Exchange platform – this is a reliable financial partner, we make exchanges within 5-15 minutes. is a virtual platform on the basis of which banks can build a customer service system through remote services: online banking, mobile applications, SMS banking, and more. is a multifunctional system equipped with modern technological complexes.
The company began its activity in 1991. The organization is part of the group of enterprises "Center for Financial Technologies".
More than 1 million payment transactions pass through processing every day. The services of the company are used by more than ten million people, whose accounts are opened in three hundred financial institutions. The sphere of influence of this service has spread to 135 settlements of our country.
Such sharks of the domestic banking business as B&N Bank, Vostochny, Asia-Pacific Bank and others cooperate with the payment system.
In 2004, Sberbank employees checked the work of processing and issued an attestation certificate. From that moment on, Sberbank conducts its operations through the processing center of this system. The technological developments of the service are successfully used in the work of many domestic and foreign banking structures.
The mission of the EPS is to help banks create a single chain of online services that allow them to serve customers at a distance. The so-called cloud technology is used for data transmission. By connecting to the processing center, a financial organization can use all the technologies that are necessary for making electronic payments.
The system can be easily integrated with an automated banking system, payment card processing, e-wallets, financial transfer systems, programs designed for preparing accounting reports, virtual stores and other services based on electronic payments.
The services of a financial organization are provided with ready-made solutions that allow you to launch the work of remote services as soon as possible. internet bank offers its clients to use virtual banking services. The service is available for private and corporate clients. Modern technologies are used in the work of the online bank, thanks to which remote service is taking to a qualitatively new level.
To work with the service, the user does not have to install software on his computer. The client can independently choose the interface language: Russian or English. The system allows solving the following issues:
• managing finances from a home computer;
• payment for services without visiting the bank;
• preparation of financial statements;
• transfer of documents to other users of the system via online channels;
• currency conversion, etc.
Access to Internet banking can be obtained day or night from any geographic point of the planet.
The latest developments in the field of financial security prevent the actions of fraudsters. Payment and personal information of system participants is encrypted and transmitted through secure channels. All customer data is confidential and cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.
Additional protection is provided by a digital electronic signature, which is placed at the end of each document created in virtual mode on the service. EDS is owned only by the e-account holder.
What does virtual banking give to corporate clients?
By registering in the online banking system, the owner of the company can not only comfortably make payments or transfer funds to partners, but also properly organize the work of the enterprise as a whole, interact with partners, banks, suppliers of goods or services.
Internet bank provides the following advantages:
• saving personal time (the user can communicate with his partners through the service);
• management of all company accounts at the same time;
• free access to all payment functions and services;
• control of the movement of money using notifications sent to your mobile phone or e-address;
• work with the 1C: Enterprise interface;
• control over the actions of specialists who have access to the companys accounts.

What opportunities do private clients get?

We often do not keep pace with the course of modern life: we always lack the most important thing - time. Online bank will help you manage your time efficiently. The service works around the clock. There are no breaks or weekends here. Therefore, users can pay bills or make money transfers as soon as they have a free minute. By registering in the system, you can follow the movement of finances without visiting a bank branch. You dont even need an extract (although you can get it online): you can view the entire history of financial transactions from your personal account. Online banking customers can: • shop in virtual shopping sites; • receive account statements; • convert currency; • pay for the services of utilities, telecom operators, Internet and TV providers, etc.; • create templates for payment transactions. 

Account verification

Thanks to remote services from, users can track the movement of funds and effectively manage their finances. Personal
accounts of the system participants are equipped with the following options: • viewing the balance of the current or card accounts;
• viewing the history of payments for any reporting period;
• obtaining information on deposits: amount, day when interest will be accrued, approximate income, and so on;
• obtaining information on loans: the balance of debt, the schedule of payments to repay the loan, the amount of the current payment, etc .;
• calculation of interest (both on loans and on deposits) on a virtual calculator.

Financial transaction templates

By creating transaction templates, the user will be able to facilitate the work associated with such regular payments as utilities, services of telecom operators, tuition fees, repayment of credit debts, payment of government services (taxes and fines). The use of templates eliminates the possibility of errors: the details are entered only once. When making regular payments, the user will only need to change the amount if the need arises.

