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TransCapitalBank has been serving clients since 1992. The first years were not very fruitful. A new era for a financial organization began at the end of the 90s, namely after O. Gryadova took the reins of government in 1999. An experienced manager managed to get the company out of a difficult situation. Today the organization consists of several divisions, including credit and leasing companies.
In autumn 2004, TransCapitalBank becomes a member of the state deposit insurance program. This step helped attract new investors.
In 2015, TransCapitalBank was entrusted with a responsible mission - to reorganize the commercial bank Investtorgbank. As a result, TransCapitalBank fully controls the activities of the sponsored financial institution. Two more leasing companies are transferred under the banks wing.
The influence of the banking structure has spread to 20 Russian regions. The company consists of 13 branches and 49 offices. The bank has its own ATM and terminal network, which consists of 460 devices.
TransCapitalBank is a universal financial structure working with clients of various categories. About 420 thousand Russian citizens and representatives of domestic business use the companys services. The banks clients are defense industry enterprises, oil refining complexes, hotels, social establishments, etc. For corporate clients, the banks specialists have developed such services as:
• cash settlement;
• financing products;
• deposits and savings;
• remote services;
• factoring and leasing;
• trade acquiring;
• salary programs;
• transportation and storage of cash;
• bank guarantees;
• currency control;
• customs and corporate cards and much more.
TransCapitalBank took care of ordinary citizens as well, providing them with a wide range of banking products:
• lending;
• savings accounts;
• rent of individual safes;
• payment transactions and money transfers;
• work with foreign currencies and banking metals (bullion, coins).

Providing financial support to SMEs

TransCapitalBank works with enterprises of various sizes. The bank pays a lot of attention to firms that represent a small segment of the domestic economy. Loan programs have been developed for small companies, favorable conditions of which contribute to the successful development of business. When creating financing products, the banks specialists focused on the specifics of a particular economic sphere: a special credit program is provided for each industry. 1. Lending to trade organizations and social enterprises. The loan can be issued in a lump sum or in the form of lines of credit. The bank puts forward quite loyal conditions: no insurance is required, any property of the borrower (real estate, equipment, commercial vehicles) can be used as collateral. Clients are also attracted by favorable interest rates (from 15.25% / year). And for enterprises that have issued a guarantee in the "SME Bank" the rates will be even lower. A business owner can receive up to 30 million rubles. The debt should be repaid within 6 years. This product can be used by companies that have been working for at least 90 days. Annual revenue should not exceed 400 million rubles, and the company should have no more than a hundred employees. 2. Lending for energy saving programs. The purpose of the financing is to improve the energy efficiency of the enterprise. An entrepreneur can modernize energy and technological equipment, install alternative energy sources (for example, solar panels). These measures will help to reduce the cost of the products that the company produces, which means to increase the turnover and attract new customers. When applying for a loan, a client can count on the help of TransCapitalBank. The financial institutions specialists will assess the effectiveness of the project and provide advice on the implementation of the program. An entrepreneur can arrange a loan for a long period at low interest rates. The loan is issued both in domestic currency (16.5 - 18.5% / year) and in foreign currency units (10 - 11% / year). 3. Loans for exporters. Enterprises that supply their products for export can get a loan in the amount of 80% of the value of the export contract. The purpose of financing is to increase working capital. The debt is repaid within 24 months. The client must provide a deposit. This can be an insurance contract or a right to receive contractual proceeds. The guarantee of the owners of the enterprise can also serve as security. 4. Overdraft. This product allows you to close the gap between receipts of funds to the companys current account. Overdraft helps out in cases when it is necessary to make a payment (for example, to pay suppliers), and the company will receive the money only after a few days. The loan amount can reach 10 million rubles at a rate of 14%. You do not need to provide collateral to apply for a loan. 5. State support for SMEs. Young entrepreneurs can take part in government subsidized loans. The interest rate is only 15.25% / year. The loan agreement is concluded for up to 5 years. The funds received can be used for various purposes: the purchase of commercial real estate, the automation of production, the implementation of repair work, and so on. You can apply for a loan from TransCapitalBank through the banks official website. 

