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Bank Russia

Bank Rossiya has been serving clients since the beginning of the 90s. last century. This is one of the few financial organizations that managed to survive the hardships of the post-Soviet period, successfully overcome the global economic crisis of 2008 and maintain their positions and good reputation in the current unstable time.

Rossiya is a commercial bank serving Russian citizens and business representatives. The companys activities are regulated by the laws of Russia and are accompanied by all the necessary licenses allowing brokerage, dealer, depository activities, work with shares and bonds, and much more. The organization provides its clients with a full range of financial services. The banks branches are concentrated in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. The network consists of 4 branches and 75 ATMs.

Russians do not hesitate to trust their savings to "Russia". This trust is due to the banks positive reputation and its participation in the state program of insurance for depositors savings.

Credit products offered by Bank Rossiya differ in a number of positive aspects. One of them is that the borrower can get a foreign currency loan without providing collateral.

Achievements of goals. Credit programs from the bank "Russia"

 For individuals "Russia" offers a full range of loan products:

  •                    loans for the purchase of goods and services;
  •                    mortgage credit lending;
  •                    car loans;
  •                    overdraft.

Loan for all sorts of purposes

The bank offers 2 types of consumer loans.

  1.                 "Money - Possibilities". This loan is provided in one installment. The money is transferred to a special account from which it is impossible to pay off the debt on loans issued in this financial institution. If the borrower wants to receive the amount in installments, you can apply for a salary card: the funds will be transferred to the card account in one payment, and the client will decide for himself how best to spend the money. Depending on the conditions stipulated in the agreement, the borrower can receive up to 3 million rubles at a rate of 13% / year. The debt can be repaid within 5 years.
  2.                 "Refinancing". With this product, you can change the terms of a loan that was issued in another bank. The loan amount can be 3 million rubles at a rate of 13% / year.


Overdraft is a "magic wand" in cases when there is not enough money on the payment card to pay for a service or purchase. Even if the card account has "zeros", the client will be able to make a payment without any problems.

The borrower receives 10 thousand loan funds. The loan must be repaid within 1 year. For using the loan, you will need to pay a commission fee - from 1188 rubles per year. You do not need to provide collateral. These are the terms of the "Simple" overdraft.

By purchasing the "Classic Opportunity" product, the client can receive an amount equal to 95% of the monthly salary (but not more than 300 thousand rubles). The interest rate will be from 14% / year.

Bank employees tell their clients how to effectively use an overdraft loan. At the consultations, you can also find out the rules for using salary cards.

Buying a car on credit

Intending to purchase a vehicle, a citizen of Russia can contact the Bank "Russia". The company provides car loans on favorable terms.

The borrower receives from 100 thousand to 5 million rubles at a rate of 14% / year (the rate will depend on the loan amount, loan term, amount of the down payment). The contract can be concluded for up to 5 years. The bank requires an initial payment of 20% of the car price. Borrowers who pay 40% receive a reduced interest rate.

You can buy a car on more favorable terms. To do this, you should use the state program for subsidizing rates. This project involves the issuance of a loan of up to 920 thousand rubles at a rate of 7.33% / year.

We buy apartments

Rossiya also provides loans for the purchase of real estate. You can buy ready-made housing or an apartment in a house that has not yet been completed.

For the purchase of real estate, a client can receive up to 15 million rubles at a rate of 12.5% / year. An initial payment in excess of 20% of the market price of the apartment is required. If the first payment is half the amount, then the interest rate will be reduced.

Taking advantage of a government subsidy, you can get a loan at a rate of 10.6% / year. In this case, the loan amount will not exceed 8 million rubles.

Lending to legal entities

By applying for a loan at the Rossiya bank, the head of the enterprise will be able to solve temporary difficulties with a lack of funds. The financial organization offers several products with which you can replenish the assortment of goods, increase production capacity, pay off suppliers, pay workers and much more. It can be a revolving or non- revolving loan, an overdraft loan, bank guarantees and other methods of lending.

To obtain a loan, a company representative must take several steps.

  1.                 Call the bank (customer support service) and discuss the conditions for issuing a loan: experienced specialists will help you choose the most profitable option.
  2.                 Collect the necessary documents:
  •                    fill out an application for a loan;
  •                    draw up a questionnaire;
  •                    draw up a financial report for the last few months.
  1.                 A few days after submitting the documents, the bank manager will inform you about the decision made by the credit commission.

Advantageous placement of free money

 The banks specialists have developed several deposit accounts. By investing, you can kill two birds with one stone: to provide security for money and increase finances.

