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The PayAnyWay service was developed by the creators of the domestic EPS "Moneta.Ru" in order to expand the possibilities of Internet users in the field of electronic payments. PayAnyWay is the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes and for individuals. Through the system, you can make large and small payments using any type of currency.
To carry out financial transactions, payment system users can use payment cards. Payments can be carried out in other ways:
• from elephants of cellular communication;
• from a current account with a bank;
• from the mobile phone balance;
• from an e-wallet registered in a third-party EPS;
• using a virtual bank;
• by money transfer through the cash desks of the State Post of Russia and so on.
The system offers over 20 payment methods. Payments can be made both within the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad: the service operates in 178 countries.

Registration of a trading site in the PayAnyWay system

PayAnyWay is very popular among online store owners. Comfortable terms of cooperation, favorable rates and ease of use attract customers.
To connect a virtual store to the system, you must follow the instructions. Pop-up tips will help you understand the sequence of actions.
1. Go to the official website of the payment service and press the button "Connect the store".
2. We fill in the opened form. The owner of the outlet will be required to enter the following data: the name of the company, the address of the trading site, e-mail address, identification number and promotional code. Next to the columns "I accept the rules and conditions" and "I accept the terms of the contract" must be ticked (the rules and the cooperation agreement will be available in the user account after registration). We press the button "Next".
3. A notification will be sent to the e-mail box, the body of which will contain the activation code and the link to confirm the account. Follow the link and enter the code received in the e-mail into the field that appears. Press the button "Activate".
4. A yellow Finish button appears on the monitor. We click on it and we can start working.
The message that came to the e-mail box when creating an account will contain very important information - a password for entering your personal account. He needs to be remembered and kept in strict secrecy. The password is entered every time you log in. An e-address is used as a login.
Account settings
In order to effectively use all the possibilities offered by the PayAnyWay payment system, you should configure the work of your personal account and connect all the necessary functions. And first of all, it is required to provide as much information as possible about the trade organization.
To do this, open the "My Account" tab, go to the "Personal Information" category and provide the data required by the system. For some time, the service staff will check the correctness of the data and the compliance of the virtual store with the payment requirements. You will receive the verification results in an e-mail.
After the company decides in favor of your shopping site, some functions will be enabled in the account, in particular, several methods of accepting payments.
Then you need to connect the account to which the buyers will send the payment. Dont forget to include the name of the service. Click "Save".

Why partner with PayAnyWay?

Some people say: “Why is it necessary to link the store to the payment system? After all, a client can pay for a purchase through a bank, terminal or through online banking ... ”Lets look at an example.
You issue an electronic invoice to the client or send details to a mobile phone. The buyer goes to the bank to pay for the purchase. Already on the way, he may change his mind, and unforeseen circumstances may interfere. But he still came to the department of a financial organization, and there is a long queue. The client may be tempted to give up and leave. The likelihood that the buyer will pay is reduced.
The payment procedure through online banking is also fraught with some difficulties: the buyer needs to enter the details of the trade organization, he makes mistakes, gets nervous. The result - the client changed his mind about purchasing the product.
With PayAnyWay, everything is much easier. The buyer orders the product. The seller sends a link to the e-mail address of the client, who, following the link, makes the payment. He is required to enter only his own payment details (bank card number). You do not need to indicate the amount, recipient details, the purpose of the transaction, etc. The next day the funds will be credited to the account of the virtual store.
Any employee of the shopping site who has access to an account in PayAnyWay can issue an invoice. Store managers can view a log of invoices that have been issued to customers and receive information on payments.
Payment can be made in two ways:
1. by introducing the PayAnyWay system interface to the merchant website;
2. by placing a link that redirects users directly to the EPS of PayAnyWay.
The first method involves limiting the options for making payments: the administration of the virtual store can itself determine the payment options that will be most convenient and profitable for it.
The second method opens up more opportunities for the buyer: he can pay for the purchase as he wants (on the page where his link will lead, all possible payment options will be indicated).
The owner of the online store can test the payment system and use the demo version. You do not need to go through the registration procedure for this.

Account protection

The developers of PayAnyWay have equipped the service with a reliable security system: payment and personal data of users are encrypted and transmitted in the form of codes over secure channels.
The account owner can set additional protection. To do this, you need to install a special application on your computer that generates one-time passwords. Passwords are used to enter your personal account. Thus, authentication takes place in two stages:
• using a login and password;
• using a one-time password.

