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Sberbank is the oldest bank in Russia. It was founded in 1841 (in those days it was called savings banks). More than 70% of our countrys residents use its services. The geographical expansion has spread throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation: a branch of the company operates in each region (a total of 17,493 branches). The organizations offices operate in other countries as well.
Today Sberbank is a universal banking structure providing its clients with the widest range of financial services. The newest technologies and IT-developments, modern services and comfortable conditions for conducting banking operations distinguish Sberbank from the Savings Banks of the 19th and 20th centuries.

What attracts customers?

Sberbank can rightfully be called the economic artery of Russia: the company accounts for one third of the domestic banking business. Its assets account for about 29% of the countrys total banking assets. The clients of a financial institution are enterprises that represent various sectors of the domestic economy. Almost half of Russian citizens entrusted their savings to the company at high interest rates. The bank is a member of the state deposit insurance program. 
Sberbanks clients are attracted not only by the opportunity to receive a stable income from invested funds, but also by acceptable lending conditions (flexible debt repayment schedules, low interest rates, the possibility of refinancing loans, etc.). Credit products were used by about 39% of citizens and 32% of corporate clients. Loans are issued according to the “Credit Factory” principle. This technology can significantly reduce credit risks and ensure high quality lending products.
Sberbanks client base consists of 110 million Russian and 11 million foreign citizens, as well as 1 million corporate clients (it should be noted that only 4.5 million enterprises are registered in the Russian Federation).

What does the company offer?
• All types of lending;
• deposit products;
• payment cards;
• insurance;
• bank transfers;
• various types of payments;
• brokerage services, etc.
Modern services have made it possible to raise customer service to a qualitatively new level:
• Sberbank Online (more than 13 million customers use the service);
• applications for tablets and smartphones (1 million users got access to the service);
• SMS-informing service (connected to 17 million subscribers);
• ATMs and payment terminals (bank employees installed almost 87 thousand devices).

Work in the international banking market

Sberbank is an international financial institution. The companys offices operate in almost all neighboring countries, as well as in some European countries.
The bank has offices in India, China, Germany, Switzerland and others.
The company occupies the 33rd position in the international rating "TOP-1000". According to the financial publication Global Finance , Sberbank Online is the best virtual bank operating in Eastern and Central Europe.

Bank ... on the couch

Sberbank Online allows you to conduct financial transactions without reference to a specific place (bank branch) and time (the service works around the clock without breaks and weekends). By registering a personal account on the server, the user can:
• pay for the services of utilities;
• top up your mobile phone balance;
• carry out any type of money transfer (intrasystem, interbank, international);
• send funds to accounts opened in electronic payment systems;
• to carry out operations on loans (registration, repayment of debts, viewing the schedule of payments and the balance);
• open or close a deposit;
• get information on banking products;
• view the history of transactions and get a statement, etc.
In the personal account, the user can create regular payment templates or set up an automatic payment mode. This option allows you to pay credit debts on time, pay utility bills, telephony, and more.
To become a user of Sberbank Online, you need to issue a payment card and activate the Mobile Banking service. Then you should go to the website and fill out the standard registration form. You can also register your personal account in the system through payment terminals or ATMs.
By installing a mobile application on his smartphone, the user gets access to the following services.
1. Analysis of finance. This service allows you to track the movement of funds and analyze expenses. The client can compare his profit with waste.
2. Regular payments. More than 60 thousand organizations can pay for services through the mobile bank service. Making payments from a mobile phone is not only convenient, but also profitable: the commission fee is much lower than in bank branches. Payment transaction templates will facilitate the process of transferring funds.
3. Instant bank transfers. Mobile banking users can transfer funds to accounts opened with Sberbank using a cell phone number or bank card. Interbank transfers to cards of international payment systems VISA and MasterCard are also possible .
Thanks to the SMS-informing service, the client receives information about income and expense transactions and account balance. Each financial transaction is also accompanied by messages that arrive at the users mobile phone.


