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Bank Russia

1990 became significant for the Orenburg region. During this period, Bank Rus was created. It is a commercial banking structure offering a full range of banking services to individuals and business representatives. For residents of Orenburg, the emergence of "Rus" is really an extraordinary event, since it was this bank that became the founder in the field of mortgage lending, having issued in 1997 a loan for the purchase of real estate. Prior to this, this type of lending was not used in the region.

Of course, this is not the only direction in which Bank Rus works. The company provides all types of lending (including financing of enterprises), offers to place funds in savings accounts. Clients of a financial institution can carry out all types of payment transactions. The banks specialists are introducing new technologies, including tools for carrying out financial procedures without visiting the bank.

Financing of companies and enterprises

 Bank Rus has prepared favorable financing conditions for corporate clients: Orenburg is a large city with a large number of enterprises of various sizes. Loans help to cope with temporary financial difficulties and survive in a highly competitive environment. The bank offers a wide range of loan products.

  1.                 "Negotiable". This loan allows you to replenish working capital on time without interrupting the production process. In determining interest rates, an individual approach is applied to each client: the loan amount, the term of the loan agreement, the amount of working capital and other factors are taken into account. The rate can fluctuate between 11.1-24.5% / year. The borrower can receive up to 250 million rubles. The debt should be repaid no later than after 36 months.

To obtain a loan, the client must provide collateral. This can be commercial property, vehicles, equipment, guarantors.

  1.                 "Investment". This product is an ideal solution for implementing ideas, developing and implementing new projects. The rates range from 11.1-28.5% / year. The loan amount can be 250 million. The loan agreement is concluded for a period from 30 days to 7 years.
  2.                 "Tender" or bank guarantee. This loan is intended for companies that are going to take part in the tender. The loan is issued at a rate of 13% to 16.5% / year. The fee for the provision of a bank guarantee is 2.2-6% / year (with a minimum amount of 10 thousand rubles). The loan agreement is concluded for up to 72 months.
  3.                 "Contractual". This product will help you comply with the terms of the transaction. The loan provides interest rates in the range of 16-20% / year. The maximum loan amount is 250 million rubles.
  4.                 "Overdraft". It happens that the company needs to pay with suppliers, but there is no money in the current account. The funds will arrive in a few days, but the supplier is unlikely to wait. In this case, it is worth using an overdraft loan. The rate for this product is 12.5-16.6% / year.

The amount of credit funds depends on the individual characteristics of the enterprise (the size of working capital and other factors) and varies between 500 thousand and 250 million rubles. The contract is concluded for up to 72 months. This product does not require security.

Enterprise budget replenishment

 There will always be temporarily free money in the companys budget. Usually they are dead weight in checking accounts. But funds can be increased by placing them in deposit accounts for legal entities. The organization offers high returns and flexible terms of deposits.

You can invest up to 30 million rubles. The profitability is determined individually for each client. The contract can be concluded for a period from 30 days to 72 months. The bank offers replenishment and non-replenishment deposit accounts, with the possibility of withdrawing funds. Profit can be paid in different ways:

  •                    capitalize by increasing the total amount (paid to a savings account);
  •                    payable at the end;
  •                    every 30 days (credited to the current account);
  •                    quarterly (credited to the current account).

Lending to private clients

 How to buy a home without problems?

Residents of the Orenburg region can apply to Bank Rus for the purpose of obtaining a mortgage. The financial organization offers several mortgage programs that allow you to purchase secondary or primary real estate, complete the construction of your own house, buy a ready-made country house.

By purchasing an apartment or other type of real estate, the borrower will receive up to 10 million (in local currency) at a rate of 12.5% / year. For some categories of Russian citizens, for example, large families, preferential conditions are provided (the rate is reduced by a quarter of a percent). A reduced percentage is also provided for the project “Housing for Russian Families”.

The mortgage project "Rus-repair" allows you to improve living conditions. From 100 thousand to 4 and a half million rubles are allocated for repairs. The debt is repaid within 7 years. The interest rate will be 14-17% / year.

To obtain this type of loan, you must provide collateral. An apartment, for the repair of which money was taken, or an unfinished house can act as collateral.

Buying a car

To buy a car, a client can get a loan of up to 3 million rubles. The bank offers favorable interest rates - from 14% / year. The purchased vehicle acts as security. The contract is concluded for 5 years.

Loan funds are transferred to a special current account, from which they are redirected to the car dealers account.

Loans to solve everyday problems

This type of financing, such as consumer loans, allows you to solve the daily problems associated with the purchase of clothing, household appliances, furniture, payment of tuition fees and medical services. Having issued such a loan, a person receives from 500 thousand - 2 million (in rubles) at a rate of 15% / year. People who have crossed the pension threshold receive 150 thousand rubles.

