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Uniastrum Bank

" Uniastrum Bank" - is a commercial financial institution. The company has been operating in the domestic banking market for over 20 years (it was founded in 1994). The main direction of the banks work is servicing enterprises that represent the small and medium segment of Russian business. The client base of the organization consists of 18 thousand corporate clients.

" Uniastrum Bank" is a large banking structure consisting of hundreds of branches and offices operating in 60 settlements of our country.

During the entire period of its existence, the company has been developing steadily. However, the economic events that have engulfed the country in recent years have negatively affected this organization. For example, in 2015 the bank incurred losses of 4 and a half billion rubles. 2016 was more productive for the company: this year Uniastrum Bank made a profit of 0.8 billion rubles.

The authorized capital of the company is 13 billion rubles. Corporate clients received loans from the bank for 36 and a half billion rubles.

A financial institution provides all types of corporate services:

  •                    deposit accounts;
  •                    lending programs;
  •                    salary project;
  •                    RKO.

" Uniastrum Bank" works with ordinary citizens. For them, the companys specialists have developed a wide range of products:

  •                    savings accounts;
  •                    loans;
  •                    plastic cards;
  •                    Money transfers;
  •                    payment transactions;
  •                    remote systems;
  •                    additional services (for example, a personal lawyer).


Enterprise financing

Small business owners can apply for a loan from Uniastrum Bank and use the funds received to expand the company and increase production capacity. The bank provides a wide range of loan products. For each line of business, special projects have been developed: loans for beauty salons, for restaurants, trade enterprises, dental clinics, and more. Business specifics were taken into account when developing the programs.

Business expansion loan

This program is universal. Loan funds can be spent on :

  •                    increasing working capital;
  •                    refinancing of loans received from third-party financial institutions;
  •                    expansion of the enterprise;
  •                    increase in production capacity;
  •                    replenishment of the assortment of goods;
  •                    repair work;
  •                    purchase of raw materials, etc.

The loan can be issued in domestic or foreign currency. The loan amount can reach 200 million rubles. The financing period is 8 years.

Contract performance loan

This loan will allow you to fulfill the obligations assumed as a result of the transaction. Thanks to the loan, the client does not need to withdraw money from circulation or transfer rights to property as collateral.

The loan is issued in rubles. The client can count on an amount from 500 thousand to 50 million rubles. The loan agreement is concluded for up to 3 years.

Loans for enterprises operating in various directions

  1.                 Retail trade . Enterprises that specialize in retail trade can apply for a loan at Uniastrum Bank on favorable terms.

The loan application is considered within a few days. The borrowers activities are analyzed according to a simplified scheme. To obtain a loan, the owner of the company must provide a minimum set of documents.

By taking part in this credit program, the borrower can receive up to 20 million rubles at 14.4% / year. The debt should be repaid within 8 years. The loan can be issued in domestic or foreign currency units.

  1.                 Catering business. Restaurant owners can receive up to 50 million rubles (or the equivalent in foreign currency) at a rate of 14.4% / year. The contract is concluded for 8 years. The loan can be disbursed in a lump sum, debt capped credit line, and capped credit line. 
  2.                 For women entrepreneurs. This product provides the most favorable financing conditions. The loan amount can be 15 million rubles for up to 7 years. The interest rate will be 14.5% / year. A delay in debt repayment for a period of six months is possible. The project is supported by the state. When applying for a loan, a woman entrepreneur can count on help from the partners of Uniastrum Bank, who will provide tools to develop a business plan, find contractors or provide legal support. 

The collateral can be a pledge (goods, equipment, commercial real estate, transport) or guarantors. The Uniastrum Bank website contains detailed information on loan products and requirements for borrowers.


Savings products for small businesses

Uniastrum Bank employees have developed a number of programs to generate passive income. By placing free money in savings accounts, the owner of the company will be able to increase his capital without any effort. Corporate clients can use the following products:

  •                    deposits;
  •                    promissory notes;
  •                    accrual of income on the balance of funds stored in the current account.

Deposit accounts

Deposit accounts with Uniastrum Bank can be opened remotely (official website of the company https://www.uniastrum.ru ). The bank offers several options: replenished and non- replenished , with the possibility of partial withdrawal of funds, in foreign currency or in rubles. 

  1.                 The “ Maximum Income” product assumes increased interest rates - 9.95% / year. The deposit can be opened both in domestic and foreign currencies. The first installment must be at least 50 thousand rubles (10 thousand conventional units). The contract can be concluded for a period of 2 to 12 months. 

The client determines the method of paying interest on his own: income can be received every month or on the day the contract expires. This product does not provide the ability to replenish or spend funds.

  1.                 By placing a "Business Approach" deposit , the depositor will receive up to 9.45% profit for 1 year. Funds can be invested in rubles, US dollars or European currency. When opening an account, you must deposit at least 50 thousand rubles (10 thousand foreign money). 

