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The Russian Agricultural Bank began its activity at the very beginning of the new millennium (2000). This is one of the most powerful financial organizations operating in our country. RSHB is a universal bank. He specializes in providing the population with services related to making payments, money transfers, issuing loans, currency exchange.
Representatives of all sectors of the domestic economy cooperate with the bank, but the backbone of the client base is made up of agro-industrial enterprises. The bank serves various categories of customers: individuals and legal entities.
The owner of the full package of securities of a financial institution is the Russian state (in particular, the Federal Agency for State Property Management).

Lending terms

Rosselkhozbank provides private clients with various types of loans. Here you can apply for:
• loans for consumer needs;
• a loan for the purchase of a vehicle;
• mortgage;
• loans for the development of their own economy;
• a loan for the organization of a garden plot.
The bank provides credit programs for certain categories of clients. For example, older people can get a loan on preferential terms.

Customer credit

The bank offers consumer loans with and without collateral.
Unsecured loans do not require customers to provide collateral or guarantors. Loans are issued at a 15.5% rate. A secured loan involves reduced rates (from 14%), but in this case, you must provide collateral.
Consumer loans are issued for 1 year. The client pays only interest: no additional fees are required. The borrower can repay the loan at any time without incurring penalties. Moreover, the client can decide for himself what scheme he will pay off the debt: pay by annuity payments or differentiated. You can spend the funds received at your discretion. To increase the loan amount, the client can invite co-borrowers.

Offer for seniors

People who have reached retirement age can receive loans on preferential terms - at 15% / year. The loan amount can exceed 200 thousand rubles. The debt should be repaid within a year.

Buying a home with a mortgage

Taking advantage of the terms of mortgage lending from Rosselkhozbank, Russian citizens can purchase real estate in the primary or secondary market: an apartment, a country house with a land plot. You can buy housing in the city or outside of it. The rates range from 11.3% to 13.4%. Interest will depend on the type of property being purchased, the amount of the loan, and the term of the loan.

Loans for the development of own economy

For those who dream of acquiring a private farm, organizing a small cattle farm or planting an orchard, the Rosselkhozbank has prepared a special offer. Several projects have been developed, each of them has its own conditions:
• unsecured loans imply lending at rates of 19% / year, while the borrower will not need to invite guarantors or pledge property;
• loans with state subsidies offer the lowest interest - only 14.9%;
• refinancing of loans at 17% per annum.

Loans for the purchase of vehicles

Using the services of the bank, you can buy a car of any brand of a domestic or foreign manufacturer.
When buying a new car, the borrower will pay 15.5% / year. Loans for the purchase of used cars are issued at a rate of 15.5%. Clients can take advantage of government subsidies and get a loan at 8.8% / year. But in this case, certain requirements must be met. This type of car loan involves the purchase of vehicles of domestic brands, which cost no more than 1 million 150 thousand rubles. The machines must be manufactured in the period 2015-2016. Car weight should not exceed 3.5 tons. The borrower can receive up to 920 thousand rubles. 


Where to invest money?

RSHB invites Russian citizens not only to securely save their hard-earned money, but also to increase their funds. To do this, you should use one of the products in the "Deposits" section.
1. "Gold" deposits. This product assumes the maximum income - up to 7% in local currency. A plastic card "Amur Tiger" is issued in the name of the depositor. The payment instrument is issued and serviced free of charge. Profit is credited to the balance of money held in the account. The deposit is made out in American, European and Russian currency units.
2. "Save up for a dream!" This product is an ideal solution for people who are going to purchase a vehicle. The deposit is made out in national and foreign currency. By investing money (from 3 thousand rubles), the client can increase his savings by 7.4% / year. The agreement is concluded for 2 years, but the depositor can close the account at any time. Clients who have opened a deposit with an amount of over 50 thousand rubles receive a payment card free of charge.
3. Deposit "Pension". This product is designed for retirees. You must deposit at least 500 rubles into the account. The highest limit is 10 million rubles. The profit can be up to 7% / year. Income is accrued every month and capitalized, added to the total. The client can replenish his account or withdraw funds while maintaining the minimum balance (500 rubles).

