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VTB North-West

VTB North-West is part of the VTB financial group. The bank was founded in 2011. The main focus of the financial organization is serving corporate clients.

Loans for business representatives

VTB North-West Bank offers a huge range of products related to the provision of loans. Here you can apply for:
• credit lines (with and without renewal);
• courts in domestic or foreign currency units;
• overdraft loans;
• loans with the use of securities (bills);
• provision of bank guarantees, etc.
The client can independently determine the size of the interest rate by choosing the loan amount, the term of the contract. Loan terms depend on the needs of the borrower: it can be a long-term loan or a loan provided for a short period of time. The bank administration has a democratic approach to providing loans. Most of the products provide flexible terms for granting loans and lax requirements for borrowers. Loan applications are considered as soon as possible, so that clients of a financial institution can timely and efficiently resolve financial issues.

Lending objectives

By applying for a loan from VTB North-West, a businessman will be able to meet the needs of his enterprise for:
1. increasing working capital;
2. updating the equipment;
3. expansion of the company.

Loan products from VTB North-West Bank

Corporate lending consists of a wide range of products. Each client can easily choose a loan in accordance with their needs.
1. Loans for a short period of time. This product can be issued both in Russian rubles and in the currency of other countries. Most often, clients enter into a contract for a year and a half. You can apply for this type of loan at the branches of a financial organization.
2. Overdraft. This loan helps out in cases when there is not enough money in the companys account to carry out a payment transaction. For example, its time to pay salaries to employees, and the funds will be credited to the account in a week. Open an overdraft and the problem is solved.
This loan is also issued for a short period of time. Loan funds can be used to increase the range of goods, purchase new equipment, pay state duties and taxes, etc. That is, temporary financial difficulties can be easily resolved with an overdraft.
The advantage of this type of lending is that revolving loans are issued without providing additional documents.
To apply for an overdraft, you need to contact one of the branches of VTB North-West.
3. Lines of loans. Making out this type of loan, the borrower can receive funds in domestic or foreign currency. The loan is issued in shares, the amount of which is specified in the loan agreement. The date of payments is also preliminarily negotiated. With the help of a line of loans, you can close the "hole" between the need for a loan and the moment it is provided. The advantage of this product is that the borrower is relieved of the need to collect documents and go through the tedious procedure of applying for a loan every time there are financial problems.
Thanks to this method of financing, the management of the enterprise can plan its expenses: the working capital is replenished in a timely manner, which means that the production cycle will be observed. Credit lines help: • pay employees salaries on time; • expand the range of goods; • to carry out trade and procurement activities. 4. Lending by means of bills. This type of lending is quite profitable and very convenient. Using bills of exchange for loan processing, the client receives credit funds at reduced interest rates. The borrower can instantly pay for services or goods. Securities can be endorsed an unlimited number of times. In addition, the client can redeem the bill as soon as available funds become available, without waiting for the expiration date of the contract. 5. Provision of bank guarantees. Bank guarantees are a tool that helps build trust between partners. The meaning of guarantees is that the credit institution takes responsibility in the event that the client does not fulfill his obligations. JSC VTB North-West provides a guarantee for: • payment for goods and services; • refund of funds paid in advance; • execution of the terms of the transaction; • repayment of a loan issued by a third-party banking organization, etc. This product can be issued both in the currency of our country and in foreign currency units. 6. Accounting for securities (bills) issued by other banks. The bank is buying back promissory notes. A financial institution receives the right to dispose of securities at its own discretion, which means that the right to demand money on promissory notes also passes to the bank. 


VTB North-West also conducts its work in the area of depository services for clients. The activities of a financial organization are based on state permits (licenses of the Central Bank of Russia and the Federal Commission for the Securities Market of the Russian Federation), as well as on the laws that are in force in our country.
The bank works with a large volume of promissory notes, shares and bonds, the total value of which is over 80 billion rubles. The depository services are used by more than 1,500 clients (domestic and foreign banking organizations, global financial agents, brokers, etc.). Many large Russian enterprises use depository services from VTB Bank.
Customers of the depository can use all the services provided by VTB Group.