Money transfers

Domestic transfers

Sberbank customers can send money to friends or partners living in different regions of the Russian Federation. The operation is carried out both in cash and non-cash. Finances are credited to a card or bank account. With a regular transfer, the money will be credited to the recipients account within 24-48 hours. Urgent transfers are also possible, in which the subscriber will receive his money within 10 minutes after they were sent.
For non-cash transactions, you can use both domestic and foreign currency. Funds are transferred to the card or current account. The subscriber can also withdraw money in cash.
Sberbank customers can make:
• intra-bank transfers (from one card to another, from card to current account, from account to bank card);
• interbank (to cards or accounts issued in third-party banks).

Foreign money transfers

International money transfers are also possible at Sberbank. There is no need to open an account with the bank. The Kolibri transfer system allows you to send funds to neighboring countries. Within 60 minutes, the money will be credited to the subscribers account.
The MoneyGram ® system allows you to transfer finances to citizens of 190 countries. The entire procedure from sending to receiving money takes no more than 10 minutes.
Sberbank clients can receive transfers in foreign currency from residents of other countries.
The procedure for transferring funds can be carried out both in a bank branch and in virtual mode.

Small Business Offers

Sberbank supports small businesses. For enterprises in this segment of the domestic economy, the companys employees have developed special offers that contribute to the development of small enterprises.
Heads of firms can:
• open a current account;
• issue a corporate card;
• insure your business:
• get a loan at favorable interest rates;
• use accounting services, etc.

Corporate client card

A corporate card provides its holder with special benefits. There is no charge for document maintenance during the first 12 months. By paying for purchases with a card, the client automatically participates in the drawing of 50 thousand rubles. There is no commission for payment for goods and services.
You can apply for a corporate client card at a bank branch or in your Sberbank Business Online account. In a few days, the document will be available at the companys branch. The cardholder can independently adjust the limits of debit transactions.

Accounting services

Sberbank employees have developed special services that allow you to keep accounting records.
1. Online accounting. This service allows you to automatically calculate employee salaries and taxes. With its help, heads of enterprises can prepare and submit financial statements, as well as check with the Federal Tax Service for reports or debts. Users also receive advice related to taxation (included in the cost of the service). Even people who do not have an accounting education can work with the service.
2. Services of an experienced accountant. The companys management can entrust accounting advice to a Sberbank specialist. His responsibilities include accounting, timely reporting. An accountant will help you choose a favorable taxation system and determine the structure of the enterprise.
3. IT technologies. Firms with their own accountants can use the tool "1C: Accounting 8.0", which is integrated with the online banking service. You can purchase a license in virtual mode.
4. Complex of services. Enterprises can arrange a comprehensive service package, which implies full business support (services of a lawyer, accountant and business assistant, as well as low cost of settlement and cash services).

Small business lending

For small businesses, Sberbank has prepared favorable credit terms. To obtain a loan, the management of the company must provide collateral (real estate or equipment). The loan is issued for a period of six months to 3 years at an interest rate of 16-23%. The borrower can receive from 300 thousand to 5 million rubles.

For private clients

Russian citizens can take advantage of a wide range of services from Sberbank: lending, deposits, bank cards, operations with securities and investments, rent of safes, etc.


1. Consumer loans allow you to get a loan of up to 3 million rubles at interest rates of 14.9%. The debt can be repaid within 5 years. If you issue an aimless loan secured by real estate, the loan term will last up to 20 years. For military personnel, the bank offers preferential lending terms (reduced interest rates, flexible debt repayment schedule, long loan term).
2. A loan to pay for education is issued for up to 10 years at the lowest interest rate - 7.7% per annum.
3. Mortgage lending will help to acquire your own real estate. The interest rate will be from 11.9%. The loan agreement can be drawn up for a period of 15 to 30 years.
4. Credit cards are one of the most popular types of loans. For their registration, a minimum package of documents is required. The benefits of payment documents from Sberbank are obvious: within 50 days from the moment of the first debit transaction, no interest is calculated. Some products allow you to accumulate bonuses that can be redeemed for plane tickets. There are also cards that allow you to purchase goods at a good discount. But payment documents from the "Give Life" series deserve special attention: when paying for purchases, the client transfers 0.3% of their value to a charitable foundation. Funds from donations are transferred to the treatment of seriously ill children. 


By opening a deposit, clients receive a stable income from interest. The account can be issued both in domestic and foreign currencies. Interest rates are up to 6.91% in rubles and depend on the type of deposit and the duration of the agreement.