Rosselkhozbank cards

A financial institution provides its customers with a wide range of payment cards. Here you can learn a credit card or a debit document.
1. The "Masters Card" from the "Rosselkhozbank" company provides its owner with a 1% discount on goods purchased from the banks partners. By paying with a card for the services of a gas station, a person returns 5% of the amount spent. The money is credited as bonuses to a special account. The cardholder can dispose of bonus points at his own discretion.
2. Having issued a "Classic" payment instrument, you can become a financially independent person and get access to all types of banking services. For 55 days, the cardholder can use credit funds without interest. If the loan is not repaid after this period, 23.9% / year will have to be paid. The account contains 250 thousand rubles. A year of service will cost the user 700 rubles.
3. Clients with high social status can get a "Gold" credit card. These are cards of the international format MasterCard , VISA. You can pay with them anywhere in the world. A decent amount of money is kept on the account - 600 thousand rubles. The loan is issued at an interest rate of 22.9%. For a year of service, you will have to pay 2 thousand rubles. 4. Owners of "Premium" payment instruments can also use special privileges. They are provided with credit funds in the amount of 1 million rubles at a rate of 21.9% / year. The card is accepted by organizations operating around the world. Maintenance of a card account will cost 4 thousand rubles a year. 5. A full range of financial services can be obtained by issuing an "Instant" credit card. The cardholder receives at his full disposal 250 thousand rubles, which can be used free of charge within 55 days from the moment of the first debit transaction. The service will cost only 300 rubles / year. 6. With the Rosselkhozbank-Rosneft card, you can receive discounts on goods and services of TNK and Rosneft companies. The discount is credited in the form of points to the bonus account. Having collected the required number of points, the user can exchange them for various types of goods. Having made the first payment transaction for 1 thousand rubles, the client will receive 300 bonuses. The loan amount can reach 1 million rubles. No interest is charged for the use of credit funds within 90 days after the execution of the payment document. At the end of this period, the rate will be 23.9% / year. 7. "Travel Card" is the perfect solution for travel lovers. When paying with a card in shops and social organizations, the client receives points to the bonus account. For bonuses, you can buy tickets for various types of transport (planes, trains, buses). Using points, you can book a hotel room. Having issued a payment document, the client gets access to credit funds in the amount of 1 million rubles. 8. Debit payment document "Amur Tiger" can be used to pay and withdraw cash around the world. The card participates in the loyalty program and provides its owners with good discounts. Holders of payment documents can take part in a charity event aimed at saving rare animals - Amur tigers. The account can be opened in rubles, US dollars and European money. 


Remote service

Rosselkhozbank clients can use online banking services. Connection to the service is free. The virtual bank works without breaks and days off, so users can pay for a purchase or transfer money to a partner at any time convenient for them.
The personal account is equipped with all the options you need to effectively manage your accounts. One of them is creating templates. This feature allows you to quickly make payments and eliminate the possibility of errors. The template is created once: the account owner specifies the payment details. Next time, when the time comes to pay for the service, the user should simply find the required template, change the amount (if necessary) and press the “pay” button.
In the personal profile, the client can:
• view the transaction log;
• learn about the balance of all your accounts;
• receive information about changes in the foreign exchange market;
• view information related to loans: the amount owed, the schedule of payments, and also make payments on loans;
• work with deposits (open, replenish, withdraw money and close accounts);
• customize the operation of payment cards, setting limits on amounts or territory of use of the card.
From a personal account, a system participant can contact the bank administration or technical support.

Cooperation with corporate clients

Loans for businesses

Rosselkhozbank is actively working with representatives of the small and medium segment of the domestic business. Companies and organizations can apply for a loan and use the funds received for business development.
The bank provides loans for the purchase of commercial real estate (offices, sales rooms, warehouses, etc.). You can also get a loan to strengthen the production capacity of the enterprise. Some types of loans are intended to finance seasonal work (harvesting, planting, etc.). The Bank helps to develop peasant and private farms. By applying for a loan, farmers will be able to purchase seeds of planting crops, fuel and spare parts for agricultural machinery, young poultry and animals, and much more. 

Settlement and cash services

"Rosselkhozbank" offers corporate clients settlement and cash services. You can fill out an application online on the official website of the financial organization
The heads of the enterprises sign an agreement with the bank to open a bank account, to which payments for goods and services provided by this company will be transferred. Within the framework of cash settlement, financial transactions are processed at each stage of the transaction. 

Custody services

Companies and organizations can place free funds in deposit accounts. This will reliably save money and even make a profit. The bank provides a wide range of deposit products. Clients can invest in Russian and foreign banknotes. The contract can be concluded for a period from 1 month to 2 years. Some products provide for debit transactions, that is, the depositor can replenish the account and withdraw funds from it.