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RBK Money

The RBK Money online platform stands out against the background of many electronic payment systems. The service specializes in providing users with services related to virtual payments. Clients of the payment system speak of it as a reliable and comfortable service.

The organization began its activity in 2002. At that time the EPS was called Rupey. After 6 years, Rupey merged with the RBC holding. A new financial enterprise, RBK Money, was formed. The organizations activities are sanctioned by permits issued by the Russian Bank.

By registering an account in the system, you can perform all types of financial transactions:

  •                    money transfers to current accounts of any banks;
  •                    sending funds to cards of payment services "Mir", MasterCard, VISA;
  •                    electronic and mobile payments;
  •                    payment for services through self-service terminals;
  •                    money transfers at land-based payment acceptance points.

From e-wallets registered in RBK Money, you can pay for goods purchased in virtual retail outlets, pay for utility services and telecom operators, withdraw finances to payment cards issued in various banks.

The service guarantees its customers protection from the payment cancellation procedure. The payment service employees have developed a reliable security system that can prevent fraudulent actions.

To date, more than 6 million accounts have been registered in the system. Payment acceptance points function throughout our country (over 260 thousand). The company has partnerships with more than 40 thousand trade organizations operating on the World Wide Web.

The payment does not have its own cryptocurrency. All transactions are carried out in Russian rubles.


For virtual stores

RBK Money payment system is an ideal solution for doing business. The companys services are used by the owners of online stores. In addition to standard payment procedures, users connect an acquiring service that allows them to receive payments from MasterCard, VISA and Mir bank cards.

By connecting to the acquiring service, users receive the following benefits:

  •                    affordable transaction cost (from 2.5%);
  •                    convenient integration;
  •                    instant withdrawal of funds from the e-wallet to current accounts opened with banks;
  •                    the opportunity to get expert advice (customer support is available 24 hours a day).

Security guarantee

  The server administration guarantees its customers complete security of payments. Transactions carried out through the payment system are non-refundable. This ties the hands of scammers who call back operations after the delivery of the goods.

The system employs a multi-stage verification of payments, due to which the risk of fraudulent transactions is minimized.

The RBK Money security system complies with the standards accepted in the international financial community.

Convenient payments

Payment customers can use all existing types of payments.

  1.                 Acceptance of payments from bank cards.
  2.                 Payment of bills, replenishment of the balance of the e-wallet through the State Postal Service (no fee is charged for carrying out payment transactions).
  3.                 Payment of bills or replenishment of the balance by bank transfer from any financial organization operating in the Russian Federation (the cost of the service is determined by the bank).
  4.                 Payments can also be made in communication stores: "MobileElement", "Svyaznoy" and others (money is credited to the account within 1-2 seconds, the commission is not charged).
  5.                 Payment can also be made through self-service terminals (commission is 0%).
  6.                 Using the services of money transfer systems, you can also transfer funds to your RBK Money account. Payment acceptance points operate in almost all localities of our country. The client does not have to pay a commission.
  7.                 You dont need to leave your home to top up your e-wallet balance. Just go to the personal account of the online banking of the financial institution where you opened a card or current account and send money to RBK Money.
  8.                 You can also pay for purchases from an e-wallet issued in this payment system.

For regular customers

 Payment service employees have developed a loyalty program. A surprise awaits each project participant. Moreover, this is not just a trinket or an unnecessary thing that will gather dust in the pantry. The system monitors purchases. This allows you to choose a gift that suits the needs, tastes and preferences of each client. By connecting his store to the RBK Money loyalty program, the store owner will be able to attract customers.

Partnership programs

The trade organization can conclude a cooperation agreement with the administration of the payment, as a result of which the service undertakes to disseminate information about the online store among its customers, and the trade company accepts payments from buyers, provides discounts or bonuses through an e-wallet registered in this EPS.


For multi-channel stores

The RBK Money system offers multichannel shops to use the RBK Card, which is an analogue of very expensive mini-terminals. Thanks to this card, store owners can conduct financial transactions without reference to place and time.

Advantages of RBK Card:

  •                    the card reader is issued free of charge;
  •                    you dont need to pay anything for installing software on your computer;
  •                    money is withdrawn from the e-account instantly;
  •                    the client can contact the support service at any time of the day or night;
  •                    account maintenance is free;
  •                    there are no limits on the amounts.


RBK Money and land shops

Offline retail outlets also use the service. Based on customer feedback, store profits increased to 30%. Enterprises offer their customers to pay by non-cash payments. Payment is accepted from bank cards to e-wallet in RBK Money.

