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Yandex money

Yandex.Money is one of the most popular payment systems operating in the vastness of the Global Network. This EPS has broad capabilities. Clients pay taxes, purchase goods, replenish mobile phone accounts, pay fines, pay for utility bills, and so on.
In 2002, the founders of the Yandex search engine decided to create their own payment service. As a basis, the EPS PayCash was taken, which a few years later became the property of Yandex. 
Potential customers were supposed to be ordinary people who are faced with the need to make payment transactions on a daily basis. It is difficult to do this in ordinary banks: the road to the branch of a financial institution, long queues, filling a pile of papers - all this requires a lot of time and effort. Yandex.Money allows you to pay and receive money transfers while sitting on the couch.
The payment serves only private clients. Persons who are engaged in entrepreneurial activity or representatives of enterprises cannot register an account in the system. The terms of the user agreement state that clients are not allowed to transfer funds to bank accounts held by legal entities. Yandex.Money does not lend to citizens.
In 2012, 75% of the shares in the payment service are transferred to the ownership of Sberbank of Russia. Most of the EPS is now in the hands of a government financial institution. This means that Yandex.Money is a reliable and promising payment system.
The service is based on the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Within the system, only one type of currency is used - domestic rubles. The companys management is not going to put its own money into operation.

We pay for services through Yandex.Money

The creators of Yandex.Money have worked hard to ensure that the payment service can satisfy the needs of consumers. Site users can forget about the need to visit bank branches. Almost all services provided by social institutions can be paid through this payment system.
1. Fines of the traffic police. Logging into your account, the user will be able to find out if he has been fined by the traffic police. To do this, you must enter the drivers license number. Just a couple of clicks of the mouse - and the payment for the fine is made. Paying fines within the first three weeks from the date of signing the decree, a person receives a 50% discount. The commission fee is 1% (and not less than 30 rubles).
2. Payment of taxes. In his personal account, the client can see tax-related debts. It is necessary to find the section: "Taxes: checking debts", enter the identification number in the special field and press the "Check" button. After a few seconds, a list of debts will appear. Payment can be made through the Yandex.Money system. A receipt confirming the payment will be sent to the e-mail address and will be saved in the users account in the "Transaction history" section.
3. Purchase of transport tickets. Payment cooperates with airlines S7 Airlines, Russia, Aeroflot, so users of the service can book and pay for plane tickets anywhere in Russia and the world. Thanks to special offers, promotions and discounts, travel documents can be purchased at a reduced cost. An electronic version of the ticket will be sent to the e-mail address. It can be printed on a regular printer.
4. Payment for services. Through the Yandex.Money server, you can top up your cell phone balance, pay for city telephony services, TV or Internet providers, utilities, etc.
5. Repayment of credit debt. The payment system is in partnership with 30 financial institutions (Transcapitalbank, Home Credit, Absolut Bank, Alfa-Bank, etc.). Clients who have taken out a loan from partner banks can repay loans through the Yandex.Money system.
6. Replenishment of the balance of accounts in social networks or on entertainment sites. Payment options allow you to transfer funds to social networks and entertainment portals. For example, LiveJurnal (a service where you can start a virtual diary), My-shop.ru (a portal where you can download books and films), Origin (a gaming site), Skype and much more.
7. Transfer of funds to the accounts of charitable foundations. Today, in order to perform a noble deed, it is enough to make just a couple of clicks. Users can finance a project aimed at preserving the environment (WWF Russia), provide targeted assistance to people who need it (Help Org social and medical foundation), save the lives of seriously ill children (Life Line Foundation), collect donations for construction of a shelter for children without parents.
8. Payment for goods. Many online stores accept payment through this payment system.


Money transfers

In EPS, you can carry out intra-system money transfers. The user can also send funds stored in the electronic wallet to the card account of any bank. Interbank transfers are also possible. Funds will be credited to the account of a loved one or partner instantly.

