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Perfect Money

The electronic service Perfect Money appeared on the international market of virtual payments in 2007. The company was registered in Panama.
Despite its youth, the payment system has won the recognition of users of the Global Network. The service is characterized by reliability, convenience and versatility. The clients of the system can conduct various types of financial transactions. Payments are made by bank transfer in virtual mode.
Perfect Money features allow you to:
• transfer (or receive) funds to the accounts of third-party users;
• make internal settlements with other customers of payment (receiving salaries or paying for goods purchased in online stores);
• shop in virtual retail outlets registered in the territory of other powers;
• carry out regular payment transactions (payment of utilities, replenishment of the balance of a cell phone, etc.);
• receive loans from system participants;
• issue loans;
• earn on interest on savings accounts;
• participate in partnership projects and make a profit.

Perfect Money: Pros and Cons

Like any other payment service, Perfect Money has its positive and negative sides. The system has much more advantages than negative aspects.

The advantages of the payment are as follows:
1. Concise and simple interface. The interface of the site is so simple that even a person who has little knowledge of IT technologies can understand it. Account management is straightforward. The user can quickly find the information they need. Besides Russian and English, more than 20 languages are available.
2. Acceptable cost of services. Low prices are one of the main advantages of the payment system. When making intrasystem payments, account holders pay only 0.5% of the commission (the tariff applies to verified accounts).
3. High speed of transactions. Internal transfers are instant.
4. No limits on amounts. The system does not provide for limits on payment transactions.
5. Possibility of earning money. Clients can open savings accounts and receive a small but stable income of 4% per annum. You can also make money on referral programs: the user will receive 1% / year of the amount that is stored on the account of clients who came via his link.
6. Automated process. In his account, the client can set an automatic mode for receiving payments.
7. Ample opportunities to replenish your account and withdraw funds.
8. Multilevel electronic wallet protection system. Perfect Money clients, in order to gain access to their wallet, must go through several stages of authorization: verification by IP address, authentication using SMS messages and a code card. In addition, the user can independently configure the security system.

Lets move on to the disadvantages. There are not so many of them, however, it is still worth mentioning them.
1. An irreversible process. All transactions in the system are irreversible. This means that if the client has sent funds to the wrong account, then he will not be able to suspend the operation or return the funds. This moment also plays into the hands of scammers who can take advantage of the situation.
2. Small selection of currency. There are no ruble wallets in the system.
Actually, these are all the disadvantages that the Perfect Money payment service has. They are insignificant and do not prevent the payment system from taking a leading position in the world market of services intended for making electronic payments.

How to register an account in the Perfect Money system

It is very easy to register an account in the system. To do this, go to the official website of the company (, press the "Register" button and fill in the form that appears. You should be very careful when filling out: almost all fields are required. If there is no data in at least one of the fields, registration will not take place. In addition, only valid information should be provided. Otherwise, you will not be able to withdraw money, change your password or upgrade the wallet status.
When registering, you will need to come up with a name (nickname), enter your real full name, residence address (post office code, state, city and exact address), e-mail, and contact phone number.
The system will offer to choose the type of account. Business is intended for corporate clients, Personal - for ordinary citizens. Next, you need to enter the password and captcha symbols.
Below the registration form there is a window with the terms of service (text in English). You should read them carefully and, if they are satisfied, agree. Now you need to press the button "Register".
Messages will be sent to the email address that was specified during registration. They must be saved, since the letters contain important information: in one - the ID-number of the e-wallet (this number is needed to enter the account), in the other - detailed instructions on how to work with the payment (methods of depositing / withdrawing funds and other useful information).
Attention! Only people who have reached the age of majority can register an account in the Perfect Money system.
After registration, the user receives 3 types of e-wallets: dollar (U), euro-wallet (E) and "gold" wallet (G). Additionally, the client can issue another account for storing the popular electronic currency - bitcoin (B).
The new wallet automatically gets the Normal status. These accounts are quite suitable for simple payment transactions. Having replenished the wallet by 50 thousand conventional units, the client receives the Premium status. If there is no such amount, then this status will be assigned automatically 12 months after registration.


Not all clients can obtain Partner status. The site administration applies for its appropriation.
By raising the account status to a higher level, the client receives reduced transaction rates and higher rates on the amounts stored in the account.

