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Bank VTB 24

VTB 24 Bank is a member of the VTB group of financial companies. VTB 24 services are used by ordinary Russians, individuals engaged in private entrepreneurship, as well as representatives of a small business segment.
The sphere of influence of VTB 24 has spread throughout the territory of our state. There are 1,062 branches of a financial institution in over 70 Russian regions. The company offers our compatriots all types of banking services:
• production of plastic cards (debit and credit);
• loan products (consumer products, mortgages, car loans);
• remote services;
• deposits;
• making payments and bank transfers;
• rental of safes.
The company uses modern IT-technologies, thanks to which the banking service moves to a qualitatively new level.
The authorized capital of VTB 24 is almost 104 billion rubles. The main shareholding of the company belongs to VTB Bank (over 99%).

Loan products for private clients

In this financial institution, you can apply for various types of loans:
• cash loan;
• mortgage;
• loan for the purchase of a vehicle;
• refinancing.

Cash loan

The most popular among the banks clients is such a product as a "real money" loan. The borrower receives cash as soon as possible at his full disposal. The loan can be repaid ahead of schedule, while independently specifying the schedule and amount of payments.
To draw up a contract, you must contact the bank branch. The loan is issued within 60 minutes.
VTB 24 clients can open one of three types of consumer loans.
1. "Large" - a loan, having issued which, a person will receive a large amount (up to 3 million rubles) at low interest rates (from 17%). The contract is concluded for a period of 1 to 5 years.
2. The "Fast" product provides for a fixed rate of 18%. The amount of the credit limit is up to 3 million rubles. The term of the contract is from six months to 12 months.
3. The loan "Convenient" provides rates from 19% / year. The client can receive cash up to 400 thousand rubles.
cards Credit cards are another convenient and profitable way to get a loan. Many clients draw up payment documents “just in case”. And this is the right step, since money will always be at hand. This is especially true for unforeseen expenses. Holders of credit cards automatically become members of bonus or discount programs, thanks to which they can save an impressive amount on purchases.
An application for a card can be submitted at a bank branch or from a personal account registered on the VTB 24 Online server. Bank managers will help you choose a product in accordance with the clients preferences: the loan amount, debt maturity, the most profitable promotions and offers, etc.
The financial institution offers several types of credit cards - from classic to products designed for status clients. There are also specialized payment instruments.
1. Pocket Card ”is ideal for unexpected waste. The document allows you to withdraw "real money" from ATMs or cash desks of a financial institution.
2. Cash back - thanks to this card, the client can return 1% of the amount spent on purchases.
3. "World Card" is chosen by travel lovers. When paying for goods using a payment document, the cardholder collects bonuses in the form of miles. Points can be redeemed for air tickets or pay for hotel rooms.
4. "Autocard" is a great gift for the driver. She returns part of the funds that were spent on gas station services. Cardholders can use the Roadside Assistance service free of charge.
5. "Card of impressions" is suitable for those who often visit cafes, restaurants, theaters, cinema, nightclubs. To pay for services, it is worth using this particular card, since it "returns" a certain part of the amount spent.
Bank customers who have issued credit cards at VTB 24 can take part in the Collection project and periodically receive surprises and gifts from the financial institution and its partners. To do this, you just need to make purchases and pay for them with a payment card.


Buying a home with a mortgage

VTB 24 Bank provides a wide range of mortgage products. The company participates in the state program of subsidizing rates, thanks to which Russians can purchase real estate at reduced interest rates - 11.9% / year. The client can apply for a loan for the purchase of a secondary home or apartment in a building under construction. The available amount can reach 90 million rubles at a rate of 13.1%. The borrower will have to make an initial payment of 15% of the apartments value. The purchase of real estate, which is pledged by the bank, will be beneficial. In this case, reduced interest rates are provided - from 12% / year. The upper limit of the credit limit is 90 million rubles. The initial payment will be 20% of the cost of housing. Favorable terms of mortgage lending can be used by Russian military personnel. For them, the bank offers a rate of 12.5%. 


Car loans

Dreams come true with VTB Bank 24! Now there is no need to save up money all your life to buy a car. The financial organization cooperates with dealerships and with many car manufacturers, therefore the bank offers favorable conditions for car loans.
Buying a car of domestic brands (Lada, Kalina, UAZ, Largus), the client can get a loan at an interest rate of 9.9% / year. The loan amount will be 1 million rubles. The contract is concluded for up to 36 months. The borrower must pay at least 20% of the cost of the car.
Loans for new cars of foreign production are also available. It is worth using the Million product, which allows you to buy a car worth up to 3.5 million rubles. Interest rates - from 14.9%. The first payment must be at least 20%.
The company offers several more car loan products, each of which has its own distinctive features: rates, contract terms, the need for insurance and collateral, etc.

