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KIT Finance

The KIT Finance group of financial companies has been operating in the domestic market since 1992. The community includes several organizations, including the KIT Finance investment bank, a non-state pension fund, and the KIT Finance Broker brokerage company.

Caring for the future

 Each of us should take care of our future. To do this, you need to invest your savings in a pension fund. One of the best organizations of this kind today is the KIT Finance fund.

There is no reason to doubt the reliability of this company: its activities are controlled by the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation and social protection authorities. The work of the fund is regulated by the current Russian legislation. The organization participates in the state deposit insurance program. So the savings of Russian citizens are completely safe.

The fund adheres to a policy of openness: clients can monitor the status of their accounts through remote service systems. In addition, the administration of KIT Finance quarterly reports on the work of the fund. The reports are published on the official website of the company ( https://www.kitnpf.ru/ ).

Pension fund offers for private clients

 By investing in the KIT Finance pension fund, a person will be able to provide himself with a decent old age and receive two pension benefits: labor and non-state.

What is the advantage of working with this organization?

  1.                 The client can open a retirement account not only in his own name. You can make a good gift by taking care of the future of your parents, children or your significant other.
  2.                 The companys employees have created services that improve the level of work of depositors with their accounts. Replenishment can be carried out using various tools:
  •                    through the online banking system;
  •                    from an account registered on the KIT Finance website;
  •                    with the help of money transfers through the cash desks of any financial organizations;
  •                    using the services of the State Post;
  •                    in the salons of cellular communication;
  •                    crediting funds from the salary (for this it is necessary to submit an application for withholding funds to the accounting department of the company where the depositor works), etc.
  1.                 The money invested in the funds retirement account is not only accumulated and saved, but also multiplied: depositors profitability has grown by more than 200% (while inflation rates are about 145-150%).
  2.                 The depositor can count on a refund of personal income tax (about 13% is returned). To return the funds, a citizen must contact the tax authorities.
  3.                 A distinctive feature of pension accounts registered with KIT Finance is their liquidity. You can terminate the cooperation agreement at any time. You can also transfer your contribution to another organization. In this case, the investment profit is not lost.
  4.                 A feature of pension savings made in a non-state fund is the right of inheritance (which cannot be said about funded pensions).

Individual pension programs

The company offers a wide range of pension projects. Depending on the goals and capabilities, the client can easily choose a product that is profitable for himself.

  1.                 For those who have the future. Using this product, the depositor will take care of the future of his heirs: accounts are issued for children and young people. Project "Start" is intended for very young clients aged 0-15 years. The account holder will have the right to dispose of the accumulated funds at the moment when he turns 18. The young man can take the whole amount or leave the savings for the future. The "Junior" account is opened for children and youths from 0 to 18 years old. The money will be at the disposal of the account holder upon reaching the age of 21.
  2.                 For self-sufficient people. Clients who are still far from retirement can take advantage of the terms of deposits with a long-term perspective. By saving money for several years (at least 6), the depositor will be able to save for a decent old age. The products "Second Pension" and "Perspective" imply additional pension payments in addition to state social benefits. The depositor can open an account for himself or for members of his family.
  3.                 The pension is just around the corner. People of pre-retirement and retirement age should use the "Wellbeing" and "Decent Life" accounts. These products allow you to get a decent co-payment on top of your government pension funds.
  4.                 For status clients. Taking care of their future does not interfere with people who today receive a considerable income. For such clients, KIT Finance offers to use the terms of the Privileges product. You can also open accounts for loved ones.

You can make deposits in any convenient way: by contacting the KIT Finance office or through the website of a financial institution.


Russians do not yet have sufficient experience of cooperation with non-state pension funds. And most often they are interested in the question: “What if I dont live to see retirement?”. Thinking about it, of course, is not worth it, but everything happens in life. Contributions to KIT Finance are distinguished by the fact that they are inherited. In the event of the death of the client, all savings will go to his family members.

How are individual retirement accounts maintained?

Cooperation with the foundation begins with the signing of the Agreement. From that moment on, KIT Finance is responsible for the funds that were deposited by the client into the pension account. And when the time comes, this organization will pay the pension.

Within 5 days from the date of signing the agreement, the client must make the first installment. Next, you will need to deposit funds monthly. Investment income is distributed every year. This is the responsibility of the companys board of directors.

Depositors can keep track of the balance of their accounts. You can get an extract (issued once a year until August). Account information can also be obtained from an account registered on the KIT Finance Internet resource.

If necessary, the client can terminate cooperation with the fund. To do this, you must submit an application to the company administration. The application can be sent by postal services, having previously certified the document in a notary office. In the application for termination of the contract, the depositor must indicate the details (bank account or third-party pension fund), according to which the funds should be sent.