Verified accounts: what are they?

Verification - confirmation of a persons personal data.
The site administration invites its clients to go through verification. This is an optional procedure, however, if the user wants to expand the capabilities of his wallet, then it is worth going through. Verified accounts inspire more trust among both payment officers and customers. Knowing that a person has provided reliable information about himself, users are more willing to contact him: they conclude deals, provide loans, etc.
The administration also feels calmer: after all, the reputation of the company depends on the honesty of the sites customers.
Verified accounts provide their owners with more opportunities:
• Withdraw funds to accounts opened in banks;
• reduced tariffs (for example, for intra-system operations, ordinary customers pay almost 2% of the commission, and verified ones - only 0.5%);
• the ability to recover a password using a simplified scheme.
To pass the verification, you need to enter the "Settings" section and open the "Verification" tab (in accounts that have not passed the procedure, there is a note "not verified"). Next, you need to press the "Verification management" button and follow the instructions.

Account verification steps

The verification procedure is carried out in several stages:
1. Verification of personal data. At this stage, the system will require you to upload scans of identity documents (for example, civil passport, drivers license or foreign passport) and a photo.
2. Verification of the address. Here you will need documents with which you can check the authenticity of the address of residence specified by the user. Ordinary receipts for payment of utility bills will do (they indicate the subscribers address and name).
3. Checking the phone. The cell phone number is entered into a special column (format - international). The system will send a message to this number, the body of which contains a 4-digit code. The user needs to specify this code in the pop-up field.
Only in the case of a complete match of the data, the client will receive the status of a verified user. 

Deposit and withdrawal of finance

You can transfer money to your Perfect Money account in different ways:
1. Through standard bank transfers. To get the details, the user must fill out an application (depositary document) on the companys official website. Transfer amount - not less than 1,000 US dollars (other currency in equivalent).
2. By means of e-vouchers. Clients who have issued a virtual card of the system can replenish their account using e-vouchers. This method allows you to replenish your wallet at any time of the day or night and for various amounts. To top up your account, you just need to enter the voucher number in the special window. Financial transactions are carried out instantly. 3. Through the electronic payment service Pecunix - Perfect Money directly cooperates with this system. 4. From exchange points. The payment is in partnership with two hundred exchange offices. By contacting one of them, the user can replenish the balance of his account. 5. Via self-service terminals. To use this method of replenishment, you must first submit an application for payment to the system administration. The client receives a transaction number, which must be maintained when making a payment. Several options have been proposed for withdrawing funds from the system. 1. Using bank transfers. This method can only be used by owners of verified accounts. First, you need to apply for a transaction and receive an order that allows you to withdraw funds. The amount of the transfer is at least 100 US dollars (or the equivalent in another form of currency units). 2. By means of e-vouchers. The client can sell the e-card code to a third party, thus paying for purchases or services. 3. At exchange offices. This is the most profitable and convenient way to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money. 4. Withdrawal of funds to a VISA Virtual card. 


System prepaid cards

Perfect Money system issues its own prepaid cards Prepaid Card. Payment documents can be used to pay for goods and services.
With the help of cards, the client will be able to control the balance and manage the account through the bank. The documents give their owners the following advantages:
• instant replenishment of the account;
• saving money (the terms of the agreement provide for low rates for financial transactions);
• the ability to replenish accounts with "real money".

Financial security

Payment system users can be confident in the security of personal and payment information. Multilevel security system prevents unauthorized interference.
1. The Perfect Money system automatically detects how the account was logged in. If changes are noticed (for example, the browser or IP address has changed), a message with a PIN code will be sent to the email inbox. Only after the user enters this code will he gain access to the account.
2. A message with a PIN code may not be sent to an e-mail, but to a cell phone number that was specified during registration. However, this is a paid service and costs 10 cents.
3. Security is also ensured by the code card generated by the system. The card is sent to the clients email address. You can create a card in your personal account. The document has the form of a table in which numbers are indicated. To carry out a financial transaction, the client must enter the numbers from the code card in the order determined by the system.
4. Each transaction is accompanied by a protection code. If the code is entered incorrectly, the system will automatically suspend the financial transaction.
5. The client can check the history of transactions and monitor the movement of money. Having noticed the operations that he did not carry out, the user must notify the support service. Company employees will take precautions and identify intruders.