Cards for corporate clients

For corporate clients, the bank issues special payment cards, with the help of which the head of the company can pay the expenses for business needs, pay travel expenses to his employees and much more.
Corporate payment instruments provide an enterprise with freedom of action, allow the use of various payment methods, and adapt to the economic situation.
Using the cards, the head of the company will be able to:
• withdraw cash (in rubles);
• pay by non-cash payments on the territory of the Russian Federation (in rubles);
• pay by non-cash payments on the territory of other states (in foreign currency);
• carry out financial transactions in domestic or foreign currency (in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation).
Bank VTB North-West issues cards for corporate clients in conjunction with international payment systems MasterCard , VISA . Why do I need to issue a payment card? Working with a card is much more convenient and safer than working with bank accounts. In addition, there is no need to store and transport cash, which means that costs and risks are reduced. Corporate cards facilitate the work with issuing travel funds and reduce the burden on the accounting and cash departments of the organization. A corporate payment instrument can be used not only in our country, but also abroad. A company leader can effectively manage finances and set security parameters. For example, you can enter a limitation on expense transactions. By connecting corporate online banking, you can view the history of transactions, monitor the movement of money, receive account statements, etc. These options allow you to control the actions of employees who have access to the card account. In addition, you can connect an SMS notification service. Each financial transaction will be accompanied by a message with information about the account balance, the amount spent, etc. Another advantage of this type of payment card is that even if the document is lost, the client can easily withdraw funds from the card account. The card will be restored as soon as possible.  

Deposits for corporate clients

OJSC "Bank VTB North-West" offers representatives of companies and organizations a line of products related to savings.

Standard Term Savings Account

In this category, the bank offers several deposit programs. Deposits differ among themselves by the duration of the contract, the possibility of replenishing or spending money, the method of paying out profits.
You can put rubles or foreign currency into the account. The client can choose a deposit in which interest is paid every month to a special account. Profit can be received after the deposit expires. There are also products that provide for the possibility of payment and receipt procedures.
The interest rate will depend on the amount invested and the period for which the deposit is opened.


This type of deposit provides for the placement of money for only 1 day (provided that the deposit is opened on Friday and closed on Monday). Interest rates are set by the Treasury. You can invest Russian, American and European money. The client must deposit at least 1 million rubles into the deposit account.
Funds can be transferred from the current account of VTB Bank or from an account opened with a third-party financial institution.

Deposit "Structural"

A structured deposit is a "hybrid" that combines a standard deposit product and an option contract. This type of deposit can bring good income, provided that the client chooses the right investment strategy.
The term for such a deposit can vary from 1 week to 3 years. It is necessary to deposit at least 3 million rubles into the account . You can also invest in foreign currency.

Placing a deposit on an account

This product assumes the accrual of profit on the minimum (or average monthly) balance on the clients current account.

Acceptance of payments from bank cards

VTB North-West Bank offers corporate clients to use the merchant acquiring service . Using this service, the company will be able to provide its customers with the opportunity to make payments using payment cards. The method of non-cash payments has become very popular: it is convenient and safe. Stores or organizations that accept card payments attract the attention of customers. Acquiring , provided the bank "VTB North-West", it has a number of advantages. 1. Payments are made very quickly. The money will be credited to the recipients account the very next day. The bank has its own processing center, which increases the level of reliability and safety of financial transactions. 2. The banks specialists will be able to find a special approach to each of the clients. The management of the financial institution maintains a flexible pricing policy, so that customers can choose the best tariff plan. In some cases, the amount of commission fees may be revised and reduced (provided that the turnover of funds on payment cards will be increased). 3. The level of service meets international standards. In case of any questions or difficulties in working with the service, the client can contact the customer support center. The service works around the clock. There are several channels, so it will not be difficult to contact the operator. Problems are eliminated as soon as possible. Acquiring connection does not affect the clients wallet in any way . The bank assumes all costs. Employees of a financial institution will install and prepare equipment for operation, train cashiers (training takes place in specially equipped classrooms), and provide information materials. Enterprises pay only for actually carried out transactions (the amount of the commission is determined by the money turnover on payment cards).