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Modern society lives in the age of the computer revolution. IT-technologies more and more penetrate into the daily life of each of us, and the Internet is becoming a necessary resource for human existence. Thanks to IT-developments, all people on the planet can get access to the largest encyclopedia of knowledge - the World Wide Web. The Internet provides a platform for communication: social networks have become a kind of bridge between people living on different continents. Moreover, in the vastness of the Global Network, you can find a decent job, purchase or buy currency and precious metals, make payments, invest funds, open trade organizations, and so on. Business opportunities on the Web are expanding significantly, which means that the need for electronic systems that can provide reliable and 
a secure platform for electronic financial transactions. There are also virtual banknotes, for example, bitcoin . Initially, society was ambiguous about cryptocurrency , but over time, electronic money gained great popularity, their cost increased several times (for example, for 1 bincoin coin , users give from 100 American dollars). You can sell or buy electronic banknotes on cryptocurrency exchange services . One of them is the BTC-E exchange. 


How WeX (BTC-E) appeared

BTC-E appeared on the electronic currency market in 2011. The service was created by a group of Russian citizens. Among them were experienced financiers and specialists in the field of computer programming. The company was registered in Bulgaria, and the management company settled in Cyprus. Rumor has it that it was not without sponsorship from large financial organizations. Unfortunately, the official website of the company does not say a word about legal powers or registration of the organization.
BTC-E ranks 3rd in terms of exchange in a pair of cryptocurrencies - American currency and 1 in a pair of cryptocurrencies - Russian rubles. The company ranks among the most promising, reliable and efficient cryptocurrency exchanges . In just 2-3 years, the company managed to increase the volume of money turnover: the total amount of transactions made per day is equal to 10 thousand bitcoins .
There were several very unpleasant moments in the life of the organization. The site has been attacked several times by scammers. The administration of the exchanger behaved with dignity: BTC-E reimbursed the damage to all e-wallet holders who suffered from hackers. This step had a positive impact on the popularity of the company. The client base of the exchange is growing rapidly, more and more users are in a hurry to register an account on the BTC-E online platform.

Working with BTC-E from a laptop

BTC-E is more than just a currency exchange. This is a good opportunity to capitalize on changes in the value of the currency. To hit a good jackpot, you need to be aware of the events taking place in the financial market. It is simply impossible to sit all day in front of the monitor, and if you step away even for a minute, you can miss out on an advantageous offer.
The employees of the company took care of the comfort of their customers and offered programs for tablets or smartphones with the Android operating system . Mobile apps allow you to work with the stock exchange without committing to a desktop PC: wherever a user, he will be able to gain access to your account. The main condition is a portable device and a network connection.
3 types of programs have been developed, each of which has its own characteristics and provides the user with certain capabilities.
1. Trader Client has a simple interface that can be understood at an intuitive level. By downloading the application, the client will receive information about the cost of all types of currencies. 2. BTC-E client provides comfortable conditions for currency trading. 3. BTC-E Assist - this program is multifunctional. It opens access not only to trading operations. Using special options, the user can communicate with partners, open e-accounts and more. In your personal account, you can set the Russian interface language.   

The best exchange rate for BTC-e to Qiwi


Electronic money exchanges Wex 

This Internet site has its own electronic currency - BTC-E codes. It is used when carrying out intrasystem operations. BTC-E codes simplify the work of traders, helping to survive the instability of the exchange rate of a particular type of currency or a sharp depreciation of money. For example, in comparison with American currencies, the BTC-E code is more stable. And if dollars fall in value, then the exchanges internal currency does not change its value. The user can wait out the dangerous moment and wait for a more favorable rate or develop an effective exchange strategy.
BTC-E codes can be used to make money transfers and virtual payments. You can use online coins or money that "go" in everyday life. Holders of electronic wallets on the BTC-E exchange can accept payments from customers registered in third-party EPS.

Benefits of BTC-E codes

1. Using codes for financial transactions, the user pays only 0.2% of the commission from the payment amount.
2. You can buy BTC-E codes in any convenient way: by cash through self-service terminals, by non-cash payments through bank cards, using the services of virtual exchange offices or from personal accounts registered in popular electronic payment systems.
3. Electronic money of the exchange is an autonomous currency with high liquidity.
How to withdraw BTC-E code?
The withdrawal process consists of several steps.
Action 1. Enter your personal account on the companys website.
Action 2. Open the "Finance" section and select the type of currency.
Action 3. Press the "withdrawal" button.
Step 4. In the list of passwords, select the code that you need.
The user can withdraw an amount from 0.01 rubles (0.01 dollars) or 1 unit of online currency.
How to top up an electronic wallet BTC-E?
To replenish your e-wallet, you need to do the following.
Action 1. Go to your personal profile.
Step 2. Select the "Finance" category.
Step 3. Dial the BTC-E code and press the Redeem key .
All financial transactions are carried out instantly.

