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The electronic payment service Z- Payment was created on the basis of the " Transactor " system - a virtual exchange office, thanks to which Internet users could exchange currency for free. The payment was developed by programmers from Irkutsk. Z- Payment has been operating since 2007. The organization specializes in providing financial services to online stores. Serves the company and private clients.
More than 700 thousand users are registered on the server. More than 18 thousand virtual organizations of various specializations are connected to the system. Over 2 thousand financial transactions pass through the platform per day.
The service makes it easier for employees of virtual retail outlets. Thanks to Z- Paymentthe process of accepting payments is automated, which means that the manager will be able to process a large number of orders in a short time. The possibility of an error is also excluded: the amount is calculated and the commission is charged by the program.

Domestic currency

To make payments between e-accounts registered in Z- payment , internal currency units are used - ZP-certificates (1 certificate is equal to 1 Russian ruble). You can buy (or sell) ZP-money in different ways:
• through virtual exchange offices;
• by transfer from a bank account or payment card;
• from accounts opened in third-party payment systems;
• at the cash desks of banks;
• in self-service terminals, etc. ZP-certificates can be exchanged for various goods or services that are not prohibited by Russian Legislation. 

Service benefits

Z- Payment is a relatively young service. But, in spite of its "young age", the payment system managed to win the trust of users and attract a large number of customers.
The system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so account holders can make payments at a convenient time for them without leaving home.
The service has several characteristics that other EPS do not have.
1. The companys services can be used by all categories of users (private and corporate clients).
2. Members of the payment system can replenish the e-wallet or withdraw funds from it in any convenient way. The system offers over 40 options.
3. The personal account is equipped with an accounting function: reports are generated automatically.
4. Each user can count on professional help from the site staff.
5. When working with clients, service specialists use an individual approach. The system participant can choose the tariff package that will be most beneficial and convenient for him. If necessary, the client can contact the support center to develop an individual tariff program.
6. Both Russian and foreign citizens can register. 7. Access to the system can be obtained outside the Russian Federation. 8. Users do not have to pay for intrasystem operations. 9. To work with a payment order, you do not need to install software on your computer: all operations are performed directly on the server. Payment system Z- Payment is a universal service offering users a wide range of services related to electronic payments. Modern technologies ensure the financial security of clients. The interface is easy to use. To make or receive payment, you do not need to have special skills and knowledge: you can understand the interface on an intuitive level. Tasks are completed quickly and without delays. The company guarantees privacy to its users. 

How to register in the Z- Payment system ?

Anyone can work with the payment service, but for this you need to register in the system. You need to go to the official website of the payment system and click on the word "Registration" (written in large letters in the upper left corner next to the company logo). A registration form will open, the fields of which must be filled in. The system will ask for the following information:
• full name;
• E-mail address;
• cell phone number;
• password (and password confirmation);
• e-wallet number of the user who invited to Z- Payment (this field is optional).
After these data are indicated, you must enter the captcha . Registration is complete!
Attention! It is necessary to ensure that the information entered is correct, as it will be impossible to correct errors.
By opening a personal account, the user gets access to the services capabilities. You can even send messages to mobile phones from your account. 1 SMS will cost only 1 ruble.

Z- Payment Certification

Immediately after registration, the user is assigned the “Anonymous” status. Such an account does not have all the options required to fully work with electronic payments. In addition, there are serious restrictions. And the tariffs, frankly, are not very favorable. By raising their status, the client opens up more opportunities for himself and will be able to take advantage of additional privileges.
The status upgrade is carried out gradually. "Anonymous" is followed by "Conditional" certificate. To move to this level, the client must provide a copy of their passport. After the document is uploaded and verified by the system, several new features will appear in your account.
The "conditional" status is not very different in its functionality from the "Anonymous" one. If a system participant is going to organize his own business and develop it, then the capabilities of this certificate will not be enough. In this case, it is necessary to expand the functionality associated with receiving payment. So, you need to go to the next level - "Temporary". To do this, you must fill out a questionnaire (located in the section "Attestation") and provide it to the administration of the service.
An account with a "Temporary" status opens the options necessary to receive payment from buyers. In addition, the user will be able to send funds to internal accounts and test the merchant . But at this level, withdrawal of funds is not possible.
To withdraw money from an e-wallet registered with Z- Payment , you need to go up one more step and get an "Initial" passport. The owners of such an account will be able to connect a merchant and withdraw finances from the system. However, there are some limitations here: not all withdrawal methods are available. There is one more point: the funds, having entered the e-wallet, are frozen for a certain period, and the user cannot use them. Only after the "blockade" period has passed, the client will be able to dispose of the money at his own discretion.
The full range of possibilities of the Z- Payment system can be used by members who have received a "Personal" passport. There are several options for moving to this level.
1. The user needs to top up the Z- Payment Wallet from the card account and provide color copies of his passport and identification code.
2. You can use "Personal" WebMoney passport .
3. The client can fund his e-account using bank transfer. You will need to provide copies of the TIN and passport.
4. To obtain a "Personal" passport, you can contact a notary office.