Serving corporate clients

Cash collection

The bank offers collection services. The financial institution owns specialized vehicles that are equipped in accordance with modern safety requirements. Cash collection is carried out by professionals who have been working in this field for more than one year.
The head of the company can conclude a contract for the transportation of money (the amount is not limited), documents of special importance and valuable things. The bank uses an individual approach to each client: the peculiarities of the company and the wishes of the manager are taken into account. The contract can be concluded for a long term or for a one-time transportation of valuables.


The companys cashiers can independently collect the proceeds. This can be done using payment terminals and self-collection cards.
This service reduces the risks associated with storing cash. The cashier can collect money at any time. You can send proceeds to the current account on an hourly basis. Terminals are installed on the territory of the enterprise.
Self-taxation cards are used only for transferring proceeds to the current account. The payment instrument is not suitable for paying for goods, services or withdrawing cash from ATMs. Therefore, the manager may not worry that the responsible person will be able to use the card for other purposes.
The owner of the company can control the operations carried out on the collection card: messages are sent to the cell phone, which indicate the transaction amount, date and time, as well as the number of the collection document.

Payroll client programs

Salary programs allow:
• to rationally approach the planning of working hours (the volume of documentation is reduced, the procedure for paying salaries is simplified);
• optimize the work of the accounting department;
• save budget money (excludes the cost of transportation and storage of cash);
• transfer salaries to employees accounts without leaving the office (you can work with a salary project through the Client-Bank service);
• make payments on time.
Paying salaries to TransCapitalBank cards is also beneficial for employees. Payment cards are issued and serviced free of charge. The holder of a salary document can withdraw cash at any ATM of this financial institution and partner banks (no commission is charged). The account balance can be monitored remotely using the Customer Support Service and the SMS-informing service. Salary clients automatically become members of the TKB. Club".

Merchant acquiring

Merchants can connect to acquiring, which allows them to accept cashless payments. Bank cards American Express, MasterCard , VISA are used for payment transactions . Acquiring will empower consumers and increase turnover. The bank installs and connects equipment free of charge, as well as trains cashiers to accept payments through bank cards. If you have any questions or difficulties in acquiring, the client can get advice over the phone (the support service works around the clock). On the Internet resource of the TransCapitalBank company you can find instructions for cashiers (link to the banks website The store owner can connect mobile acquiring and accept payments without being tied to a specific location. The portable terminal can also be used as a cash register. The peculiarities of the mobile terminal are that the device can work in autonomous mode: • the device does not need to be connected to a power source; • work is carried out through the networks of mobile operators; • the device is small in size and light in weight, so it is convenient to transport it.  


Foreign exchange control

TransCapitalBank controls all foreign exchange transactions that are carried out through this financial institution:
• under foreign trade agreements;
• for loan products;
• under non-trading contracts.
Bank employees accompany each stage of the transaction, due to which contracts are concluded in strict accordance with applicable law.

Bank cards for corporate clients

For corporate clients the bank issues special payment documents:
• cards for payments of partner enterprises;
• customs cards;
• corporate client cards. Payment
cards for partner enterprises
TransCapitalBank offers special documents for its partners. It is a convenient payment tool. The card can be credited with payments from clients of the company, collected proceeds, deposits and other payments. The cardholder can withdraw cash, pay in shops and organizations that provide paid services. This is an unnamed payment document that is issued instantly. The card is issued and serviced free of charge. 

Customs cards

Customs cards are used to pay customs duties. Thanks to the tool, the time for making payments for customs services is reduced. Cards are accepted at all customs points of the Russian Federation.
Customs cards allow you to:
• quickly register the goods;
• pay customs duty at any time;
• simultaneously submit a declaration and make a payment;
• eliminate the need for an advance payment and the possibility of overpayment;
• conduct customs payments via the Internet.
The head of the company can order several customs documents and issue them to all employees who transport goods. Cards are linked to one account. You can control expense and income transactions using messages received on the mobile phone or e-address of the owner of the company in whose name the account is opened.
These tools are used only for making customs payments. Cards are not accepted in shops and regular terminals.

Corporate customer cards

Corporate customer cards are used to pay for entertainment and travel expenses, as well as expenses related to the companys business. You can get “real money” with the card.
With the help of corporate tools, you can:
• control the expenditure of budget funds;
• set limits on the amount of expenditure transactions;
• monitor money turnover;
• withdraw cash in foreign currency (if the cardholder is outside the Russian Federation);
• pay by non-cash payment method;
• simplify the procedure for financial reporting.
The corporate card is not intended to pay salaries to employees.