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Tatfondbank is a universal financial structure, part of which belongs to the state. The company serves small entrepreneurs, large enterprises and private citizens. 1994 is considered the year of foundation of the organization. It is one of the largest banks operating on the territory of our state. At the moment (end of 2016) the companys assets exceed 214 billion rubles. The authorized capital is more than 14 billion rubles, and the size of the organizations own funds has crossed the mark of 27 billion rubles. 
International rating agencies confirm the reliability of Tatfondbank. Russians trust the company with their finances without fear: more than 27 billion rubles are stored on deposits of corporate clients, and ordinary citizens have invested about 74.5 billion rubles. The settlement accounts of enterprises contain almost 7 and a half million rubles.
Tatfondbank specializes in issuing loans to legal entities and individuals. The organization provided loans with a total complexity of over 124 billion rubles.
The bank owns a large network of banking equipment, which consists of 1200 ATMs. The financial structure includes 91 branches (branches operate in large settlements of our country).

Products for legal entities

A financial institution serves enterprises of various levels - from small firms to large corporations. The bank provides corporate clients with the following services:
• financing;
• bank guarantees;
• RSC;
• operations with securities;
• cards of corporate clients;
• rent of individual safes;
• remote service systems, etc.

Lending projects

It is quite difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to survive in a highly competitive situation. The bank helps small businesses cope with difficulties. Tatfondbank offers favorable lending conditions:
• the possibility of obtaining a loan in several tranches, a line of revolving loans;
• an individual approach to setting the schedule for repayment of credit debt;
• early repayment of a loan without charging fines;
• no commission fee for funds that remained unspent on the overdraft or line of loans;
• providing a loan for the implementation of long-term projects.
To obtain a loan, the head of the company should submit an application to the Tatfondbank company (this can be done online or by contacting the nearest bank branch).

Deposit programs

Employees of the financial institution have developed several deposit products, the terms of which will appeal to both young entrepreneurs and leaders of large organizations. Small or very large amounts can be deposited on accounts. The bank offers a flexible profit payment system. There are deposits where you can place funds in foreign currency.
1. "Rational Income". This is a ruble deposit, the conditions of which imply the possibility of replenishment and partial withdrawal of funds. You must deposit at least 50 thousand rubles into the account. Profit is paid at the end of the term (transferred to the companys current account ). The contract is concluded for a period of 2 to 12 months. The rate depends on the amount invested and the loan term.
2. "Maximum income". This product can be issued both in national and foreign money. The depositor needs to place from 100 thousand rubles or from 10 thousand dollars / euro. Replenishment and partial withdrawal of money are not allowed on the deposit. The client can terminate the contract ahead of schedule, but in this case, the profit will be calculated according to the terms of the deposit "On demand". The income is paid at the end.
3. "New Horizons". This is a short term deposit. Its validity period varies from 2 weeks to 3 months. When opening an account, a depositor must deposit an amount of 10 million rubles or more. The deposit is made in local currency.

Corporate customer cards

A financial institution issues payment documents intended for corporate clients. Tatfondbank is the official partner of the transnational systems MasterCard, VISA. This means that bank cards are accepted around the globe. Corporate cards are a payment instrument with which you can pay entertainment, travel and business expenses by non-cash payments. The card can be used to withdraw cash at any ATM. When conducting financial transactions through this payment document, there is no need to record the transaction in the cash book. The corporate card holder gets round-the-clock access to the companys finances. The payment document is indispensable when traveling abroad, since the conversion is automatically carried out within the account - at the exit the client receives cash in local currency. You can replenish your card account at any time. The head of the enterprise or authorized persons will be able to control expenses by receiving financial reports and tracing the history of transactions. 


