complexes are wider. A bonus accumulation program and a consumer loan are added to the "basic" list.

Registration of a comprehensive service brings a significant benefit to the client: the total cost of services is reduced by 20%. In addition, within the packages, commissions for standard financial transactions (money transfers, payments) are significantly lower. Favorable conditions for deposits and deposit accounts are provided. The client receives modern payment cards equipped with contactless payment technology.

Connection of a set of services is carried out on such terms.

  1.                 The client cannot use several products at the same time.
  2.                 The user can change the range of services to another product at any time. This can be done at a branch of a financial organization or through remote services. Attention! The money spent on the registration of the previous package will not be returned!  
  3.                 To connect the package, you should contact the ICD staff.
  4.                 The subscription fee is charged every month.
  5.                 The client can activate SMS-notifications that will inform that funds will be debited or the product will stop working soon.
  6.                 Comprehensive service is provided only to Russian citizens or companies registered in the Russian Federation.

For more information, please visit the website of Credit Bank of Moscow.

Serving corporate clients

Financing programs

Representatives of all segments of the domestic business use the services of MKB. The bank offers financing for large and small companies. Business leaders can apply for the following types of loans:

  •                    overdraft;
  •                    a loan against the proceeds, which are collected by the services of the Moscow Credit Bank;
  •                    security loans;
  •                    special programs with preferential lending terms.

The loan amount can be 8 billion rubles. The bank offers favorable interest rates. In many cases, when calculating interest, the amount of working capital and other features of the business are taken into account. The credit commission considers the loan application within a few days. The loan agreement can be drawn up for a period from 24 hours to 120 months.

The client can choose a form of lending that is convenient for him: a line of loans with limitation of debt or limitation of issuance, crediting of current accounts, loans with lump sum payments, etc.

Special attention should be paid to special lending programs that allow you to get a loan at preferential interest rates. This is the financing of energy efficient projects, as well as agricultural complexes and companies that specialize in the production of food products.

The peculiarity of these loans is that they are issued for a long term. The money can be used to increase production capacity and increase turnover.

The loan amount, interest rates and debt repayment terms are set individually for each company. The loan can be obtained by borrowers who meet the following requirements:

  •                    the state owns less than half of the companys shares;
  •                    foreign investors own less than 49% of the securities of the borrowing company;
  •                    the company must be registered in Russia;
  •                    the company works in the following areas: primary agriculture, production of food products and their transportation to retail outlets (for participants of the program "Lending to agricultural and industrial complexes").

Accumulative programs

ICD offers to use accumulative programs. Corporate clients can place free funds on deposit accounts. Such accounts can generate high returns. The terms of the contract are determined individually for each client.

A wide range of savings products has been developed, so the head of the enterprise will be able to choose a profitable and convenient investment: with income capitalization or with its monthly payment to a special account, with the ability to carry out expense and income transactions, with floating interest or early termination with preservation of profit.

To open a deposit, you must contact the bank branch.

You do not need to open a deposit account to receive income. You can draw up an agreement on the accrual of interest on the balance of funds stored in the current account. Accruals are made in the amount of at least 3 million rubles. This form of income generation is beneficial in that it does not limit the possibilities of the account holder: funds can be withdrawn at any time.

Another source of profit can be a bill of exchange (by the way, it can also be used as collateral when receiving a loan).