Cards are becoming more and more popular. It is more convenient for buyers to carry out non-cash payments: they do not need to carry large amounts with them, they can pay with a credit card. But not all organizations accept cards. And stores that implemented this method of settlement were able to attract more customers and increase sales.


E-wallets in RBK Money

By registering an electronic wallet with RBK Money, the user will be able to pay for goods and services while sitting on his own couch. Now, in order to receive a full range of financial services, you do not need to go to a bank branch and stand in long lines. It is enough to turn on the computer and go to your personal account on the website You can make payments in any convenient way. If you have any questions about the service, you can contact customer support.

Making a payment from an e-wallet is not only convenient, but also profitable: in most cases there is no commission fee.

  1.                 When buying goods in virtual stores, the client pays only for the purchased item: this type of payments does not provide any additional fees and commissions.
  2.                 You can replenish the balance of an electronic wallet in any convenient way (there are about 30 of them). More than 250 thousand payment acceptance points are in operation, which are scattered throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.
  3.                 When withdrawing funds to a bank account or payment card, the client does not pay a commission.
  4.                 It is very easy to register in the system. Even a user who does not have a lot of experience with EPS can cope with this procedure. You dont need to pay anything to register an account.

Financial transaction limits

In the terms of the service, the limits for carrying out payment transactions are stipulated. For example, within 24 hours, a user can top up his e-account for up to 300 thousand rubles. For a month, the top-up amount should not exceed 1 million rubles. No more than 30 thousand rubles / day can be transferred from a card account to an e-wallet.

Up to 600 thousand rubles / month can be withdrawn from the system. For accounts opened by private clients, a turnover of up to 10 million rubles a day and up to 500 million rubles a month is provided. The limits are set in accordance with the current Russian Legislation.

These restrictions do not apply to charities and faith-based organizations.

How to become a member of RBK Money system ?  

To take advantage of all the features of the service, a person must register. This simple procedure will take very little time.

  1.                 You need to open the companys website and first press the "Register" button, and then "Create a wallet".
  2.                 Fill in the fields of the registration application.
  3.                 Activate your account (to activate, you must follow the link that will come to your e-mail along with a message about the success of registration).

The registration form should indicate such data as:

  •                    login and strong password;
  •                    FULL NAME.;
  •                    day, month and year of birth.

In addition to the login password, you should also choose a code that will be used to confirm transactions. At one of the registration stages, the system will ask you to select a secret question and give an answer to it. This is useful for password recovery.

The user can open only 1 e-account.

Data identification

The site administration recommends to go through the identification procedure. This is necessary in order for the client to be able to use all the possibilities of the RBK Money electronic wallet. Identification implies verification of the identity of the e-account holder. In turn, the leaders of the payment system guarantee that the information received will not be disclosed under any circumstances.

Thanks to identification, it will be possible to identify unreliable clients and swindlers. This will ensure financial security for all users of the service.

The capabilities of confidential e-wallets are very limited. The site administration can at any second demand documents (for example, a civil passport) from users who have not been identified. At this point, the client will not be able to withdraw funds, pay for purchases and make money transfers. In addition, strict restrictions are set for all types of expenditure transactions (in accordance with the laws of our country).

To go through the identification procedure, the client needs to provide the service workers with a package of documents, which includes an application for the procedure and a copy of the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. The application form can be downloaded from the companys website. The application must be certified by a Russian notary office. You can send documents by regular postal service or using the "Contact" money transfer system.


Applications for mobile devices

The payment service employees tried to create the most comfortable conditions for their clients. Programs for portable devices (tablets and smartphones) were developed, using which you can instantly pay for services or purchases, send funds to relatives or partners.

The user can link to his wallet all the bank cards that he has. You can choose any of them for payment. By reviewing the transaction history, the account holder will be able to track the movement of funds and learn about the state of the card account.


RBK Money cards

The system issues its own payment cards. Having received this tool, the user will be able to withdraw funds or replenish the e-wallet for free. For other payments, a commission fee is provided, but it is an order of magnitude lower than in the case of using cards issued by third-party financial organizations.


Charity work

RBK Money employees do not stay away from other peoples grief. The company launched the Do Good project, the purpose of which is to provide financial assistance to people who need it. Payment cooperates with a huge number of charitable foundations, including "Mercy", "Live", "Russian Birch", "Adeli".

Clients of the service can also make their contribution. By clicking just a couple of times, you can save someones life ... The money is sent to the accounts of childrens medical institutions, to provide targeted assistance to orphans, people with disabilities, seriously ill children.