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Nordea Bank

" Nordea Bank" is part of a group of financial companies of Nordea . It is one of the largest and most promising banking structures operating in the European financial market. Nordeas headquarters are located in Stockholm. In 1994, the organization entered the domestic financial market.

Today Nordea Bank enjoys great popularity among Russian consumers. Clients refer to it as a reliable financial institution that provides a high level of service.     

The company operates in several directions, providing services to individuals and legal entities. The client base consists of 3 thousand enterprises of various sizes and 30 thousand ordinary citizens.

Serving corporate clients

 Settlement and cash services

Business leaders can open a current account in Russian or foreign currency. To do this, you should contact the banks employees and conclude a cooperation agreement. The terms of the agreement provide for the following:

  •                    registration and maintenance of a current account;
  •                    making settlements by non-cash payments;
  •                    acceptance of "real money" and cash withdrawal ;
  •                    examination of banknotes;
  •                    control over currency transactions;
  •                    procedures related to currency exchange.

By opening an account, the head of the company can count on technical and informational support from the bank. Each client is assigned a personal manager who helps prepare the necessary documents and advises on working with a current account.

Remote services are offered to corporate clients. These systems allow you to manage your accounts without leaving your office.

Remote services

Nordea Client-Bank was launched especially for corporate clients . This is a remote service that allows you to manage accounts without visiting a bank branch.

By registering in the system, the user will be able to carry out operations related to the creation and sending of digital payment documents:

  •                    orders in domestic monetary units (for payments to the state budget or trade payments);
  •                    applications for money transfers in foreign currencies;
  •                    orders for the purchase or sale of foreign banknotes;
  •                    orders for the sale of conventional units from transit currency accounts.

In the virtual personal account " Nordea Client-Bank" you can get full information about the account status and financial transactions. Transaction reports are provided . They can be simply viewed, downloaded to a flash drive or printed on paper.

The service is equipped with features such as electronic digital signature and digital stamp. Documents supported by these attributes have the same value as paper documents certified with a regular signature and wet seal.

An account with Nordea Client-Bank is equipped with an option that allows you to control currency transactions.

Business financial support

Enterprises and organizations can count on financial support from Nordea Bank. The organization offers several loan products that can not only support the development of the company, but also survive in a highly competitive and unstable economic environment.

When calculating interest rates, bank employees use an individual approach: taking into account the financial position of the enterprise, the amount of working capital, the type and value of collateral, etc.

The financial institution offers a wide range of products:

  •                    term loans;
  •                    loan lines with or without renewal;
  •                    overdrafts;
  •                    investment lending;
  •                    project financing;
  •                    bank guarantees and so on.

Having received credit funds, the borrower can use them to replenish the assortment of goods, expand production capacities, purchase new equipment, commercial vehicles, retail space, warehouse.

To obtain a loan, the borrower must provide collateral. These can be real estate objects, equipment, stocks or bonds, goods. You can invite guarantors.

For more details on loan products, visit the Nordea Bank website .

Payment Instruments

The head of the company can issue a corporate client card, which will be an ideal solution for making non-cash payments related to meeting the needs of the company. Using the payment instrument, you can purchase equipment, furniture, pay employees travel or entertainment expenses.

The customer can receive as many documents as needed and issue cards to all employees who have access to the companys finances. The head of the company will be able to track the expense of funds through remote services. You can also set limits for spending money.

" Nordea Bank" emits and custom card. These documents are used to pay customs duties and other payments. You can pay by card at all customs points of the Russian Federation. You can work with the payment instrument around the clock. The money is credited to the recipients account within a few minutes.

The advantage of a customs card is that it eliminates the need for an advance payment. The document allows goods to be processed simultaneously at several points of the Russian customs. You can make payments in any convenient way:

  •                    using banking equipment installed at customs;
  •                    from your online banking account;
  •                    through the electronic declaration program;
  •                    through the website of the Federal Customs Service.

With the help of a customs payment document, the client can pay customs taxes, customs clearance fees, VAT, excise taxes, and disposal duties.

The peculiarity of this type of cards is that they can only pay for the costs associated with customs services. Cards are not accepted in shopping malls, restaurants and other organizations.

Conclusion of salary contracts

 The banks administration offers to the heads of firms cooperation in the framework of salary projects. All program participants benefit from this partnership.

What does the company get?

