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The Eleksnet payment system is a convenient, reliable and efficient online platform that allows you to carry out electronic financial transactions. Service users can:

  •                    shop online;
  •                    transfer funds to your partners, relatives and friends;
  •                    collect money;
  •                    pay for services and so on.

The creators of Eleksnet can rightfully be called innovators. Their service became the first domestic EPS, which serves clients at a distance using banking equipment (self-service terminals and ATMs). The devices are installed in more than 60 regions of the Russian Federation (there are more than 4 thousand terminals). They can be found in places of social purpose: at gas stations, in the foyers of universities, in entertainment venues, etc. Almost all ATMs work 24 hours a day.

On the companys website, you can find a virtual card that will help you navigate the location of the nearest terminals.

Billing systems of mobile operators, most financial organizations and other structures that receive money transfers are connected with the processing center of the payment service " Eleksnet ". Thanks to this scheme of work, the user, having paid for the service, can immediately use it.

Processing services from the " Eleksnet " company are available to both ordinary citizens and giants of the domestic banking business. Financial organizations can transfer money to the accounts of mobile operators that supply them with Internet connections, which are necessary for the operation of ATMs, terminals and virtual banking .

All services offered by the payment system are Eleksnet is own development . The company works with only 1 agent - Euroset, through which EPS users can replenish e-accounts.

The system also specializes in retail banking business, providing services such as:

  •                    payment for services using a payment card;
  •                    processing services;
  •                    payment for purchases or services with “real money” through ATMs and “ Eleksnet ” terminals ;
  •                    replenishment of an e-wallet through ATMs or online banking;
  •                    multifunctional user account;
  •                    replenishment of payment cards with "real money" in terminals;
  •                    booking and payment of travel documents for various types of transport;
  •                    remote cash collection (using terminals and ATMs).


Payment for services in virtual mode

The capabilities of the " Eleksnet " payment service allow you to pay for services in virtual mode. This means that the companys customers can make payments without leaving their homes. Almost all types of financial transactions are available in the payment system.

  1.                 Payment for services of cellular operators . The service cooperates with all mobile operators that supply communications to Russian citizens. In most cases, there is no fee for making a payment. Money is credited to the account instantly.
  2.                 Repayment of loans. Clients of " Eleksnet " can repay debts on loans that were issued in Russian banks. Money can be transferred to the accounts of banks, collection companies, microfinance organizations. 
  3.                 Virtual payments. From an e-wallet issued in the Eleksnet system, you can pay for the services of online organizations (social networks, entertainment sites, etc.), buy things in online stores, pay for goods purchased in network marketing (Avon, Mary Kay "," Oriflame ", etc.). 
  4.                 Payment for utility services. Payments customers can pay for the services of utilities, city telephony providers, security agencies, etc. 
  5.                 Payments to transport companies . Holders of Eleksnet online wallets can top up the balance of Strelka and Troika transport cards, which allow them to pay for city buses, metro, commuter trains, or pay for taxi rides. The services capabilities allow you to purchase tickets for airplanes and trains (including for interstate flights).
  6.                 Financial transfers. Clients of the payment system can send money to friends, relatives or partners living in Russia or abroad. Financial transfers are made through the Unistream company. 
  7.                 Insurance. Through terminals or e-wallets " Eleksnet " you can pay for insurance policies in organizations such as " Home Credit Bank ", "PPF Life Insurance", "Bean Insurance" and others. 
  8.                 Additional payments. From e-accounts opened on the Eleksnet server , users can pay tuition fees, pay fines, transfer money to the account of tax services, transfer funds to charitable organizations, purchase tickets to cinema, theaters, concerts, buy hosting. 

To pay for a purchase or service, you need to perform just a few steps:

  •                    go to the companys website;
  •                    open the "Pay online" section;
  •                    choose a method and type of payment;
  •                    choose the type of service and the company that supplies it;
  •                    fill in the fields of the form that opens, entering the amount and payment details;
  •                    press the button "Pay".

How to pay fines issued by a traffic police inspector

Clients of the service can not only pay traffic fines without leaving their homes, but also receive information regarding this type of payment. You can pay the fee from any self-service terminal of the " Eleksnet " company . You must pay a small commission for the transaction - 1% + 20 rubles. The money is transferred within a few seconds.

The payer can check the status of the financial transaction. On the terminal screen, you should find the category “Tickets. Transport. Traffic police fines ", click the" Fines "section and enter the number of the document confirming the registration of vehicles. A page will open on the monitor, which will indicate all the fines, their amount and the details of the order.

Transport cards

Transport cards are becoming more and more popular among Russians, allowing them to purchase tickets for city transport and commuter trains online. The Troika document is replenished free of charge.