System tariffs

No commission is charged for operations carried out within the system. For replenishment of the wallet, a commission fee of 3% will be taken. If you fund your account via WebMoney , the commission will be only 0.8%.
The payment provides individual tariff plans for each status. Users can take advantage of special programs and bonuses, which significantly reduce the cost of transactions and provide additional privileges.

Z- Change

Z- Change works in the payment system - this is a mutual exchange service. With its help, users will be able to reduce the cost of commission fees when depositing / withdrawing funds. The principle of the service is as follows.
The user funds the e-wallet in Z- Payment . For a transaction, he will be charged 1% of the commission. The person spent a certain amount on a purchase or service. The account holder decides to transfer the money left over to another EPS. And in this case, the commission can reach 3%. As a result, only on deposits and withdrawals, the client loses about 4%.
Naturally, no one will remove the commission fee (especially since they are quite acceptable here). But each of us does not want to spend hard earned money . Z- Change will help you save money . Using the service, the user can withdraw money from his e-wallet with minimal commissions (and in some cases even free of charge). Z- Change provides more options for depositing or withdrawing money from the system. The service is available to all customers who have registered in the payment system.

Account protection

The Z- Payment system is a reliable and secure service. The developers took care of the financial security of clients by building a unique protection strategy.
1. By registering an account, the user receives a unique password. With its help, all transactions carried out through the payment service are confirmed.
2. The client can set the security parameters himself. For example, you can specify the IP addresses from which access to your personal account will be opened. Attention! This option is suitable for devices with static addresses, otherwise authentication difficulties may arise.
3. The site administration recommends that customers bind an e-mail box or cell phone to their account. This is necessary in order to identify unauthorized transactions and monitor the status of the account. The system will send notifications about expense and income transactions, as well as about an attempt to enter your personal account. The phone or e-mail will also receive messages with one-time passwords to confirm transactions.
4. The user can suspend payments for a while.
5. Clients of the payment system can use the "Personal Safe" service. It is a highly secure and confidential repository.
Third parties cannot get into the user account. However, customers should not be vigilant. Care should be taken to ensure that login details do not fall into the hands of fraudsters.

Offers for trade organizations

In addition to accepting payments, Z- Payment offers merchant site owners a number of additional services.
1. Articles and advertisements. Businessmen can post detailed information about their virtual stores in blogs, online clubs, on the pages of popular social networks, and more. This will expand the companys client base.
2. Publishing news. On the resources of the service, you can publish news about promotions, launching bonus programs, sales, updating the range, etc. The system staff will help you organize the newsletter.
3. Partnership. The Z- Payment system, together with trade organizations, implements discount programs.
4. Trading platforms. The service provides users with trading platforms. At the same time, the owner of the online store does not have to pay rent. All you have to do is post products, provide product or service descriptions, and attract buyers.
All these services are provided free of charge!

Opportunity to earn

Z- Payment service is a great opportunity to make money. You can take part in the affiliate program and get up to 25% profit. The system offers cooperation in different directions. The administration of the service is recruiting managers to work with online stores. The task of these specialists is to disseminate information about payment options among the owners of virtual outlets and attract them to cooperation. Remuneration is paid for each shopping site that was connected to the payment system.
Users who have registered an account in Z- Payment and passed the system check can become partners of the system. The service, in turn, provides an opportunity to use financial services without charging commissions, as well as materials that may be needed for work: brochures and advertising brochures.