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China stock image agency launches test site for NFT

Date: 27.05.2022
VCG is one of the largest companies providing images for the general public. It implemented the launch of a market with non-fungible assets. It provides foreign participants with the opportunity to make payments using Ethereum coins.

Site name - Vault by 500px. The test version was created in the middle of the week, and as planned, provided the creation of new profitable injections. Acquired in 2018 by 500px, the organization brought a number of NFTs to market on a newly created platform. The most expensive of them was the publication at a price of 0.71 Ether, or a little more than 1.2 thousand dollars.

“When it was possible for developers to produce their products and sell them in the form of non-fungible tokens, they became part of an evolving and profitable organism.”

Key image provider Getty Images has announced that it has launched a new NFT trading platform and provided elements for building collections using the Ethereum digital backbone.

China did not allow operations with digital assets in the fall, but did not provide clear standards for trading within the country. State-owned Chinese companies are actively criticizing the rejection of tokens, so the processes are taking place in WeChat groups.