Receiving a pension

 As soon as the deadline specified in the agreement comes, the depositor is entitled to pension payments. To calculate payments, a pensioner must submit a package of documents to the funds employees, which includes:

  •                    statement;
  •                    passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  •                    pensioners certificate (or certificate of incapacity for work).

The client can submit documents in person or send by mail. In the latter case, the application, as well as copies of the passport and pension certificate, must be certified by a notary.

The depositor has the right to demand the accrual of a pension if the period specified in the agreement has come and the client has already reached 55-60 years of age.

The special commission makes a decision on pension payments within 30 days from the date of application, after which the pensioner receives a written notification of the appointment of a pension indicating the amount and schedule of payments.

Methods for depositing funds into retirement accounts

 Various tools can be used to fund retirement accounts: both traditional methods and remote services.

  1.                 From your home computer. Money can be sent through online banking systems. This method is convenient because payment can be made at home using a stationary or mobile computer. The administration of the fund recommends using the VTB24-Online service. The payment amount must be at least 1 thousand rubles.
  2.                 Bank cash desks. The depositor can make a money transfer through the cash desk of Gazprombank (there is no need to open a bank account). To make a transfer, a person must have the requisites of the KIT Finance fund and a passport.
  3.                 ATM machines. To replenish your account, you can use VTB24 ATMs . Payment can be made in cash (it is necessary to deposit from 3 thousand rubles) or using a plastic card (the amount of payment is from 1 thousand rubles). 
  4.                 Deductions from wages. This is a very convenient way. It excludes the possibility of delay and does not require any effort from the depositor. The client must submit an application to the accounting department of the enterprise where he works. But in this case, you will have to pay a commission for the transfer.
  5.                 From your personal account registered on the official website of the company. The client does not need to leave home to make a payment transaction. VISA , MasterCard cards are used for payment . The client specifies the amount of the payment, and the system generates the rest of the payment data automatically. The cost of the operation is 2.5% of the deposited amount.  

For corporate clients

 Analysts have noticed that in recent years employers have adhered to an active social position, taking care of the well-being of their employees, including well-off old age. And this is correct, since a decent future is a good motivation for the companys employees.

The products offered by NPF KIT Finance will complement the list of social privileges that can be used by the companys personnel. For corporate clients, the funds specialists have developed several special programs.

  1.                 Formation of benefits, which will be in addition to the state pension. An enterprise can make contributions in full or make equal payments with employees.
  2.                 State co-financing of the pension benefit. The company, together with the state, transfers contributions to the pension accounts of employees. Funds are withheld from salary.
  3.                 Compulsory pension contributions. This service is provided free of charge. Employees of the company on a voluntary basis can transfer their pension contributions to KIT Finance.

Fund specialists can develop an individual project for a specific enterprise. Each corporate client is assigned a personal manager whose task is to provide consulting and technical support.

Types of financing

  1.                 One-sided. The company independently makes contributions to the pension accounts of its employees. Employees will be able to use the savings only if certain conditions are met (for example, it is necessary to work in the company for at least 15 years). After that, the right to dispose of the funds passes to the person in whose name the account was registered. The customer can withdraw savings or continue to invest.
  2.                 A joint. The money is transferred to the employees accounts both by the company and by the account holders. The credits are made in equal amounts. An employee can use all savings only after the conditions specified in the contract are met. If a person decides to leave the company ahead of schedule, then he can take only that part of the money that was personally invested by him. 

Company managers can open registered or joint pension accounts for their employees. The amount transferred to registered accounts is determined by the management of the company. It may depend on the position held or on the amount of salary. Until the employee becomes a pensioner, the right to manage money belongs to the enterprise.

The joint account is the joint account of the company. The manager makes contributions and completely disposes of the funds. After the employee reaches the age of retirement, the fund makes calculations and assigns a retirement benefit.

Brokerage services for private clients

 KIT Finance provides Russian citizens with the opportunity to earn money by selling shares of domestic enterprises and organizations. Today it can be done by anyone with a desktop or laptop computer and access to the World Wide Web.

Clients of the financial organization "KIT Finance Broker" can carry out several types of investment operations:

  •                    work with options and futures;
  •                    implementation of procedures related to currency exchange;
  •                    operations in the market for precious materials (platinum, gold, silver bars or coins);
  •                    work with funds (mutual funds, securities), etc.

You dont need to have huge capital to start trading on exchanges. For a start, 10 thousand rubles will be enough. If you dont have enough money, you can get a margin loan.