Profitable investment

VTB 24 offers several products that Russians can use to accumulate decent amounts of money. These are deposits with interest.
1. "Comfortable" deposit is an ideal solution for those who may need finances every minute: the terms of the agreement provide for account replenishment and debit transactions. Interest rate - 6% (for deposits opened online, the rate will be higher). An account is opened in domestic or foreign currency. The client will independently determine the terms of the contract. The depositor can also choose the method of calculating profit: the income can be capitalized, added to the total amount of the deposit, or every month it can be credited to the current or card account.
2. The "Accumulative" product offers rates up to 7.85%. It is allowed to replenish the deposit, but funds cannot be spent. You can draw up an account at a bank branch or from an account in Internet banking (in the latter case, the interest rate increases). Interest can be capitalized or transferred to a special account.
3. By placing a deposit "Profitable", you can get the highest income - up to 8.15% per annum. The client determines the method of paying out the profit himself - capitalization or crediting to a separate account. The terms of the contract do not provide for the conduct of expense and income transactions.

Basic conditions for deposits

Deposits can be opened for third parties. When registering an account with a bank branch, the client must invest at least 200 thousand rubles (or 3 thousand conventional units). Replenishment is carried out in the amount of at least 30 thousand rubles (1 thousand conventional units). For online deposits, more favorable conditions are provided: higher rates, the minimum deposit amount is 100 thousand rubles (500 conventional units), the minimum amount of replenishment is 1 ruble (1 conventional unit).

Remote service system

Internet banking VTB24-Online

By registering in the VTB24-Online system, the user gets access to all banking services from his work or home computer. Payments are made instantly. Tariffs in Internet banking are much lower than in bank branches, and in some cases the commission is not charged at all. You can work with VTB24-Online from any corner of the world.
To become a user of online banking from VTB 24, you need to contact bank employees, provide a civil passport and sign an agreement. There is no charge for connecting the service and maintaining the account.
VTB24-Online has great advantages over traditional banking services:
• cost savings (reduced commissions, and in some cases - their complete absence);
• saving time (no need to go to a bank branch to pay for a utility or transfer money to partners - all this can be done without leaving home);
• convenience (the virtual office is equipped with an intuitive interface; you can set up payments directly in your account; the user can create templates for regular transactions);
• integration with other banks (through an online banking account, you can make both intra-system and interbank payments).

Possibilities of VTB24-Online

From a personal account registered with VTB24-Online, the user can:
• pay for the services of mobile operators, utilities, Internet and TV providers;
• pay taxes and fines assigned by traffic police inspectors;
• carry out domestic and interstate money transfers;
• transfer funds between your own card and current accounts;
• send money to clients of VTB 24 Bank, indicating only the number of the card or current account or UNK;
• carry out conversion operations on favorable terms;
• draw up deposits;
• repay credit debts;
• receive information on accounts and cards;
• monitor the movement of money;
• prepare accounting reports and receive account statements;
• to carry out transactions on the stock markets;
• purchase bars made of silver, gold or platinum;
• take out insurance for travel outside the Russian Federation;
• configure the SMS notification service.

Telephone service

VTB 24 employees have developed another remote service that provides the banks customers with more comfortable conditions. It is a voice menu system. The subscriber, following the instructions and pressing the phone keys, gets access to information regarding banking products. The Telephone Bank provides:
• information about services and products;
• the ability to apply for a loan;
• information on deposits;
• information about the state of the account or payment card;
• the ability to order a card with credit funds;
• information about the balance of debt on loans, the schedule of payments and the amount of the current payment;
• tools for connecting online banking;
• consultation by telephone.

Mobile phone applications

By downloading the application to a portable device (tablet or smartphone), the user will be able to access his accounts at any second. Mobile banking provides information about the status of accounts, allows you to track the movement of money and receive reports on transactions. Using the mobile application, the user will be able to carry out various types of financial transactions: payments, money transfers, deposit management. Using a virtual card, you can quickly find the nearest bank branch, self-service terminal or ATM.

Bank transfers

VTB 24 customers can make money transfers within Russia or abroad. There are 3 types of financial transactions.
1. From a bank account. Money can be sent to accounts registered with VTB 24 Bank or with other financial institutions operating both in the Russian Federation and in other countries.
2. Without opening an account. The transfer is accepted in cash. Money can be credited to the beneficiarys account or given to him.
3. Through money transfer systems. These are addressless transfers. The recipients details include the country and city, as well as personal data. The subscriber will be able to withdraw money at any point where transfers are issued. Financial transactions are carried out instantly anywhere in the world, where there are branches of "Western Union".