Yandex.Money: electronic wallet

Thanks to the e-wallet, the procedure for conducting financial transactions is greatly simplified: there is no need to enter payment card details or search for terminals.
The user can link a card of any bank to his electronic account and carry out payment transactions from it. In the absence of a card, the wallet can be replenished with "real money".
From your personal account in Yandex.Money you can:
• view the history of transactions (date and time, amount, account to which the funds were sent, etc.);
• set up an automatic payment mode for regular transactions;
• order a card of the Yandex.Money system (MasterCard);
• receive messages about the accrual of traffic fines and pay them using SMS;
• collect donations.
How to register an electronic wallet with Yandex.Money?
E-wallets of the Yandex.Money payment system have significant advantages. They are reliably protected from hacking (hacker attacks are performed much less frequently than on accounts opened in other EPS). And the procedure for attesting wallets is simpler than on similar servers.
Users who have an e-mail in the Yandex browser can issue an e-account at Yandex.Money. Having entered the mailbox, you must press the "Money" button (located in the upper part). The system will transfer you to the page on which the button "Open wallet" flaunts. We press it and indicate the number of a valid cell phone.
It is necessary to understand that the phone is the link between the payment system and the user: the client receives messages on the mobile phone, which contain one-time passwords necessary to confirm the authenticity of the payment. If the data for logging into the account is lost, then their recovery will also be carried out via a mobile phone.
After entering the cell number, press the "Continue" button and expect a message with a verification code in its body (it must be entered in a special field). Next, we indicate the e-mail (it must also be valid, since information about the transactions will be received by e-mail). The system will offer to read the terms. If they suit us, put a tick and the "Open wallet" button. E-account in the Yandex.Money payment system is registered!
At the top right you can see the account balance. Here you can also see the wallet number and set the account settings.
E-wallet attestation
Initially, all wallets receive a "confidential certificate". However, the possibilities of such an account are very limited. For example, a user will be able to carry out payment transactions in the amount of no more than 15 thousand rubles. Transactions to accounts registered outside the Russian Federation are not possible. Money transfers are also prohibited. And the ways to withdraw funds from the system are also limited.
To get more opportunities, the administration of the payment recommends increasing the status of the wallet. This is not difficult. For example, to open a "personalized account", it is enough to enter the real last name, first name and patronymic, as well as passport details. Having gone through such a simple procedure, the user will increase the one-time limit of payment transactions to 60 thousand, will have access to international transactions, and will be able to make bank transfers. The possibilities for withdrawing funds from the system will also expand.
The highest status is “identified”. To obtain it, you must provide the Yandex.Money system administration with copies of your passport and identification code. This type of wallet allows you to carry out transactions in the amount of 250 thousand rubles (in one payment), makes payments to any corner of the planet, transfer funds to all users, withdraw money in all possible ways.
The identified wallets are opened mainly by clients whose business is directly related to Yandex.Money.
Recommendations for using the Yandex.Money EPS e-wallet.
Electronic wallets of this payment are virtual versions of bank accounts with a full range of functions and useful options. Holders of e-accounts can pay for purchases and services, replenish the wallet balance or withdraw funds, send money to their friends and partners, and so on.
Lets consider the procedure for conducting financial transactions using the example of money transfers.
1. We enter the section "Money transfers".
2. Enter the details of the recipient (wallet number).
3. We expose the required amount.
4. We protect the financial transaction. To do this, you need to set the icon in the checkbox, come up with a code of several numbers and determine the time for which you need to enter the code. The code should be passed to the recipient (only after the password is entered, he will be able to receive the money).
5. Write a comment (optional).
6. Press the "Translate" button.
7. We carefully check all the data. Press the key again. A message with a one-time password will be sent to your mobile phone, which must be entered in a special field. We confirm the translation.
8. An e-mail will receive a message about the success of the transaction.

Payment documents EPS "Yandex.Money"

Any Yandex.Money card is profitable, convenient and reliable. The payment issues several types of documents of the MasterCard system. The user can issue a plastic or virtual card. It takes only 5 days to make a plastic document. The card is delivered by the regular postal service.
1. "Yandex.Money Card". This product is synchronized with an e-account. When replenishing a wallet from a card account, the user does not pay a commission. The card is suitable for paying for purchases in virtual stores, for making settlements in ground-based shopping centers, social service establishments, etc. Using a payment document, you can send funds anywhere in the world. The card can also be used to withdraw "real money" from ATMs of any financial institution. The cost of service is quite acceptable for all categories of Russian citizens: for 3 years you will have to pay only 199 rubles. No commission fees are charged for payment transactions. When cashing out, the client will pay 3% + 15 rubles (but not less than 100 rubles). Exchange transactions are also possible with the card (at the internal rate of the MasterCard system). The commission will be 2%. 2. "Card with pluses". The peculiarity of this product is that she participates in the Svyaznoy Club project. The program implies the accrual of bonuses for purchases purchased in partner stores (up to 15% of the amount spent). Points can be exchanged for any product. A payment document can be used to pay in online stores, retail outlets, restaurants, cinemas, etc., and you can use it to withdraw cash. Servicing the card will cost the user 499 rubles for 3 years. 3. Virtual card. This is a full-fledged payment document, the only difference of which is the absence of a material carrier. Using the card, you can pay for goods in online stores, top up the balances of paid accounts on entertainment sites, and more. It only takes a few seconds to make a card. You do not need to pay anything for document maintenance. Yandex.Money is a domestic electronic payment service controlled by the legislation of the Russian Federation. System users can pay for services, purchase goods, transfer funds to partners.