Opportunities that PayAnyWay provides to its users

PayAnyWay provides ample opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Without leaving home, the client can pay for services, transfer money to friends and partners, make other types of payments. Making payments using a plastic or electronic card To carry out financial transactions, you can use payment documents VISA and MasterCard. To make a payment, you need to perform several steps. Action 1. From the presented list of payment options, select "Bank Cards". The system will require you to specify the details of the payment document (number, period of work, and 4 or 3-digit code, which is located on the back of the plastic - CVV2 or CVC2). You must also provide an e-mail or cell phone number: here you will receive a message about the success of the financial transaction. After specifying all the data, you should click the "Pay" button. Step 2. The payer is automatically redirected to the website of the organization that issued the card. Here you will need to confirm the payment. To do this, press the button "Get a one-time password" and enter the received code in a special field. The transaction is completed by clicking on the "Confirm payment" button. 

Payment through electronic payment systems

PayAnyWay work is synchronized with popular EPS, so service users can pay bills from e-wallets registered in Yandex.Money , QIWI , WebMoney , Moneta.Ru payment systems and others. The procedure for conducting a financial transaction in different EPS is slightly different. We will consider the payment algorithm using the example of the WebMoney service. 1. Go to your personal account in PayAnyWay and find the category "Electronic money". Select WebMoney from the proposed list and specify the e-wallet that will be used for payment. 2. We indicate the cell phone number or e-mail address (they will receive a message that will contain information on the payment transaction: amount, account balance, etc.). Press the button "Continue". 3. A form will appear on the screen to fill out. The system will require a username and password to access the WebMoney EPS account. You will also need to enter a captcha. Press the "Next" button and redirect directly to WebMoney. 4. Here you will need to confirm the payment. You can choose, for example, a one-time password that will be sent to your mobile phone in an SMS notification. Enter the code and click "Confirm payment". Payment completed successfully!  

Payments via online banking

Using the service, PayAnyWay users can also make payments through the systems of virtual banks of such financial institutions as Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Promsvyazbank, Russian Standard and others. Lets consider the payment procedure through the systems of virtual platforms using the example of Sberbank.
1. Go to your PayAnyWay account, open the "Banking Systems" category and select "Sberbank Online". We indicate contact information (e-address and phone number) and press the "Continue" button. 2. Fill in the "Account number" column and click the "Pay" button. 3. Go to your Sberbank online banking account. An authorization form opens in front of us. We indicate the password and username and get into the personal account of "Sberbank OnL @ yn". 4. Select the category "Replenishment of the e-wallet" Moneta.Ru "(located in the" Payments and transfers "tab) and indicate the necessary details: • card account number; • number of the beneficiarys personal account. Press the button "Continue". 5. We check the accuracy of the information provided and indicate the amount of payment. We continue the operation by clicking on the corresponding key. 6. Choose a confirmation method and confirm the payment. Transaction completed! 


PayAnyWay payment service tariffs

It is very profitable to make payments through PayAnyWay (this is evidenced by customer reviews of the payment system). For example, when paying for a purchase using a bank card, a system participant will pay a commission fee within 1.8%. Payment methods such as online banking, mobile phone stores and EPS will cost a little more - from 2.5% to 2.9%. The cheapest payment method is self-service terminals - in this case, the payer will pay only 1% of the transaction amount.
Merchants pay only for accepting payments from customers through the PayAnyWay service: the buyer transferred money to the merchants account - the store owner paid a commission. There are no additional fees or hidden charges. Merchant sites connect to PayAnyWay for free. There is no monthly fee for maintaining the account.

Its easy to manage your finances

The PayAnyWay virtual account is equipped with all the options necessary for effective money management. The store owner can issue an invoice to the customer. The seller can choose the methods of payment himself and provide the choice to the client.
There are times when the buyer has already paid for the order, but the goods were not available. The "Refund" option will help to resolve the situation. The money will be returned to the account from which it was debited. In this case, the refund amount may be less than the payment (for example, the client abandoned the purchase and must pay a forfeit).
If the company supplies services that require regular payment, then you can use the recurring payment function. The provider sets the amount and date of debiting: the money will be withdrawn from the clients account on a strictly appointed day and credited to the account of the organization supplying the services. Attention! Customers consent for automatic payments is required.
For regular customers, you can turn on the recarring mode. The system will remember the users payment details. This is very convenient, since you do not have to re-enter the details, paying for the purchase again. Payment and personal information is encoded and stored in this form on the server.
Sellers can use the "hold" option and prevent fraudulent activities. The amount that the buyer has to pay for the product is blocked. Now, having sent the parcel, the seller may not worry that the client will act incorrectly.