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The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UBRIR) began its activities more than 2 decades ago. Today it is one of the largest domestic financial structures, which consists of 250 branches. It is planned that the network will grow to 550 branches. The organization has representative offices in 39 Russian regions. The central office of the company is located in Yekaterinburg.

UBRIR is a member of the Association of Banks of Russia, is a permanent member of such Stock Exchanges as MICEX and RTS.


Historical reference

The official date of foundation of the UBRIR Bank is 09/28/1990. In 1993, the Central Bank of Russia issued a license to a financial organization that permits banking activities in all directions. This period was also marked for the company by the fact that UBRIR joined the World Society of Interbank Financial Telecommunications SWIFT. In 2000, the banks management concludes an agreement on cooperation with the transnational payment systems VISA and MasterCard, and after 6 years the company receives the status of "Principal VISA participant".


About UBRIR owners

At the moment, the companys securities are distributed among 6 shareholders. Most of the shares (almost 30%) belong to I. A. Altushkin, who heads the board of directors of the organization. V.V. Pechenenko and V.V. Levin each hold 20% of the shares. Approximately equal shares (about 15%) are owned by S.V. Skubakov and I.N.Gaivaronskaya.


Areas of UBRIR activity

The financial institution ranks 28th among domestic banking structures. The company is ranked 51st in terms of its net asset, and 82nd in terms of profitability. The bank issues a huge number of payment cards (according to this indicator, the company is ranked 20). UBRIR is the first private bank in the Sverdlovsk region, which was allowed by the Central Bank to provide financial services to the population and corporate clients.

The bank participates in the state deposit insurance program and is considered one of the most reliable financial institutions, so Russians safely place their savings in deposit accounts registered with the UBRIR. The total amount of deposits is 55 and a half billion rubles.

The companys clients can also use credit products: the bank issued loans for 74 billion rubles.


Customer base

Individuals and legal entities use UBRIR services. The company has about 750 thousand civil and 50 thousand corporate accounts.


For small business

The bank works with small firms and companies representing the middle segment of the domestic business. A financial institution provides a wide range of banking services:

  •                    settlement and cash services;
  •                    merchant acquiring;
  •                    business financing;
  •                    deposit accounts;
  •                    company registration;
  •                    remote services;
  •                    salary programs;
  •                    providing bank guarantees and much more.

Help in registering a company

Registration of a company is a very troublesome process: bureaucratic delays, drawing up a pile of documents require considerable moral and time costs. A special service from the UBRIR company will help to avoid these difficulties, which novice businessmen can use completely free of charge.

The advantages of this service are as follows.

  1.                 High speed of preparation of documents. The service provides ready-made forms. The client just needs to fill in the information. It takes no more than 3-5 minutes to complete the documents. The current account is opened within 1 business day. 
  2.                 Comfort. Documents are filled out online. Sitting in a comfortable armchair, the entrepreneur applies for opening a bank account. 
  3.                 Legality. The procedure for processing documents and registering a company complies with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. 
  4.                 Accuracy. The service interface is thought out to the smallest detail: pop-up tips will help the user avoid mistakes and draw up documents correctly. 

Using the company registration service from the UBRIR bank, a young entrepreneur will receive additional bonuses:

  •                    corporate client card - a convenient tool for paying business, entertainment and travel expenses;
  •                    trade and virtual acquiring (connection of equipment that accepts payment using bank cards);
  •                    remote service systems providing access to all banking services from a stationary or mobile computer.

Settlement and cash services

Enterprises and organizations can use settlement and cash services from the URRD bank. To open a bank account, a company representative needs to come to the bank only 1 time to sign a cooperation agreement. All organizational issues related to the filing of an application and other documents are resolved online.

To apply, the client needs to go to the UBRIR portal (site ), open the section "Small business" (category "Cash and settlement services) and press the button" Open an account ". An application form will open, which should be filled out and sent to the banks employees. 

There is no fee for opening a current account. Moreover, an entrepreneur can test the service using the "Test Drive" service package. Holders of packages can draw up various types of business documents free of charge and make interbank payments without restrictions within six months.

The bank offers a variety of tariff plans. The owner of the company will be able to choose the most profitable package, which will contain the services necessary for a particular company. Lets consider several service packages.

  1.                 "Economy". This tariff is characterized by low cost of cash settlement services. Payments are credited after 6 pm. The funds are transferred the next day after the payment document was provided to the banks employees. To make a payment on the current day, you can use remote banking ("urgent payments" service). 

Accounts are managed in virtual mode. Clients do not pay for intra-system financial transactions, and the cost of interbank payments is much lower than at the banks cash desks. A businessman can receive a paper or digital account statement at any time.

  1.                 "Express". Within the framework of this tariff plan, a client can obtain an overdraft loan. Account management is carried out through online banking. An unlimited number of payment transactions can be carried out between intrabank accounts free of charge. The client can also carry out interbank transactions (30 payments) free of charge. 