Financial transfers

From an account in the payment service, account holders can send money to relatives or partners. EPS cooperates with Zolotoy Korona, a money transfer system. Non-address transfers are made through this service. That is, the sender should indicate only full name. the recipient, as well as the country and locality to which the money is sent. The addressee will be able to pick up the transfer at any cash pick-up point that operates in his city.
Representative offices of Zolotoy Korona operate both in Russia and in neighboring countries - over 49 thousand payment acceptance / issue points in total.

Payment for goods in virtual stores

Online banking capabilities allow you to make purchases on shopping sites. Payment is made directly from the clients personal account. The payment algorithm is very simple. The buyer needs to decide on the product and select "Payment via". Going to the authorization page in the virtual bank, the user needs to:
• enter the account using a digital certificate;
• click on the account received from the online store;
• confirm payment.

Bank in the phone

Mobile banking

By downloading a special application to a tablet or smartphone, the user will be able to carry out almost all financial transactions without being tied to a desktop computer. It should be noted that the mobile service is not just an application, but a full-fledged bank equipped with modern services and providing customers with ample opportunities:
• viewing the account balance;
• creation of payment templates;
• viewing the transaction log;
• payment for goods and services (online stores, network marketing companies, communication providers, etc. are available);
• replenishment of e-wallets opened in popular EPS;
• replenishment of the balance of MasterCard and VISA card accounts ; • implementation of intrasystem and interbank money transfers; • obtaining one-time passwords to confirm transactions; • monitoring of changes in the foreign exchange market and much more.   

Account management via SMS

SMS notifications can also be used to carry out financial transactions. Using standard commands, a client can:
• top up a cell phone account (money is withdrawn from a bank account);
• receive information about payments (transaction amount, account balance, statements of transactions; you can set up an automatic message mode);
• block / unblock a payment card (this function is especially in demand if a payment document falls into the hands of unauthorized persons);
• view payment history;
• pay for services.

Registration and login

Those who decide to become a user should contact the bank that cooperates with the payment service to receive the keys - code words. The code word is required to access the account registration. Further - the standard form filling and confirmation of authorization. After that, the user receives a digital certificate that is used to log into the account.
The digital certificate ensures complete security of the user profile: without it, it is impossible to get into the system. This is a tool that allows you to identify the owner of an e-account. You will also need a certificate to confirm transactions or virtual documents.
How do I get a digital certificate?
The identifier is issued by the bank where the client opened his account. Before issuing a certificate, employees of the financial institution will carefully check the information about the client.
The user receives a medium (disk, flash drive, smart key, etc.) on which the identifier is recorded. Every time a client is going to enter a personal account registered in online banking, he must use a digital certificate. This is necessary in order to prevent fraudulent activities and protect the users finances.


Participants of the system can carry out transactions related to mutual investment funds: buy shares, exchange them or redeem them. To do this, you do not need to go to the Management Office of a company specializing in mutual funds: all procedures are carried out online from a home or work computer. Using the server, Russian citizens can:
• register an application for the purchase of a share in a mutual fund;
• pay for the share using the personal account of the online banking (funds are withdrawn from the account of the partner bank);
• get complete information about assets;
• exchange shares;
• pay off debt.
Transactions related to mutual funds are carried out by individuals on their own behalf.
To use the online PIF-inga service, the user must:
• open a bank account with a financial institution that cooperates with;
• get an identifier - a digital certificate;
• agree to accept the terms of cooperation, which are put forward by the Management Company;
• draw up an application and send it to the management office (you can do this through the virtual bank

Privileges for members of mutual investment funds

Unit investment funds are one of the most profitable investment methods. Fund members can benefit from a variety of benefits.
1. Profitability. By investing in mutual funds, the client will receive much higher income than, for example, from deposits registered in banks. At the same time, do not forget that the share price may increase significantly after a certain period of time. This means that you can sell your share and make money on the price difference.
2. Liquidity. Shares of mutual funds are in demand in the modern financial market, so a fund participant can sell a whole share or part of it.
3. Transparency. The owner of an investment unit can get full information about the state of his assets, view the financial statements of the management company, study the structure and principle of the fund, and so on. Employees of the Management Company post information on changes in the stock market on their website on a daily basis.
4. Security. In our country, investment funds are strictly subject to the laws of the Russian Federation. State commissions and supervision services closely monitor the activities of mutual funds.