The terms of the agreement do not provide for the possibility of replenishing the deposit. However, debit transactions are allowed, but the withdrawal cFe dstv straight otsenty be translated (using the rate proposed in the deposit "On Demand). The account is opened for a period of 12 months. The deposit is automatically prolonged.

  1.                 The active capital ruble deposit provides for a yield of up to 8.95% / year. To open an account, the client needs to invest at least 300 thousand rubles. The profit is paid at the end of the contract. The terms and conditions of the agreement permit the conduct of income and expense transactions. You can withdraw funds up to the minimum balance (the minimum balance is the amount that was invested when opening a deposit). The client will not be able to terminate the contract early.  
  2.                 "Active capital" (foreign currency) is opened in euros or dollars. The deposit agreement is concluded for a period of 1 to 12 months. It is necessary to deposit at least 20 thousand conventional units into the account. Income is paid on the day specified in the contract. Receipt and expense transactions are allowed. The depositor can terminate the agreement ahead of schedule. 

Work with bills

Bills of exchange of enterprises can become a tool for payment. This is especially convenient in cases where it is not possible to use the money stored in the current account. " Uniastrum Bank" works with bills of exchange of any organization (including banks).

Bills of " Uniastrum Bank" allow you to accurately determine the amount of income. This asset is characterized by a high level of liquidity, which can be used as a means of payment when paying for various services.

To receive a bill of exchange in this financial institution, the owner of the company must conclude an agreement with the bank and pay the amount specified in the agreement.

To receive payment under the bill of exchange, the client should contact the head office of Uniastrum Bank.

Accumulation for the balance of funds

You do not need to open a deposit account or purchase a bill of exchange to receive income. You can sign an agreement with the bank on the accrual of interest on the balance of funds stored in the companys current account. This method of making a profit is convenient because it allows you to freely manage your finances: you can replenish or withdraw money from it at any convenient time. To work with the account, you will not need to provide an additional package of documents.

You can receive income on the average monthly balance. This option is available for ruble accounts. Profit is accrued if the average monthly amount is at least 52 thousand rubles. The yield depends on the amount of the balance (3-5% / year).

Irreducible balance assumes higher yield. This product is available for both ruble and foreign currency accounts. Interest is calculated in the amount of RUB 500 thousand (20 thousand conventional units). The amount of profit fluctuates between 7-8% (for ruble investments) and 0.20-1.25% (in foreign currency).


Bank cards for private clients

" Uniastrum Bank" together with the international payment systems MasterCard and VISA will issue their own cards. The financial institution offers Russian citizens several products of this kind. Uniastrum Bank cards are not just a convenient settlement instrument. Payment cards allow you to purchase goods at good discounts, accumulate bonuses, and enjoy various privileges.

Travel card

The Travel card product offers a whole range of services that make life easier for travelers. Using the payment document, the client can:

  •                    buy a plane or train ticket;
  •                    rent a vehicle;
  •                    order a transfer;
  •                    pay for the services of hotel complexes;
  •                    accumulate bonuses and exchange them for travel documents to any corner of the world;
  •                    get an insurance policy for those traveling abroad.

Cards are accepted in almost all trade organizations in the world.

The bank has prepared additional bonuses for the holders of these cards. The client can issue payment documents for his family members and link cards to the main account. The card account can be opened in national or foreign currencies. When paying with a card, the client can count on the transparency of payments: there are no hidden fees. Travel card holders get free access to the virtual banking system from Uniastrum Bank.

Standard card

This product provides a wide range of tariffs: from the classic version of the Electron type to the premium Platinum product . Customers can choose the currency to which the card will be linked. Having received a payment instrument, the client can count on a large amount of credit funds, which can be disposed of at his own discretion.

The loan is issued on terms favorable to the cardholder. Particularly enjoyable moment is the ability to use interest-free Wed dstv in t echenie 55 days after the flow of money. During this period, the borrower repays only the amount actually spent. Interest will be accrued only after the expiration of the grace period, if the amount spent is not returned to the account.

The payment instrument offers its holder a number of possibilities:

  •                    withdraw cash and pay for purchases in any locality on the planet;
  •                    take out insurance for traveling abroad;
  •                    get expert advice (customer support center works around the clock);
  •                    take part in discount programs and buy goods in partner stores at a reduced cost;
  •                    control the account balance and payment transactions through the SMS-notification service;
  •                    get additional cards.

Loyalty programs

Holders of Uniastrum Bank payment cards can become members of loyalty programs implemented by MasterCard and VISA .  

The Cash berry program allows you to get up to 50% discount when paying for the services of restaurants and cafes.

Participants of the "World of Privileges" project from VISA can safely leave the borders of Russia, without worrying that an unforeseen situation may occur on the territory of a foreign country. " Uniastrum Bank" and its partners take on responsibility for its customers, providing them with financial, legal and medical assistance.

The Priceless Cities program from MasterCard allows you to see the world in all its beauty. The project participants have access to many museums around the world. The MasterCard card can also become a pass to cultural events of a global scale.