BTC-E orders

A feature of currency trading in BTC-E is the need to issue orders - special orders authorizing exchange procedures. The document defines the conditions under which the transaction will be conducted:
• currency;
• amount;
• cost;
• direction;
• the amount of security.
The order must be submitted to customer support for registration.
The order works until the deal is executed on it. The provider can revoke his order (but only if the document has not yet participated in the auction).
The procedure for concluding transactions

E If the user has decided to sell the currency, it is necessary to fill an order, register a document in the system and put up for sale. The exchange parameters are adjusted automatically.
Only correctly filled orders can participate in the auction, since these are the main documents for the implementation of transactions (it is in them that the parameters for the transaction are indicated).
The applicant can change the parameters, but when filling out the document, this moment must be specified.


What is the point of trading virtual money? Of course, is to buy cheaper and sell much more expensive, and earn on the difference.
Before trading a currency, a trader must submit an application indicating the value of the currency units. The BTC-E administration gives consent to bidding, which will take no more than 60 minutes. Of course, during this time, the value of electronic money can change significantly in the direction of growth or decline.
All transactions are performed at a strictly specified time. If the transaction does not occur, then the cryptocurrency will be sold at the exchange rate offered by the exchange. In this case, the user can refuse to bid and the money will be returned to the e-account (the commission is charged automatically).

Registration in the BTC-E system

To become a user of the BTC-E exchange, you need to register in the system. The registration procedure is very simple and does not take much time.
What should be done?
1. Go to the BTC-E portal and press the "Register" button.
2. Fill out the form by entering your e-mail address, login and choosing a strong password.
3. Get acquainted with the rules of work in the system and agree with them.
4. Click the button "Register".
5. A letter will be sent to the e-address, the body of which will contain a link to confirm registration.
To enter your profile, you should click the "Login" button and fill in the fields that open by entering your login information.
If the login information is entered incorrectly several times in a row, the system will block the account for half an hour.
The administration of the exchange does not require its clients to verify (confirm) data.

What is transaction security?

The sites rules say that users, intending to conclude a deal, are required to provide security - insurance premiums. This procedure ensures that all conditions specified in the order will be met. The amount of security is determined by the trader himself. The money is deposited to the exchange account.
The money paid under the insurance will be returned to the traders account in only two situations.
1. The user decided to abandon the transaction and pick up the order placed for the auction. That part of the money is returned, the work on which has not yet begun.
2. The validity period of the order has expired and all participants in the transaction are satisfied. The trader receives the full amount of his deposited money. 

Safety system

Taking care of their reputation and financial security of their clients, the site developers are painstakingly working on modernizing the security system, periodically updating it and introducing the latest technologies. However, users should also be concerned about the security of their finances, since the money is stored in files on the personal computer of the e-account holder. These files should never fall into the hands of unauthorized people.
The administration of the service strongly recommends that customers connect an e-mail to their account and confirm transactions through the postal service. This will allow the user to notice the transactions that he has not authorized and alert the customer support.
You should also be careful with the choice of login information. For example, you should not use a password that opens access to the e-mail box. When generating the code, you should avoid combinations that are easy to guess (date of birth, first and last name, etc.). It is advisable to use mail services, on which authorization is carried out in two stages (for example,
In turn, the BTC-E service complies with security rules. Customers personal and payment information is kept in the strictest confidence. It happens that people require exchange employees to block one or another account or not allow any of the traders to conclude transactions. The reason for such requirements may be claims or distrust of bidders. But the administration of the exchange does not react to such statements: unfounded accusations are not taken into account, and the user, if he does not violate the rules of BTC-E, continues to work without restrictions.
The popularity of the virtual BTC-E exchange office is growing every day. Whats the secret? Everything is very simple: the developers managed to create an Internet platform that provides favorable and comfortable conditions for conducting foreign exchange transactions.
1. Transactions are carried out automatically, which makes it possible to sell or buy currency at the most favorable rate.
2. Replenishment of e-wallets or withdrawal of funds from the system occurs instantly.
3. Transactions can be carried out through MT 4 terminals , which allow you to analyze changes in the financial market, carry out various types of payment transactions, establish an automated process for buying or selling currency.
4. The interface is equipped with English and Russian.
5. You can replenish your e-account in various ways: through money transfers, cryptocurrency with real money.