The payroll process is being streamlined. The work of the accounting department is made easier. Employee accounts are credited automatically. Such a salary system is especially convenient for those enterprises where shift work is used or employees are forced to travel frequently.

The burden on the companys budget is also reduced: expenses for collection and storage of cash are eliminated. There is no need to maintain cash registers and cashiers.

The money is transferred to the employees account within 2 hours after the accounting department transfers the settlement documents to the bank employees.

The management of the enterprise can agree with the administration of the bank to install ATMs on the territory of the plant or factory.

What does the head of the company get?

The director or owner of the company can also benefit. Nordea Bank has prepared special offers for managers .

  1.                 Life and health insurance against accidents. The insurance policy is valid while traveling on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.
  2.                 Registration of payment documents of the international standard. Status plastic cards Gold , Platinum of VISA, MasterCard payment systems are available .
  3.                 Service of Private banking . This system implies servicing status clients and provides ample opportunities in financial management.
  4.                 Free connection of online banking. The service is designed to carry out payment transactions in virtual mode. System users can pay for goods and services, transfer funds to partners, purchase or sell currency without leaving the office.

What do the employees of the enterprise get?

For employees who receive their wages through Nordea Bank, there are also lucrative offers in store.

  1.                 The ability to issue an insurance policy on favorable terms. The life and health of a client who goes on a trip within the country or abroad is insured.
  2.                 Reliable money saving. Even if the card is lost, there is nothing to fear: the client can block the card at any time in order to prevent unauthorized interference by unauthorized persons.
  3.                 Availability of finance. You can get cash around the clock at any ATM of the bank or partners. With the help of banking equipment, you can also carry out non-cash payments. Cards are accepted in all retail outlets in the Baltic countries, Sweden, Norway, Finland. You can manage finances through remote services, for example, a virtual bank. Online banking works 24 hours a day without breaks, weekends and holidays.
  4.                 High level of security. The holder of the salary card can independently set the security parameters. For example, you can define upper bounds for the amount of transactions carried out during the day (or month).

Acquiring services

 Merchants and organizations providing paid services can connect to acquiring at Nordea Bank. This service allows attracting a larger number of consumers: customers who prefer non-cash payment methods using payment cards will join the stores customer base. By connecting acquiring , the store owner will be able to reduce the waste associated with transportation and storage of cash, as well as reduce the burden on cashiers.

The bank undertakes all work related to the installation and connection of equipment. This procedure is free of charge. The head of the enterprise will not need to worry about the training of his employees. Nordea Bank specialists will prepare cashiers for working with payment cards (the cost of preparatory courses is paid by the bank).

Equipment maintenance throughout the entire period of cooperation is free of charge. The financial organization will provide all the materials necessary for the work: information, consumables, advertising.

The store pays only for the actually performed transactions: the commission is charged at the time of transfer of money.

" Nordea Bank" - the official partner of VISA, MasterCard , therefore, to accept plastic cards of these payment systems.

Payment cards from " Nordea Bank"

 This financial institution issues plastic cards with embedded chips. The peculiarity of these payment documents is the increased level of protection. A special chip acts as a miniature computer that stores most of the information.

Card accounts are opened in various types of currencies. The client can issue a dollar, ruble card or account for transfers in European currency.

Account information can be obtained at any time. To do this, you need to call the Call- center, whose task is to provide information support to the banks clients. The center staff will prepare an extract and send it to the cardholders fax or e-mail.

You can also manage card accounts through remote services.

  1.                 "My operations". This service allows you to receive information about the state of finances and expense and income transactions to the cell phone of the card account holder. People who have issued Premium cards can connect to the service for free.
  2.                 Online banking. The account can be monitored in virtual mode. This requires a computer and a network connection.

The cards provide 24/7 access to finance. Payment documents from Nordea Bank allow you to withdraw cash or pay for goods and services at all ATMs of the Nordea group of financial companies (more than 3 thousand devices in total). The cards work in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia. Customers can also withdraw money from ATMs of partner organizations.

The cards can be used to make money transfers. The owner of the payment instrument can send funds to any card account opened with this financial institution or with a third-party bank.

Some cards provide special privileges to their holders. For example, a client can use the services of information services at airports, railway stations for free , get information about the cost of services in hotel complexes, or book a hotel room. Medical or legal services are also available when traveling outside Russia.