EPS terminals have a yellow circle. As soon as you touch it with your card and put money in the bill acceptor , the funds will be credited to the account of the travel document. You can pick up the card and hit the road. The entire operation will take no more than 1 minute.


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Service "Notebook"

Using the services of the "Notebook", the user will be able to carry out financial transactions faster and more comfortably. The service interface stores information about transactions (the amount of payments and details) that a person carried out through ATMs or “ Eleksnet ” terminals . When going to pay for the service next time, the client does not have to dial the account number and other data: just enter the password and login, select the desired template and pay for the service or purchase.

Thanks to the "Notebook", the user gets rid of the need to remember payment data, no need to look for receipts to see the payment amount and the recipients account number. Errors when entering payment data and the risk of sending money to someone elses account are completely excluded. The clients personal time is also saved, because only a few clicks are needed to carry out a financial transaction. This service allows you to use modern payment methods, such as contactless payments.

The service is especially useful in the case of regular payments, such as utility bills, replenishment of mobile phone balance, etc.

"Notebook" is equipped with the option to view the history of transactions. This function allows you not only to know about the success of the payment, but also to monitor the direction of the cash flow. This option plays an important role in the financial security of e-wallets. Upon detecting unauthorized transactions, the user reports to the customer support center, whose employees will be able to prevent the actions of fraudsters.

Taking advantage of the special offer, customers will be able to pay for the services of cellular operators without charging a commission.

More than 400 thousand users have already connected to the "Notebook". Customers can leave feedback, suggestions and comments. This allows you to develop the service, equip it with useful options and develop new projects.


Purse " JCB "

Eleksnet is a virtual bank that provides its clients with ample opportunities. By opening an account in a payment system, users get a convenient and secure way to carry out financial transactions. From the e-wallet you can:

  •                    repay credit debts;
  •                    purchase goods in online stores;
  •                    make financial transfers anywhere in the world.

The advantages of Eleksnet electronic wallets are obvious:

  •                    the user can access the account at any time of the day or night (the service works around the clock);
  •                    funds are transferred to the recipients account instantly (this is especially important when paying off credit debts);
  •                    the client will be able to deposit amounts accurate to the penny (for example, 123 rubles 69 kopecks);
  •                    online payments allow you to save personal time: no need to go to the bank or look for a payment terminal;
  •                    e-accounts are equipped with a reliable security system: payment information passes through an encryption program and is transmitted through reliable channels; each transaction is confirmed with a password.

Users who have registered in the Eleksnet system can issue an e-wallet . Click on the "Open wallet" button and fill out the registration form. An e-mail will receive a message that must be saved and hidden from prying eyes (it will contain a password to confirm payment transactions).



The Eleksnet company cooperates with financial organizations working in different directions.

  1.                 Partnership with banks. EPS offers banks to use online acquiring services , which provide for accepting payments from MasterCard , VISA payment documents issued by the bank. Banks that have their own infrastructure can connect to the " Eleksnet " processing center , which allows using the simplest scheme of working with telecom operators. Banks that do not have infrastructure can rent banking equipment (ATMs and payment terminals), connect to the processing of third-party ATM systems. 
  2.                 Development of ATM networks in the regions . The Eleksnet service offers services related to servicing banking equipment installed throughout the Russian Federation. Residents of the regions will pay for the services not only of operators operating in a specific area, but also of companies operating in other cities of our country. Clients of 25 large banks will be able to replenish current and card accounts with minimal commissions.
  3.                 Programs for advertisers. The Eleksnet company has installed its equipment throughout Russia. If you place an advertisement on the screens of payment terminals, you can quickly spread information about the company and its products among the entire population of the country. Advertising on Eleksnet ATMs is bright, memorable and dynamic, which means it is effective. 


Promotions and bonus programs

The company " Eleksnet " holds all kinds of promotions for its clients, within the framework of which you can get a surprise or purchase goods at good discounts.

"Gifts for Clients" promotion

Making financial transactions online or through payment terminals of the system, the user can receive a gift from the partners of the service. It is necessary to save the virtual receipt of payment, as it contains a link, clicking on which the customer will receive a surprise.

Online notification is sent to the e-mail of the person who made the payment. By clicking on the link, the user is automatically sent to the gift page. Then you should press the button "Get a gift", and a surprise in your pocket!

The gift can be in the form of a coupon that provides a discount on the purchase of goods. In some cases, the users account may be credited with bonuses that can be exchanged for purchases.

"Pay and get a bonus!"

When paying for goods from the Eleksnet e-wallet , the client “returns” a certain part of the amount spent: for every 100 rubles, 2 points are credited to the e-account. After collecting bonuses, the user can purchase goods presented in the "Bonus program".