Special conditions in the form of reduced rates are offered for clients who receive wages at Bank Rus.

You can pay off the debt for 6 years.

To find out the exact interest rates, you should go to the Bank Rus website.

Credit cards

What is a credit card? It is, first of all, a convenient tool for making payments with a credit limit. Cards can be used to withdraw cash and to pay for goods or services in a non-cash way.

Credit cards from Bank Rus have a number of features.

  1.                 Benefit on the face. The card can store up to 200 thousand credit funds. The holder of the document disposes of the money at will. A feature of credit documents from Bank Rus is the interest-free use of finance. Some products have a 55-day grace period, while others have a 100-day grace period. During this period, the borrower must pay only the amount that was actually used. If the loan is not repaid by the end of the grace period, interest is charged on the funds spent.
  2.                 Saving. Credit cards allow you to purchase goods at good discounts. Products participate in bonus programs, as a result of which you can collect promotional points and then exchange them, for example, for train tickets.
  3.                 Always at hand. Having issued a credit card for several years, the client will not think about where to get the money. As soon as the need for finance arises, you can take a credit card and pay with it. Loan funds are reimbursable: having paid off the debt, the card holder can withdraw money again and again.
  4.                 Comfort. Credit cards are connected to the SMS-informing service, thanks to which the client receives reliable information about the account balance and cash flow. The cardholder can change the credit limit (increase or decrease).

Credit cards are issued at bank branches. The client needs to submit an application, fill out a questionnaire and submit the necessary documents. The application will be reviewed by the credit commission within 3 banking days.

Additional income

Russian citizens can get an additional source of income by opening a savings account with Bank Rus. The financial institution offers products designed for different categories of clients. Each program has its own characteristics. A variety of offers and ample opportunities will satisfy the needs of even the most sophisticated depositors.

  1.                 The "Good Solution" product is available not only for Russians, but also for citizens of other countries. An account is opened with a minimum investment of 5 thousand rubles. The yield can reach 8.4% / year ( in the first 3 months after the conclusion of the deposit agreement). The conditions do not provide for the possibility of replenishment and partial withdrawal of money. The profit is paid every month to a special account. The depositor can withdraw the income received from the accrued interest at any time. The deposit is rolled over automatically.
  2.                 "Rentier". The financial institution offers 2 options for this deposit: in American and European monetary units. On the first deposit, the profit will be 1.5%, on the second - 0.9%. To take advantage of the terms of the product, the customer must invest at least 300 conventional units. The contract is concluded for a period of 3, 6 and 12 months. The depositor can choose the method of income payment independently. Interest can be added to the total amount stored on the deposit (capitalized), or transferred to the clients personal account (card or current).
  3.                 Program for retirees "Golden Age". This product will provide a decent increase in social benefits. Its yield can reach 8.5% / year. Oddly enough, but a deposit can be opened by investing only 10 rubles. The terms of the agreement allow you to replenish your account or partially withdraw funds. Income is paid every quarter. The profit is added to the total amount of the contribution.

There are two ways to open a savings account: at self-service terminals and at ATMs or at bank offices. When contacting the employees of the organization, the client must have a civil passport and the amount necessary to open an account.

The virtual calculator allows you to calculate your profitability.

Debit cards

The bank offers several options for settlement instruments, which make the payment procedure simpler and safer.

Lets consider one of the payment instruments. The Maestro card can be linked to a ruble or dollar account. The tool connects to the SMS-informing system, which provides complete information on waste and income. The cardholder can withdraw cash from ATMs located not only in the Russian Federation, but also outside the cordon.

The document can also be used for non-cash payments in regular and virtual shopping centers. You can order additional cards for your family members. You can withdraw up to 3 thousand conventional units per day using the card. On non-cash transactions, you can spend 5 thousand conventional units per day.

There is a special offer for status clients - MasterCard Gold. This card provides its holders with almost unlimited possibilities. Documents participate in promotions and bonus programs.

Payment transactions and transfers

 Bank customers can make payments and transfer funds to relatives or partners. There are several options for conducting financial transactions.

Payments from accounts of Bank Rus

The client can transfer money to :

  •                    own accounts;
  •                    accounts of other users of Bank Rus;
  •                    accounts drawn up in third-party financial organizations (in favor of civil and legal entities).

Through terminal networks

Through banking equipment you can:

  •                    transfer money to partners or relatives who have accounts with Bank Rus or third-party banks;
  •                    pay for purchases and services (housing and communal services, Internet providers, providers of city and mobile communications);
  •                    repay debt on loans;
  •                    top up the balance of payment cards.

Recurring payments

You can use the recurring payments function to pay for utilities, top up your mobile phone balance or repay a loan. The client only sets the settings once, specifying the details of the recipient of the payment, the amount and date, all other troubles related to the transfer of funds are taken over by the bank. Payments are made exactly on the specified date.