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UniCredit Bank

UniCredit Bank has a rather long history. It appeared on the domestic financial market in 1989. It is one of the largest banking structures. It ranks 9th among hundreds of large financial institutions.
The bank specializes in providing services to corporate and private clients. The companys activities are regulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation and accompanied by General License No. 1 of the Central Bank of Russia.
The sphere of influence of the company extended to 17 European powers. The company has representative offices in more than 50 countries of the world. The financial network consists of almost 8 thousand branches and branches, of which 3 thousand operate in Europe.
A wide range of banking products is offered to clients:
• lending;
• plastic cards;
• remote services;
• SMS-informing service;
• rental of safes;
• RSC;
• deposits;
• insurance programs and much more.

Modern technologies

Taking care of the comfort of their customers, the employees of the UniCredit Bank company are launching modern services, thanks to which customer service moves to a qualitatively new level. Now all payment transactions can be carried out from any device: personal computer, tablet or mobile phone.


By connecting to the Enter.UniCredit service, users will be able to make payments from any location on the planet. The system can be accessed from various types of computer equipment. You can enter the site through all browsers operating on the web.
Enter.UniCredit accounts are equipped with all the options you need to work effectively with finances. From his virtual office, the user can:
• receive complete information about the state of current or card accounts, savings and loans;
• make payments in favor of one and a half thousand organizations without charging a commission;
• make internal transfers;
• send funds to accounts registered in various banking structures;
• manage deposits;
• repay loans that were opened in a bank operating within the Russian Federation;
• order all types of services;
• to carry out currency exchange operations.
To access Enter.UniCredit, you will need to complete only 3 steps.
Action 1. Come to the bank and fill out the form.
Action 2. Get the keys to enter your account (the login will be given by the consultant, and the password is automatically sent to the mobile phone in an SMS notification).
Step 3. Open the website and log into your account using the received login details.
Bank customers can transfer money to partners or friends while sitting at their office or home computer. Several options are offered:
• for cards issued by domestic financial companies;
• to internal card and current accounts (no commission is charged);
• to current accounts with third-party banking organizations.
Financial transactions can also be carried out using a modern phone with the "smart" function. To do this, you need to download the Mobile.UniCredit software to your device. The program is synchronized with iOS Android operating systems.

Provision of services over the telephone

System participants can use the services of the customer service center. The user will receive competent advice on all issues related to the work of this financial institution.
Contact information is indicated on the banks official website By using the Phone.UniCredit voice menu, the client can get complete information about the status of card and current accounts, deposits and loans. Information is provided automatically. The Phone.UniCredit service does not depend on the Internet connection. With Phone.UniCredit you can: • inquire how much money is on the account; • view the history of the last three payments; • get information about loans: debt, payment schedule, size of the current payment; • receive information on the invested funds: the balance of funds, the date of termination of the agreement, the profit received from interest. To connect Phone.UniCredit, you should contact bank employees or use an ATM. Then you need to register (by phone) following the voice prompts. 

Terminal networks

UniCredit Bank owns a large chain of banking equipment located in many localities in Russia. They work around the clock, so clients can carry out financial transactions at any convenient time.
Using ATMs, you can perform the following types of financial transactions:
• withdraw cash;
• replenish card and current accounts (cash in domestic and foreign money is accepted);
• repay loans that were issued in this financial institution or in other banking structures;
• carry out intra-bank and inter-system financial transfers;
• make payments in favor of enterprises and organizations supplying various types of services (mobile and city telephone communications, housing and communal services, etc.);
• receive information about how much money is left in the account;
• set new PIN codes.
Having left the country, cardholders can easily receive "real money" at all ATMs that belong to a financial institution.
When receiving cash from the companys ATMs, the client does not pay a commission. You can get "real money" free of charge at ATMs of organizations that are partners of "UniCredit Bank".
Remote services make it easier to work with payments. Thanks to virtual banking, clients can save time (no need to go to the bank and stand in queues) and their finances (there are reduced online transaction rates).

Comprehensive service

Service packages are very popular. The service is carried out on an "All inclusive" basis. The client takes part in promotions, accumulates bonuses, draws up insurance, etc. The package also includes a debit payment instrument from UniCredit Bank.

