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MasterCard - this payment service, with international significance. The company managed to unite banks, trade organizations, representatives of various business segments and consumers from more than two hundred countries into one network.
What does this financial structure do?
• provides settlement services to private citizens and legal entities;
• implements projects related to the production of plastic cards under the brands Maestro , MasterCard , Cirrus ;
• provides a platform for making electronic payments.
Payment system MasterCardwas founded in 1966 as a result of the merger of several financial institutions. After 2 years, the system signed a cooperation agreement with Eurocard . By the beginning of the 80s. MasterCard has confidently taken the leading position in the global banking market. By this time, the organization had issued 55 million payment documents. And in 2006, the financial community recognized the payment system as the safest and most efficient.
More than a quarter of bank cards are issued under the MasterCard brand... Today, almost 24 billion financial transactions are processed through the service. Employees of the company, taking care of the comfort of their customers, introduce the latest technologies and develop modern services. One of them is an application for smartphones and portable computer devices, thanks to which you can not only receive information about the status of payments, but also carry out all types of transactions.

How did Russians accept MasterCard ?

MasterCard payment cards are gaining more and more popularity among Russians. The Russian Federation is a fertile ground for the development of the service and the renewal of its functionality. Almost 39% of payment instruments in the hands of Russian citizens are issued under the MasterCard brand . In numerical terms - more than 27 million cards.
The payment system cooperates with all the leading banks in Russia: Sberbank, Gazprombank, VTB, etc. In 2013 alone, the volume of electronic payments made through this service increased by 25%. People are actively issuing cards to pay for goods and services in virtual mode.

How to get a MasterCard payment card ?

To become the owner of the MasterCard payment instrument , you need to contact any bank on the planet that cooperates with the system (you must have a passport with you). Employees of the financial institution will ask you to read the terms of cooperation and sign an agreement. The client can order a payment card or credit card.
Own funds of the cardholder are transferred to the settlement card accounts. The client can dispose of them at his own discretion: pay for services, shop in ordinary and virtual stores, withdraw cash, transfer money to relatives or partners, etc.
Credit cards hold credit funds. The conditions for their use are set by the bank that issues the payment document and provides the loan.


Equipping payment documents with MasterCard

MasterCard payment instruments are a reliable and functional device with which you can withdraw cash and make payments by non-cash method. The cards are equipped with:
• built-in chip;
• original number, consisting of 16 numbers (the number acts as an identifier);
• personal data of the holder of the document;
• instrument validity period (month and year);
• magnetic stripe, which stores data for access to the account;
• field for the clients signature (this is additional protection of the card account);
• hologram (confirms that the document is genuine);
• CVC2 code (consists of 4 numbers and is required for online payments);
• contact details of the bank that issued the card.

Touch and pay

MasterCard offers cards equipped with a contactless payment system. What does a contactless technology card do?
1. Comfort. It is much more convenient to pay with a contactless card than with a conventional payment instrument. It is enough to touch the screen of the reader with the document and the payment is made. Attention! Before making a payment, you should make sure that the amount paid by the cashier is correct.
2. Speed. This technology greatly simplifies the payment procedure. The payment will take no more than 1 second. If the purchase price is not more than 1 thousand rubles, then the client does not even have to sign a receipt and enter a PIN code.
3. Security. When paying, the client holds the document in his hands and personally controls the entire procedure. Funds are debited only once. The terminal will sound about the payment, after which the device will automatically turn off.
A contactless card can be made even from a smartphone by inserting a special chip. Touch the device for payment with your phone and the money is deposited.
Terminals for conducting financial transactions in a contactless way are available in almost all organizations cooperating with MasterCard , as well as in some types of urban transport. You can replenish the balance of such a card through online banking , mobile applications, payment terminals or through EPS.

