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WebCreds is a one-stop online payment platform. The service is still very young (it appeared in 2008), but people with experience in the electronic financial market talk about it as a very promising payment system.
2008, to put it mildly, was not a very favorable period for opening any enterprise: at this time the world was engulfed in an economic crisis. However, a group of young and ambitious people were not afraid of difficulties. The surrounding people argued that the payment system would not be able to stay afloat, because even the hardened sharks of the banking business went to the bottom, what to say about an enterprise that was just born. Fierce competition will simply trample young entrepreneurs. 
But these prophecies, fortunately for many web users, did not come true. EPS WebCreds was not only able to survive in a difficult struggle, but also to increase its capital, expand its sphere of influence and collect a fairly large client base. The company was able to get on its feet thanks to a well-built development strategy: the organizations management was able to attract very strong and influential partners to its side. And heres the result: literally a year later, the number of registered users in the system exceeded 25 thousand. The expansion of the enterprise extended to the states of the post-Soviet space, the services of the service began to be used in Luxembourg and even in the United Arab Emirates. 

In 2009, WebCreds and the Anelik money transfer system entered into a partnership agreement, thanks to which the payment possibilities have significantly expanded: now users can make trans-state money transfers. Sitting on the couch, clients transfer money to each other through the WebCreds server. If necessary, you can use the terminal network.

Service capabilities are expanding

The founders of the payment system were not going to stop there: their plans include becoming one of the ten best electronic payment systems in the world. Therefore, work on the development of WebCreds is actively continuing. The organization creates its own network of terminals. System participants can make instant payments. Comfort and safety attracts customers. But they like even more the low commission fees, and in some cases - their absence (for example, you can replenish your e-account balance for free).

Integration with other financial institutions

Gradually, the service is synchronized with large domestic banks (VTB24), EPS (E-Port), financial transfer services (Contact) and many other financial organizations. Clients can pay for the service or send money to a partner through partner services: online banking systems, self-service terminals, payment acceptance points, cash desks, etc. Cooperation with the financial organization Raiffeisenbank has also yielded significant results: system participants can replenish their e-wallets through payment VISA , MasterCard cards .  

Own developments

WebCreds services (terminals, online banking system, mobile bank) run on software developed by the employees of this payment system. The program, with the help of which the payment system is integrated with other organizations, was also created by WebCreds employees.
For internal settlements, WebCreds electronic money is used. From the account registered in the payment system, you can make payments in favor of one and a half thousand enterprises and organizations, paying for over 400 types of services.

Internet mall Iferta

In autumn 2009, consumers were presented with a new service that had no analogues at that time - the Internet mall Iferta. This is a kind of virtual showcase with an incredibly huge assortment of goods (hundreds of thousands), presented by various virtual retail outlets. Such a shopping center in the Global Network.
Thanks to the Internet mall, shopping has become more comfortable and exciting. When purchasing products from many stores, the buyer "puts" the goods in one basket. Here you can find everything: from clothing items to large household appliances, without having to “run” from one shopping site to another, paying for purchases and ordering delivery several times.
You can pay in two ways:
• using a payment card;
• from an e-wallet in the WebCreds payment service.
Iferta is an unconventional virtual commerce format. By registering once, a person gets access to hundreds of stores simultaneously. The launch of the new service allowed expanding the EPS client base.

Movie tickets

Tracing the history of the development of the payment system, one can see the desire of its creators not only to amass decent capital, but to offer its users a qualitatively new level of service. Along with traditional services, non-standard services are being actively created and developed.
The WebCreds service together with the Karo Film company developed a new project, thanks to which the system participants could purchase cinema tickets by paying for them in any convenient way.
Usually, through the Internet, you can only book tickets, and then you need to come to the theater half an hour before the start of the film and pay at the box office. And if the movie buff is even a minute late, his ticket will be sold. WebCreds and Karo Film have solved this problem.
To be able to purchase tickets at any hour of the day or night, users need to perform several steps.
1. Register on the official resource "Karo Film".
2. Choose a motion picture, having decided on the viewing time and cinema.
3. Pay a fee from the WebCreds e-wallet.
4. Get the ticket identification number.
5. Come to the beginning of the session and present the ticket ID to the cashier.
6. Get a pass to the cinema hall.
Tickets purchased in this way will cost the same as at the box office. Of course, you will also need to pay a commission. But it is only 0.6% - this is a small payment for comfort.
Very soon, devices will be installed in the lobbies of cinemas, with the help of which people can independently print their tickets without having to contact the cashier.

