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Money @ Mail.Ru

The creators of Mail.ru decided not to limit themselves to the search engine and developed a payment service "Money @ Mail.Ru". The system is designed to pay for goods and services on the World Wide Web. Payment makes the life of a modern person much easier, because with its help financial transactions can be carried out without leaving home. If you have a computer (stationary or laptop - it doesnt matter), an Internet connection, as well as an e-account in this EPS, you can make a money transfer or pay for a purchase in a matter of minutes.
Mail.ru is one of the most popular search engines. It is used by several tens of millions of people. Through it, people enter online stores, entertainment sites, and more. And in order to meet the needs of a multi-million audience in 2009, the service "Money @ Mail.Ru" was launched.


The service specializes in providing services related to virtual payments. It was from this that the leaders of the company made a start when they developed tariff plans. If a user transfers money to Mail.ru or pays for goods purchased in virtual shopping centers, the commission will be zero. There is nothing new in this: this tactic is used in almost all EPS. This is what attracts customers: making online payments from e-wallets is profitable and convenient.
If the user transfers funds to another e-account in "Money @ Mail.Ru", then he will have to pay a commission fee of 0.5%. As for the withdrawal of money from the system, then the commission is quite high - 5% (+ commission from intermediaries).
Holders of e-accounts from Mail.ru will have to pay for the maintenance of the wallet. The cost of the service is 300 rubles per month. If a smaller amount is stored on the account, then the service price will be equivalent to the balance. Payment is charged on the last day of the current month.
As you can see, it is not very profitable to withdraw funds from this system. But when it comes to paying for online services, this is a convenient and economical option.

Possibilities of Money from Mail.ru

Payment service "Money @ Mail.Ru" opens up wide opportunities for its users in terms of online payments. From their e-wallets, system participants can:
• top up a mobile phone;
• pay for the services of Internet providers;
• purchase domains and hosting;
• buy goods from online stores;
• transfer money to accounts registered in virtual gambling clubs, etc.
By paying for the services provided by Mail.ru, you can get bonuses that are exchanged for goods and services of organizations that are in partnership with the service. As a prize, the user can even be given a payment card "Money @ Mail.Ru". With its help, you can make purchases, pay for IT services, etc.
If a person decided to make money and create a blog on Mail.ru, then it is also worth opening an e-wallet in this EPS. This is the most profitable option: money will be credited to the account free of charge.

Mobile app

Service employees have developed a mobile application for portable devices. You can download it from the Google Play server. The program allows you to make money transfers directly from your mobile phone, without being tied to a specific place and time. To complete a financial transaction, it is enough to know the subscribers card account number.
The application provides users with the following benefits:
• low transaction rates: commission fee is 1.3%;
• financial security: payment transactions are confirmed with one-time passwords;
• high speed of payments: money is credited to the recipients account within a few seconds;
• a simplified procedure for processing a translation: no need to enter details, you can simply take a photo.

Payment for services of Internet providers

The capabilities of the service allow you to pay for the services of home Internet providers. To do this, the payer needs to find out the identifier used by the provider to receive payment (cell number, current account number, e-wallet number, etc.).
Even users who do not have an account in the Money @ Mail.Ru payment server can pay for an Internet connection. To make a transaction, you should use the "Fast Payments" service. The system will ask you to specify an e-mail. This is optional, but very useful. The e-mail box will receive a notification of the success of the transaction, as well as a digital receipt. The receipt can be printed on an ordinary printer.
Having paid for the Internet through the "Fast Payments" service, the user does not have to pay a commission. Money is credited to the recipients account within 3-5 minutes (if the provider accepts payments in virtual mode).
If there are problems with payment (for example, the provider has not received the payment), the user must contact customer support and present a receipt for payment. However, do not be upset if the documents confirming the payment have been lost. The specialists of the Cool-center will help to restore them. Attention! You should carefully check the data at each stage of the financial transaction. If the details were entered incorrectly, then you need to open the "Change data" section and correct the errors.
In case of error, the user can cancel the transaction. To do this, you need to contact the provider, indicating the details that were entered when processing the transfer.

