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More recently, a new platform has appeared on the Internet that helps users to carry out virtual payments. We are talking about the TeleMoney service. The participants of this EPS can take advantage of the wide opportunities in the field of electronic payments.
TeleMoney can be described as a secure payment system equipped with a reliable security system.
The partners of the service are trading sites, online organizations providing IT services to Network users, banks, non-bank financial structures, electronic payment services and other companies.

TeleMoney: characteristic features

The payment has specific features that distinguish it from competitors. First of all, it is a unique method of attracting users. The method is based on motivation and rewards. For example, paying for services through the TeleMoney service, the client "returns" a certain part of the amount that was spent during the payment procedure. A 3% discount is provided for financial transactions that were made within the system.
The money will be credited to a special wallet in the form of bonuses. The account holder can use the accumulated funds as soon as the need arises. You can spend money on anything: pay in an online store, pay for cellular services, etc.
Many customers of the payment system do not want to "go far" and shop in the virtual shopping center "Restok" attached to the payment service. All kinds of goods are presented here. In "Restok" you can find everything your heart desires: from wardrobe items to computer equipment. Therefore, the participants in the system mainly spend their bonuses in this online store.

The concept followed by the companys management

The administration of the payment system prioritizes the interests of its customers. Service employees take care of the financial security of users, reliable and uninterrupted operation of the server, ease of use and comfort in the implementation of payment procedures.

Registration in TeleMoney

If you are interested in the conditions offered by TeleMoney, and you decide to become a client of the payment, then you should go through the registration procedure. Its pretty straightforward. You can understand the registration algorithm intuitively. Pop-up tips will also help.
1. Go to the official website of the payment service
2. Click the "Login" button (located in the upper right corner) - the authorization page will open in front of you. On the same page there is a button "Register" - you need to press it.
3. A registration form will open, the fields of which must be filled in. Minimal information is required from future customers: just the address of an e-mail box. You also need to come up with a strong password and confirm it.
4. Put a check mark next to the phrase "I am not a robot" and press the "Register" button again.
5. You will automatically be taken to your TeleMoney personal account. Registration is complete.
Login to the account is carried out by the e-address and password that were provided by the user during registration.
Of course, registering an account is not enough to buy goods or pay for service providers. To use all the payment options, you should regularly top up your e-account balance.
Attention! One person can only register one account. If it is noticed that the user owns two or more accounts, all personal accounts will be blocked.

Loyalty programs

The administration of the payment service is trying in every possible way to stimulate customers. For this, the system operates several projects, the participants of which can receive discounts on goods or services, or earn bonuses.
The company provides a discount on intra-system financial transactions (up to 3%). When shopping in the Restok virtual shopping center, users can "return" up to 50% of the amount spent.
Clients can take part in a partnership project, the purpose of which is to attract new participants to the system. The task of partners is to disseminate information about TeleMoney among Internet users. Posts can be posted on forums, in social networks, you can simply tell your friends and acquaintances about the possibilities of the service. The result of the work is additional income. For each client registered on the recommendation of a partner, the company pays 300 rubles.
Affordable entertainment with Dailysmiles
Members of the system can take advantage of a unique offer - to have fun practically for free. A person can relax in a restaurant or bowling alley, work out in a fitness club, visit a beauty salon and much more by paying for the services of these establishments with a 90% discount. To do this, you need to purchase a Dailysmiles coupon. This can be done through the payment site. Payment is accepted in all convenient ways.
After the client has paid for the coupon, a notification will be sent to his e-mail with a link to confirm the transaction. You will be able to get complete information about the project in your account. You should print the coupon or write down its number, and then provide it to the cashier of the organization. Coupons are valid for 2 months.
You can tell your friends about the program by inviting them to purchase Dailysmiles coupons and earn extra points.

Can everyone become a member of the TeleMoney system?

Like any financial organization, TeleMoney has certain requirements for its customers:
• Only people with Russian citizenship can register in the system;
• the service works only with adult clients.
It is clear that these requirements are very conditional: during registration, no one requires identity documents. Therefore, even if, for example, you are a minor citizen of a neighboring state, you can easily issue an account. But when it comes to real work (making payments or calculating bonuses), then problems will arise: the system will require scans of the passport of the Russian Federation, and you, of course, cannot present them.