Payment for services through the WebCreds service

The service capabilities allow you to pay for the services of various enterprises:
• utilities;
• organizations supplying Internet communications;
• making payments for IT services (software, games, applications, etc.);
• transfer of funds to mobile phone accounts;
• payment for city telephony;
• purchase of travel documents for various types of transport (urban, intercity, etc.). 

Working with self-service terminals

Payment service WebCreds owns its own terminal network. Users can pay for goods and services, make money transfers.
Financial transfers are carried out with the participation of the Anelik system. Anyone can send funds to loved ones or friends living abroad. You can get money on the territory of almost a hundred states. Only domestic monetary units are used - rubles. The fee is paid by the sender. The collection amount reaches 1.5% and is determined by the tariffs of the Anelik company. WebCreds does not charge any fees for using payment equipment.
At the end of the payment procedure, the terminal will issue a receipt, which will contain the identification number of the transaction: the subscriber should be notified about it: only by presenting it at the point of issue of money, he will be able to receive cash.
The service is available for people who have issued an AnelikCard identification document. The card is issued at the payment points of the Anelik company. A passport is required to obtain the document. In addition, the operator will ask for information about the recipient: last name, first name and patronymic, as well as the number of the branch of the financial institution to which the transfer will be sent.

Payment cards

WebCreds is the first company to offer its customers the use of bank cards for virtual payments. Such financial transactions are safe and convenient. Moreover, their cost is significantly lower than the price of transactions carried out in another way.
Cardholders can take part in promotions, receive discounts on goods or services. The cards are accepted by almost all trade organizations, including online malls.
The management of WebCreds has entered into a partnership with Raiffeisenbank . This made it possible to expand the list of products offered by the payment system. Now system participants can use payment cards MasterCard, VISA to pay for goods and services.
The service offers a simple procedure for using payment documents. Users do not need to open card e-wallets, and then transfer funds to them from current accounts registered in banks. You need to link the instrument to the user account, specifying the details of the payment document.

Bank card registration procedure

To link a card to an account, you need to go through several stages.
1. You should connect to SMS-banking.
2. Indicate the details of the document and information about its holder by filling in the appropriate fields of the registration form.
3. Carry out a trial financial transaction (this is necessary in order to check the synchronization of the card with the users personal account).
4. Receive an SMS message containing the document activation password.
5. Activate registration by entering the code received in the SMS.
You can link any MasterCard or VISA card to the payment. It is possible to use virtual payment documents, but this will require permission from the financial institution that issued the card.


Many users of the World Wide Web are wary of being asked to provide their payment information. However, the management of the WebCreds service guarantees its clients complete confidentiality and security.
When the data gets to the server, it goes through the encryption program and takes the form of a cipher. As such, they are stored in the system and transmitted over a secure protocol.
The financial security of the clients of the service is based on the following principles:
• recognition of all users who participate in the transaction;
• ensuring confidentiality;
• registration of all financial transactions, archiving, the ability to view the history of payments;
• irrevocability of transactions;
• the integrity of all payment procedures.
Security is also provided by two-phase authorization. To get into their account, the user must go through several stages of authentication.

Good reputation for the company - above all

WebCreds executives are not banking on the companys working capital growth, but on its reputation. Giving interviews to journalists, Ilya Abud (one of the founders of the payment system) said that the company can easily compete with the giants of the domestic electronic financial market. He noted that the company could cooperate with portals that generate good income, but have not a very good reputation (for example, porn sites or something like that).
However, the creators of WebCreds do not care about one-time earnings. The main thing is reputation, because the future of the entire organization depends on it.

Cooperation with virtual retail outlets

The WebCreds administration offers cooperation to owners of organizations whose activities are aimed at e-commerce. To date, a new project is being developed, in which an important role is given to online stores. The internal currency of WebCreds will be used to carry out settlements between organizations connected to the service.