Registration in the system

To open an e-wallet in the "Money @ Mail.Ru" payment system, the user needs to register. First, you need to create an e-mail box on the Mail.ru server - it is through it that we will open an e-account.
So, the mailbox is registered, you need to open it, follow the link Money.mail.ru and press the button "Open an account". To register in the system, you need minimal information: date of birth and e-mail. The system will also ask you to agree to the terms of cooperation. After all the steps have been completed, you can click the "Create wallet" button. A personal account opens before the user.
One more point should be noted, which is very important not so much for registration as for withdrawing funds from an electronic wallet. We are talking about Russian citizenship. When filling out the registration form, the client must indicate that he is a citizen of Russia. Non-residents of the Russian Federation can, of course, cheat and introduce themselves as Russian citizens (at the moment, no one will check the passport). But when it comes to withdrawing funds, there will be problems: a copy of a civil passport is required. If the user does not present it, the money will remain in the e-account. You can replenish the balance of an e-wallet in various ways: • from e-accounts registered in third-party EPS; • using a bank card; • through self-service terminals; • in the salons of communication "Svyaznoy". 

Access data

When registering in the system, the user must come up with a password that is used to log in to the service. You will also need to choose another password - payment. The challenge for the client is to generate a strong password and remember it. The code must be complex, consisting of letters and numbers. You should not use easily guessed combinations (your date of birth, name, etc.). The site administration strongly recommends not to use passwords that open access to other systems (for example, to a mailbox). The password must be kept in strict confidence. Experts advise entering codes not on a physical keyboard, but on a virtual one. If you lose your login information or payment code, you can use the password recovery service. 

Linking a bank card to the e-wallet "Money @ Mail.Ru"

To replenish your account (or withdraw funds) using a bank card, you need to link a payment document to your account. To do this, you will need to take several steps.
Step 1. In your personal account, you must open the "Link card" tab and specify the details of the payment instrument in the form that appears on the screen. A small amount will be blocked on the card account (up to 50 rubles). For some time, the user will not be able to spend money. It is also necessary to provide a mobile phone number, since messages with one-time passwords will be sent to it to confirm transactions.
Step 2. An SMS will be sent to the cell phone indicating the exact amount that was blocked on the card. This information can also be provided by the employees of the bank that issued the payment document.
Step 3. Then you should specify the CVV or CVC2 code (you can see them on the back of the card), the blocked amount and a one-time password (will be sent in a message to your phone). The payment document has been activated, now you can safely use it. When making another transaction, the user will confirm it with a one-time password sent to his mobile phone. If the password is not entered or entered, but incorrectly, the financial transaction will be canceled. 

Options that the personal account is equipped with

Security Settings

The users personal account is equipped with useful options that allow you not only to manage your account, but also to configure security settings. For example, if you suspect that the payment password has fallen into the hands of third parties, you can change it. The account owner can also set the IP addresses from which access to the e-account will be opened. This measure will provide additional protection.
Payment service employees recommend that their customers bind their mobile phone numbers to their personal account, since the procedure for recovering a payment password via a mobile phone is very quick and easy.


The account also has a "High five!" Button. The client can install it on his site. This option is intended for fundraising in support of charitable projects.


The user can configure the distribution of notifications, which will be sent to an e-mail or mobile phone. From the messages, you can get information about the account status, receipt or expense of funds, as well as an attempt to change data to confirm passwords. If an SMS has been received, which says about unauthorized transactions, then the client must contact the security service of the "Money @ Mail.Ru" service, whose employees will identify fraudsters and prevent their actions.
The client can also view the history of transactions and monitor the movement of money. Account replenishment is carried out in the "Deposit" tab. If you need to pay for services or purchases, then you should open the "Pay" category. To withdraw funds from the system, use the Withdraw section.

Virtual stores

Owners of virtual retail outlets can link their website to the "Money @ Mail.Ru" payment service. This will expand payment options and attract buyers. There are two options for accepting payments.
1. It is necessary to download and install a special html form on the organizations website and receive payment in the currency of the "Money @ Mail.Ru" payment system.
2. Customers are invoiced upon ordering the goods.

Electronic card

Users of "Money @ Mail.Ru" can issue an electronic payment card, which simplifies the procedure for payments on the Internet. Despite the fact that the tool does not have a material carrier, it is accepted in all trade organizations that operate on the World Wide Web (both domestic and foreign). The balance of the payment document is replenished from the e-account.
Maintenance of a card account will cost 2.5% of the amount stored on it.
It is planned that in the near future the service "Money @ Mail.Ru" together with the bank "Tinkoff" will issue a plastic card with which customers will be able not only to pay for online purchases, but also to make non-cash payments in ordinary shopping centers and organizations operating offline.