  1.                 "The Velvet season". This product offers high returns up to 8.6% / year. The contract is concluded for 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. The conditions do not provide for the ability to withdraw money, but the depositor can replenish the account without restrictions. The income will be paid at the end of the contract.
  2.                 "Classical". This deposit provides for the possibility of replenishment without debit transactions. The account is opened for up to 6 years (in 1 year increments). The yield reaches 8.3% / year. Profit can be received every month (interest will be credited to a special account) or added to the total amount of the deposit.
  3.                 "Universal". This deposit allows you to receive up to 7.4% / income. A distinctive feature of this product is the ability to carry out expenditure transactions (up to the minimum balance). You can also top up your account. The deposit works for 6 and 12 months. Interest can be capitalized by being added to the total or credited to a separate account.

Whatever deposit the client chooses, he will be able to invest an amount from 3 thousand to 10 million rubles. To calculate the possible income, you should go to the official website of the Rossiya Bank ( ) and open the Deposit Calculators tab.

You do not need to go to a bank branch to make a deposit. This can be done directly on the website of the financial institution.

Payment cards

 Salary programs

Bank customers can get a plastic card for paying salaries. A payment document can be issued to individuals or an enterprise that has entered into cooperation with the Rossiya Bank within the framework of a salary project.

Participation in the salary program will be beneficial for both the managers of the enterprise and the employees. By transferring money to bank accounts, you can save on the services of collection services and cashiers. In addition, the burden on the accounting department of the organization is also reduced , since the need to prepare some documents is eliminated.

Storing and transporting cash involves certain risks, and participation in a salary project allows you to avoid these risks.

As for the employees, they can independently manage their finances: withdraw the entire salary or only part of it, pay by non-cash payments, and so on. Salary clients can take advantage of preferential interest rates on loans.

What services can cardholders use?

The owner of the payment card can connect to the SMS-informing service. Thanks to this service, the client will be able to control the state of the account, receive information about incoming and outgoing transactions, and track the movement of money. Additional documents that have been issued to the clients family members can also be connected to the service.

To use the service, the cardholder must perform several steps.

Action 1. Get the application form from the bank employees.

Action 2. Fill out an application specifying the cell number and details of the payment document to which the service will be connected.

Step 3. Submit the application to the bank employees. If the service connects to a salary card, the application should be taken to the accounting department of the company where the client works.

This is a paid service. You can find out about its cost by going to the website of the bank "Russia".

Where can I withdraw cash?

Bank Rossiya is the official partner of such payment systems:

  •                    "World";
  •                    "Universal electronic card";
  •                    "United Settlement System".

The financial institution issues payment instruments jointly with these companies.

The holder of the payment card can receive "real money" at ATMs and at the cash desks of "Russia". Remove the cash can be in ATM networks that are partners of the bank. The commission is charged in accordance with the tariffs adopted by the financial organization "Russia" (the commission is only 0.6% of the amount received). For holders of salary cards, this service is provided free of charge.

  1.                 The financial security of clients comes first. The banks specialists pay a lot of attention to developing programs that are able to resist the treacherous actions of intruders. The latest technologies are applied, clients are provided with maximum information about the status of accounts.
  2.                 EMV cards. In "Russia" you can get international EMV cards. These tools are equipped with a miniature chip that ensures payment security. The chip effectively “fights” against newfangled tricks that are often used by fraudsters (for example, skimming - with its help, attackers can obtain payment information on the card).
  3.                 Limits. Limits on the amounts are one of the measures to prevent unauthorized interference of unauthorized persons, therefore the bank sets limits on debit transactions: a fraudster will not be able to withdraw the entire amount that is stored on the card account.
  4.                 SMS-informing. Having received a message about a transaction that has not been authorized, the holder will be able to react in time and block the card.

The security system, which is equipped with plastic cards of the bank "Russia", effectively combats the actions of criminals. But even if attackers somehow manage to obtain payment information on the card, they will not be able to withdraw the entire amount. The account holder will notice in time that someone is picking up his money and will take precautions, for example, block access to the payment document. To do this, you need to call the customer support service (contact information is available on the website of the Bank "Russia").

Payment for services from ... home

 Modern technologies make our life more comfortable and save personal time. Bank Rossiya is introducing remote services that allow not only to control finances, but also to manage accounts.

One of the most popular services is the online banking system. By registering an account on the server, the client can:

  •                    make money transfers;
  •                    make up deposits;
  •                    receive information on accounts (including statements);
  •                    make payments in favor of service providers (housing and communal services, Internet, communications, etc.);
  •                    shop in virtual stores.

The system is equipped with an accessible interface, so even people who are not familiar with IT technologies can work in the Internet Bank . Wherever the user is, he will always be able to access his accounts. The service works without interruptions, weekends and holidays. Using the "Long-term transfers" service, the client will be able to set up an automatic mode for regular payments.