Salary cards

Special MasterCard cards are provided for salary payments . With the help of these documents, you can shop in any trade networks on the planet. This method of payments is more convenient and safer than paying in cash: you do not need to constantly carry a large amount of money (especially when it comes to unexpected purchases). Give the document to the cashier, sign the receipt and pick up the goods. Salary cards provide their holders with many benefits.
1. Cash can be withdrawn at any time: day or night, and even on weekends. ATMs are installed in almost all social establishments: shops, restaurants, entertainment centers, etc. No need to go to a bank branch, stand in lines and fill out paperwork.
2. Using payroll cards, you can make payments from your home computer or portable device through online banking services or mobile applications. You can repay the loan debt to buy food in the virtual trading points, pay for utilities services, interns m- and TV providers, mobile operators and landline phones, and so on. There is no need to worry about the security of funds stored in the card account: they are protected by a secret MasterCard SecureCode password . 3. Holders of salary cards can take part in all kinds of promotions, bonus and discount programs. This will allow you to save on purchases or return some of the money spent. 4. Salary cards allow you to transfer funds to payment documents Maestro or MasterCard , issued by any bank in the world. To send money, you need minimal information about the addressee: card number and expiration date. You can make a financial transfer through the banks cash desk, online banking service, self-service terminal or ATM. 5. It is very easy to manage funds and control the movement of money. The SMS-informing service will help in this, providing information about the status of the transaction, expense and receipt transactions, and so on. Messages are delivered to your mobile phone instantly.

MoneySend : safe and convenient

MasterCard offers to use the MoneySend service , through which you can send money to partners or close people. Financial transfers can be made in any convenient way:
• from one bank card to another (through a virtual or mobile bank, through ATMs);
• from a card account, using the services of postal services or money transfer systems (the addressee receives cash);
• cash transfer to the recipients card account (the operation is performed through postal services, bank cash desks, money transfer systems or through self-service terminals);
• from e-wallets to payment cards. MoneySend
service allows you to make financial transfers quickly and without unnecessary red tape. The sender does not need to specify the personal and payment details of the person to whom the transfer is intended. You do not need to fill out any papers (applications, forms, questionnaires). You can send money at any time, as soon as the need arises: online services and payment terminals work around the clock. You do not need to carry cash with you: payment cards can be involved in the transaction (especially when the client sends large amounts). You can even order home delivery.

Payment by MasterCard on the Web

Security of payments on the Internet

Modern people prefer virtual stores: here the assortment of goods is larger, the prices are cheaper, and it is more convenient to buy: you can choose the right thing and pay for the purchase while sitting in a comfortable armchair. But there are unscrupulous users on the Web who want to get rich in a dishonest way. To protect yourself from fraudsters, you should use the MasterCard SecureCode . Only two people will know about the password: the bank serving the payment document and the card holder. MasterCard SecureCode has several characteristic features. 1. The secret code is accepted on all Internet portals of the World Wide Web. This technology is supported by 350 thousand online merchants. The websites of the stores that have connected the service have the SecureCode trademark . 2. Using the secret code is very simple: you need to enter it in a special field. To activate the service, you need to contact the employees of the financial institution that issued the payment instrument.

How SecureCode works

SecureCode can be used in online stores that are members of the program. The procedure for protecting electronic payments using a secret code is very simple and consists of 3 stages.
Stage 1. Having selected a product and proceeding to payment, you must specify the details of the MasterCard payment card .
Stage 2. The system will ask you to enter the secret password in a special field. The bank servicing the payment document will identify the financial transaction and establish that the transaction is authorized by the cardholder. It will take a few seconds to check.
Stage 3. The bank gives permission to make the payment.

Easy shopping with MasterPass

The MasterPass tool is designed to make payments for purchases in online stores. Its function is to provide security and facilitate payment. The service is used in retail outlets that are partners of MasterCard (on the website of such stores there is a button “Pay for MasterPass” ).
Payments using MasterPass technology are distinguished by security and reliability: payment information is transmitted over secure protocols. In addition, safety is provided by a multi-stage protection system.
It is enough to press one button - and the payment is complete: no need to fill out payment forms, enter long card numbers and specify other details. All MasterCard banking documents can be linked
to MasterPass . Thus, the cards can be used at any time. When traveling, shopping or dining at a restaurant, payment tools are always at hand.

How MasterPass works

To take advantage of the MasterPass tool , you must register on the official website of the MasterCard company
Registration algorithm
1. Create a wallet.
2. We generate a strong password.
3. We indicate the address to which the goods will be delivered.
4. Add all available payment documents: credit cards, settlement, prepaid. Dont forget about bonus and discount cards.
Before you pay for your purchase, you must press the MasterPass button and enter your personal account. Then you should select the card from which the funds will be withdrawn and the delivery address (if several addresses were entered during registration). To complete the operation, you must press the "Pay" button.

Special offer for status clients

Holders of elite cards can use the services of the MasterCard VIP lounge , which operates at Sheremetyevo International Airport. The hall can comfortably accommodate 70 people.
To gain access to the lounge, you must present your MasterCard and a plane ticket.