Accounts are handled in real time.

  1.                 "Everyone in the house." The package of services is designed for the following categories of clients: companies that own apartment buildings, partnerships, owners of residential real estate, housing construction cooperatives, as well as enterprises that specialize in the overhaul of residential premises. 

This tariff assumes free preparation of documents for opening an account. No fee is charged for opening a bank account. There are no commission fees for interbank and intrabank transactions. The account allows you to receive income from interest: the balance is charged 3% / year.


Most stores have long since switched to accepting payments by non-cash payments using payment cards. This allows the sales organization to attract customers and increase sales. The bank provides both merchant and virtual acquiring.

To connect to the service, the owner must submit an application to the URRD company: this can be done online through the official website of the financial institution.

By connecting to acquiring from the URDB bank, a businessman receives a number of advantages.

  1.                 You can use both banking terminal equipment and terminals that are already available in the store. The financial institution installs its terminals free of charge. The store owner can independently choose the type of terminal: it can be a POS terminal or an intelligent cash register.
  2.                 Bank specialists will conduct free courses for store employees.
  3.                 Payment documents "Mir", MasterCard, Visa are suitable for payment.
  4.                 Acquiring from UBRIR Bank complies with international security standards.
  5.                 The cost of the service is 1.6% of the amount of the payment transaction, which is carried out through the terminal.


Enterprise financing

UBRIR provides support to firms and small companies. The bank provides loans, the funds from which can be used to expand production, replenish the range of goods, purchase equipment, transport or corporate real estate. Leaders can arrange both collateralized and unsecured loans.

The Business Growth product will help expand the capabilities of an enterprise, attract customers and increase turnover. When applying for a loan, the bank does not require collateral, it is enough to provide guarantors. The borrower can receive a loan from 300 thousand to 1 million rubles at a rate of 22% / year. The debt should be repaid within 1 year. The money is disbursed by a line of loans with disbursement restrictions.

The Business Privilege loan allows you to receive an amount ranging from 500 thousand to 30 million rubles. Loan funds can be used for investment purposes. Borrowers are attracted by the terms of this loan product:

  •                    reduced interest rate (from 17.9%);
  •                    long term loan agreement (up to 5 years);
  •                    a loyal system of debt repayment (the individual characteristics of a particular enterprise are taken into account).

Overdraft will help narrow the cash gap. The bank provides several products of this kind. The programs differ in terms of lending. The size of the loan ranges from 30 thousand to 20 million rubles. Interest rate - from 14.8% to 17% (some products provide a rate of 21% / year). The loan agreement is concluded for a period of 2 years.


Bank guarantee

Corporate clients can take advantage of such services as a bank guarantee. Having received a bank guarantee, the head of the company will not need to apply for a loan or withdraw money from circulation. This product from the UBRIR bank differs significantly from similar services offered by other financial structures.

  1.                 Profitable terms. UBRIR Bank provides a guarantee of up to 10 million rubles for a period of 1 year 2 months. 
  2.                 Simplicity of design. To obtain a guarantee, the client does not need to provide a deposit. 
  3.                 Speed. A special commission will consider an application for a guarantee within 1 business day. You can get a guarantee the very next day, after the commission issues its verdict. 
  4.                 Legality. The banks activities are authorized by the Central Bank of Russia and are based on the current legislation of the Russian Federation. 

Enterprises that are participants in public procurement and tenders can use the guarantee of the URDB bank (these enterprises need to confirm their financial well-being). A guarantee is also provided to suppliers (or consumers) of services / goods to cover the risk of non-compliance with the terms of the transaction.

UBRIR will provide its guarantee if the following conditions are met:

  •                    the companys annual revenue does not exceed 800 million rubles;
  •                    the cost of the contract being concluded differs from the price indicated in the notice by no more than 25%;
  •                    a fixed amount of commission boron is provided (but not less than 7 thousand rubles);
  •                    the guarantors are the owners of the enterprise.


Deposit accounts for corporate clients

Free funds that are not involved in the turnover can be deposited by the owner of the company in the accumulation accounts of the UBRIR bank. This will increase the companys budget several times.

The bank offers 3 deposits. The Bonus product is characterized by a high yield - up to 10.8% / year. The contract can be concluded for a period of 11 days. The minimum amount is 300 thousand rubles. Interest can be paid at the end of the term or every month. No deposits or withdrawals are allowed.

The "Flexible" deposit provides the depositor with complete freedom of action: debit transactions are allowed. The profit can reach 9.8% / year. The term of the agreement is 2 - 12 months.

The "Stable" deposit will bring the depositor an income of up to 10.6% / year. You can invest funds for a period from 3 days to one and a half years. Replenishment and expenditure of funds are not provided. Interest income can be received every month or at the end of the contract.