Exchange platform – this is a reliable financial partner, we make exchanges within 5-15 minutes.


By registering an electronic wallet in the Authorize.Net payment system, users of the World Wide Web will be able to ensure their comfort and financial security. With the help of the service, you can pay for goods purchased in virtual shopping centers, pay for the services of online organizations, transfer money to gaming sites, and use modern IT technologies. Payment options allow you to carry out non-cash payments using credit cards and digital checks. Authorize.Nets sphere of influence has spread throughout the planet. Payment is one of the most popular 
and promising EPS working on the Web. The service has about 250 thousand active accounts. The company has been operating in the electronic payments market for over 20 years (the company was founded in 1996).

Customer perspective

Authorize.Net provides its clients with ample opportunities and favorable terms of cooperation. Comfort, benefit and safety are the main characteristics of the system.
1. Without borders. Thanks to the payment service, the owners of virtual trade organizations and sites that provide paid services will be able to attract customers living in different countries. The system operates in many countries, which makes it possible to accept domestic and interstate payments. Authorize.Net employees, taking care of their visitors, have developed a mobile version of the service. By downloading it to a tablet computer or smart phone, a person will have access to payment services from different regions of the world. All these factors allow merchants to expand their client base, and therefore significantly increase their income.
2. Rational distribution of personal time. All payment transactions are made online. This means that sitting at home, a person can pay for services and purchase goods. There is no need to visit a bank, search for a payment terminal or ATM. An e-wallet can be registered on the corporate portal of the company This eliminates the need for tedious filling out forms, applications and drawing up a contract. The registration process is very simple and will only take a few minutes. Transactions are also carried out very quickly: by making a couple of clicks, you can transfer money (finances will be credited to the recipients account with lightning speed).
3. No additional waste. The users virtual account in Authorize.Net is equipped with special options. Using them, the account owner will be able to get acquainted with the history of payments, monitor the movement of money, receive statements and financial reports, control the expenditure of funds, calculate the amount of payments, exclude repeated transactions, etc. This is especially convenient for corporate clients: they will be able to reduce the cost of maintaining an accounting department, keeping staff to a minimum. The user profile is equipped with a reliable security system that will easily prevent illegal actions.
4. An impeccable reputation. For 2 decades of its activity, EPS has attracted the attention of many users working with virtual payments. Clients are attracted by flexible terms of cooperation and affordable rates. In case of disputable situations, the user can contact customer support. Qualified staff will help you solve any problem.

Product range

Authorize.Net offers a wide range of products. 1. Service eCheck.Net®. This product is designed to automatically verify transactions. The payment goes to the e-wallet directly from the bank or card account. Operation processing is carried out already at the terminal of this EPS. You can also attach a digital check to your credit card. Service cost - 0.75% of the transaction amount. 2. Billing in automatic mode. Using this service, the client can simplify the work associated with regular payments (repayment of loans, payment for the services of mobile operators, etc.). The service is very easy to work with. Pop-up tips will help you to set the settings. You can automate the process manually or at the web checkout. This service is available for payment clients ( Client Authorize ). You do not need to pay for the service. 3. Synchronization with the QuickBooks application . This option is worth using. It will allow you to rationally manage your personal time and finances. Using the application, all transactions calculations can be imported directly to the e-wallet. 4. Work in incognito mode. If the client does not want to disclose information about himself, he can resort to the services of a manager whose duties include working with clients. Deals with partners are concluded through intermediaries. Users payment and personal data are not disclosed to third parties. The service is completely free to use. 5. Security system. Payment officers took care of the financial security of their clients. They have created a robust protection system AFDS that helps to detect and prevent fraudsters from acting. The user selects the parameters himself and configures the operation of the security system. Authorized customers use the service for free. 


Financial Transactions in Authorize.Net: Key Features

Financial transactions are carried out using credit cards or digital checks. The money will be credited to the bank account automatically. The payment system uses modern technologies that save not only money, but also time. The service serves private clients and representatives of small and medium business segments.
Financial security and comfort for each client is the main concept of Authorize.Net. Therefore, for each of the categories of users, employees have developed their own system for receiving or sending payments. For example, online stores accept orders from customers by phone or via e-mail service. For them, a manual method of accepting payment is acceptable. To make a transaction, you should use a virtual terminal.
Authorize.Net offers convenient ways to accept retail payments. There are online points of receipt of funds on the Web. To pay the fee, the customer can use a credit card. This service will definitely benefit sellers as it provides a minimum commission percentage. The virtual point is equipped with a convenient interface that even not very experienced users can understand.
You can also pay bills using POS terminals.
Payment service users can download a special application on their phone, thanks to which they can accept or send payments without being tied to a specific place and time. The application allows you to monitor the movement of money, view the transaction log, send money transfers. Get access to your account can be from any corner of the globe. The main thing is to have a connection to the Internet. The software is provided free of charge.

Connecting a shopping site to Authorize.Net

Only registered users are allowed to receive payments to Authorize.Net e-wallets. You can issue an e-invoice on the EPS corporate portal. Then you need to click on the Settings tab and click the API Login ID and Transaction Key , copy the information and select the code and login that will be used to enter the user profile. Then plugins should be installed. To this end, we go to the WebSist - the platform that unites the trading site with the companys Internet resource . Here we open the Installer category and look for Authorize.Net plugins. Press the "Install" button and the plugin will be loaded. Next, you should choose a payment method. This is done in the "Settings - Payment" section (here you need to find the Authorize.Net SIM button and press the "Add payment method" button). Then go to the module settings page. Here the head of the trade organization should identify the possible payment options and talk about them. This is simply necessary: so buyers will know how they can pay for the purchase, and will select acceptable methods. When completing the connection procedure, you will need to enter your account login information. Attention! You should carefully check the operation of all modules, and only after that you can accept payment from buyers. In order for the online organization and the Authorize.Net server to function synchronously and without interruptions, you must enter the URL http: // ... on the Response / Receipt page . This action will ensure that the transaction details are accurately communicated.