Personal identifier

Each user receives an original identification code. It consists of 12 characters and is assigned when registering an account. The code is generated automatically. Why is it needed?
The identifier is used to confirm financial transactions. Each time you withdraw funds from your e-wallet, you will need to indicate your identifier number. This code should be taken seriously, as it acts as a key that opens access to finance.
It is recommended that you save the number on some kind of digital storage medium, such as a flash drive or in the memory of your smartphone. It is necessary to observe strict secrecy: if the number falls into the hands of strangers, the administration of the service does not guarantee safety for your finances.
It is not worth disclosing such data as login and password that open access to your personal account. The identifier should be stored in a separate file.

About account status

At the first stage of working with the TeleMoney payment system, customers are provided with a standard set of basic functions. But you can connect additional options and thus expand the possibilities of working with electronic payments. To do this, you need to upgrade your account status.
The payment system uses a non-standard certification system. It consists of 31 steps. Climbing up each of them, the system participant gradually opens up more and more new possibilities.
To connect additional functions, the client needs to provide scanned copies of documents (civil passport), personal data (surname, name, patronymic, e-mail, mobile phone number).

What money is used in the system?

TeleMoneys activities are based on the laws adopted in Russia, therefore, when making settlements in this service, domestic banknotes are used. The amount of payments can be calculated with an accuracy of one kopeck. The minimum limit for intra-system transactions is 1 ruble. In the case of cross-system payments, the limits are set by the organization to which the funds are sent.

Deposit and withdrawal of money. System tariffs

TeleMoney is a universal payment system that provides its users with various options for depositing / withdrawing funds. To replenish the balance of an e-account, you can use the following methods:
• payment terminals;
• prepaid cards of this electronic system;
• credit cards of the Russian Sberbank;
• financial transfers from any bank operating in the Russian Federation;
• cash desks of the Contact money transfer system.
You can also pick up finances from the TeleMoney e-wallet in any convenient way.
1. To a bank account that was opened in a financial institution registered in Russia. Funds are credited within a few days. The cost of the operation is 2% + the fee provided by the bank to which the money will be sent.
2. The user can withdraw cash as well. This can be done through the cash desks of the Contact company. The transaction will take no more than 2 days. The cost of the service will also please - only 3%.
3. You can top up e-accounts registered in other payment services. Cryptocurrencies are exchanged. The operation takes 2-3 seconds. The cost of a transaction is determined by the exchange office through which the transfer is made.
4. Money can be transferred to VISA cards . The receipt of funds is expected within 5 days. 3% + 50 rubles (commission fee) will be deducted from the transferred amount. 

Payments to merchants and other organizations

System participants can:
• shop on virtual trading sites;
• pay for government services (including traffic fines);
• repay loans received from Russian credit institutions;
• pay for cellular and city telephony services, Internet providers and television channels, etc .;
• purchase domains and hosting;
• buy tickets for various types of transport;
• pay for the services of entertainment portals (for example, virtual gambling clubs);
• top up the balance of accounts on social networks and much more.

Facts about the high level of service

TeleMoney is a unique payment service. His methods of working with clients differ significantly from those used in other EPS. The following facts testify to the high quality of the services provided:
• The service employees have developed a reliable protection system that is able to effectively resist the actions of intruders;
• users can analyze all their transactions, view payment history and control expenses;
• the payment system has a multi-stage user identification system;
• clients at any time of the day or night have the right to access their account and find out about the status of the account;
• TeleMoney administration implements partner projects and loyalty programs that motivate users to work with the service.

Security of personal and payment information

All personal and payment data of customers are not available to unauthorized persons. The system user database operates in an independent mode and is protected by special programs. The information is encrypted and transmitted over secure communication channels. Each transaction is confirmed by a special file (certificate) containing keys and other information that characterizes the server. If the certificate is not digitally signed, the financial transaction will be suspended.
Security directly depends on the owners of e-wallets. They can set their own security settings. For example, a user can specify the IP addresses that he often uses to log into his account. If someone tries to access your personal account from an address that will not be indicated in the settings, the system will block the entrance.
The billing administration recommends that account holders closely monitor the movement of funds, expense transactions, payment history. This will allow you to notice suspicious transactions and promptly respond by contacting the Cool Center for help.