"Without Borders"

When registering this product, the client receives a VISA Air payment card. The bonus program allows you to purchase goods at discounts and accumulate bonus points (miles). Bonuses are awarded in the following cases:
• upon activation of a payment document (500 points are transferred to the account);
• during the purchase of plane tickets, payment for the services of hotel complexes, rental of vehicles (3% of the amount spent is charged);
• for payment for goods and services purchased in retail chains that are partners of the bank (the cardholder receives 2% of the purchase price);
• 6% / year is charged on the amount that remains on the card.
1 bonus mile is equal to 1 ruble. Having collected the required number of bonuses, a person will be able to exchange them for air tickets to any corner of the planet. You can use points for payment at all airports in the country.

Card account management

You can manage the card through remote services (mobile application and online banking, terminal networks).
In the personal account of the virtual bank, you can find out about the amount remaining on the account, pay for services (utilities, Internet and communications providers, etc.).
The terms of the VISA Air card provide for reduced tariffs for financial transactions: • commission fee is not charged for payment of services; • internal transfers are free of charge; • by sending funds to an account registered with a third-party financial organization, a person will pay 0.3% of the commission fee (no less than 20 rubles and no more than 150 rubles). Cardholders can withdraw cash using the services of ATM networks around the world (no commission is charged).  

Control over income and expense transactions

The package of services "Without Borders" includes an SMS-informing service. From the messages received on the mobile phone, the client will learn about the status of his account, about the transfers and expenditures of funds. The package also includes a voice menu. Using it, it will be possible to obtain complete information related to loans and deposits.
Clients can order several additional payment instruments for their family members. You do not need to pay for issuing cards. You can open currency or ruble card accounts. Additional cards are linked to the main document, so it will be possible to control expenses on all accounts. This function is especially useful if children use the card: parents will always know if the child has withdrawn money and where he spent it.


Traveling abroad, travelers must take out insurance. This is a prerequisite for everyone who crosses the state border. Clients who have purchased a package of services from "UniCredit Bank" do not have to worry about this: the insurance policy is part of the complex.
The policy is issued by the international insurance agency CAO ERGO. It provides for:
• financial assistance in case of accidents;
• services of medical institutions;
• compensation for waste as a result of the loss of baggage or its delay and other problems that may arise during the trip (delay or cancellation of the flight, etc.).

Experienced support

Long journeys are often accompanied by unforeseen situations, which may require the assistance of qualified specialists. When going on a trip that will last up to 3 months, the client can count on the help of medical professionals and lawyers.

Lending terms from "UniCredit Bank"

UniCredit Bank employees have developed several programs related to lending:
• credit cards;
• loans for everyday needs;
• mortgage credit lending;
• loans for the purchase of a vehicle.

Credit Cards

The bank offers a wide range of credit cards. All products have unique characteristics. On card accounts (depending on the terms of the agreement), an amount from 300 thousand to 1 million rubles can be stored. The peculiarity of credit cards from "UniCredit Bank" is the grace period of crediting: within 55 days from the date of the first purchase, the borrower does not pay interest.
Holders of credit cards can take part in the Champions Choice program, which offers favorable conditions for using a payment document. By paying with a card, a client can get a discount, which is accrued in the form of points. When paying in restaurants or cafes, the user will receive a 5% discount; in other cases, 1% of the money spent is returned. The client can control the accrual of points through an online banking account.
Bonuses are exchanged for sporting goods. Cardholders are allowed to draw tickets for the Champions League games.

Loans for everyday needs

By contacting a financial organization, you can get a loan for the purchase of furniture, household appliances, computer equipment, clothing. Loan funds can also be used to pay for services (such as medical care or training).
Loans are issued in local currency. The borrower can receive up to one and a half million rubles at a rate of 15.9% / year. You can draw up a loan agreement for a period of 2 to 6 years (depending on the amount).
After collecting the necessary documents, the client submits a petition to a special commission. It will take no more than 1 banking day to process the application. Consumer loans are unsecured. The main requirement of the bank for borrowers is a positive credit history.
The client can pay off the debt ahead of schedule without paying additional commission fees.

Purchase of real estate in a mortgage

Clients of UniCredit Bank can purchase real estate without any problems. To do this, you need to use mortgage products. Having issued a loan, you can buy a new or used apartment, a country house with a garden plot and other types of real estate. For those who dream of purchasing housing in the Russian capital, special mortgage projects are provided.
The banks clients can take advantage of the terms of the state loan subsidy program, which implies reduced interest rates.
The bank also offers such a product as mortgage refinancing, as a result of which you can change the terms of lending.