Trade organizations can use the acquiring service from Tatfondbank, thanks to which the store can accept payments by non-cash payments. The owners of retail outlets understand that it is not only convenient, but also beneficial. Acquiring allows you to increase the turnover of the enterprise and eliminate the risks associated with accepting cash. In addition, the stores expenses for collecting proceeds will decrease.
By connecting to the acquiring of Tatfondbank, the entrepreneur will not invest personal funds. Only the cost of the transaction is paid, all other expenses are borne by the bank:
• installation and connection of equipment;
• training;
• provision of information and advertising literature.
Transfer of payment to the account of the store is carried out within 3 banking days.
Enterprises operating on the World Wide Web can connect to the Internet acquiring service.

Private client service

Tatfondbank provides ample opportunities to ordinary citizens. Private clients can:
• get a loan;
• open a deposit;
• manage finances;
• carry out transactions with securities;
• rent individual safes.

A few words about loan programs

The financial institution offers Russian citizens acceptable credit terms. Here you can get a loan for the purchase of consumer goods, the purchase of a car or real estate. Lets consider the conditions of some projects.
1. Consumer loans. Depending on the type of the program, the client can receive a loan in the amount of 10 thousand to 2 million rubles. Interest rates range from 16.49% to 25.49% / year. Some programs do not require security. The loan agreement is concluded for up to 7 years (depending on the amount).
2. Car loans. This product will allow you to purchase a car. Bank employees have developed several car loan programs. The "Universal" product allows you to purchase a car for personal use. The client can receive from 60 thousand rubles (the maximum threshold is not limited) at a rate of 15.5-25.5% / year. The rate depends on the amount of the initial payment, the amount of which must be at least 5% of the price of the car.
Having issued a loan "Commercial Transport", the borrower will be able to buy a car for use in his business. The contract is concluded for up to 60 months. The minimum amount is 60 thousand rubles, the maximum is not limited. Interest rate - 18.49% - 24.49% / year. The borrower needs to make an initial payment - at least 20% of the car price.
You can apply for a loan on more favorable terms. To do this, you should use subsidized loans. For these products, the interest rates are only 10.8% / year. However, here you have to comply with some requirements: the car must be released not earlier than 2016. The financing period is 36 months.
3. Mortgage products. The proceeds from these loans are used to purchase real estate. Clients can buy a new home or an apartment that has already been used. You can also get a loan to build your own home. The programs also allow you to purchase commercial premises: trade pavilions, warehouses, offices, etc.
The loan amount can reach 50 million rubles at rates of 12.99% to 14.99% / year. The debt can be repaid within 20 years. The initial payment is only 15%, and in some cases it is not required at all.
4. Credit cards. This product is the most popular. And there is nothing surprising, because credit cards from "Tatfondbank" has undeniable advantages:
• interest-free funding period for 50 days from the date of the payment transaction;
• the ability to receive bonuses and discounts;
• comfort of using a payment document;
• reduced interest rates (interest is charged only if the borrower has not repaid the debt by the end of the interest-free period);
• revolving credit;
• free connection to the service of SMS-notifications.
Having issued a card, a client can receive up to 300 thousand credit funds at a rate of 25.49% / year. When making non-cash payments, the cardholder can get a discount of up to 10%.

Profitable products

To receive a stable income, you can place free funds on the deposit accounts of Tatfondbank.
By opening a ruble deposit, a client can receive a profit of up to 9.3%. The account should be at least 100 thousand rubles. Income is paid every month. Interest can be capitalized or transferred to a separate account. Account replenishment is possible, as well as partial withdrawal of funds (in the amount of interest that has been capitalized).
Clients who have funds in foreign currency on hand can use foreign currency or multicurrency deposits. When opening a foreign currency account, the depositor must deposit at least 1,500 conventional units. Income depends on the term of the contract (3, 6 and 12 months) and can reach 0.5%. The client can dispose of the funds at his own discretion: replenish or withdraw funds (expense transactions are allowed in the amount of capitalized interest). The profit is transferred every month to the depositors bank account.
Multi-currency deposits are opened simultaneously in 3 types of monetary units: rubles, dollars and euros. Profit depends on the currency: ruble investments will increase by 7.6%, foreign currency investments - by 0.3%. The account can be funded, but withdrawals are not allowed.
Special offers are provided for people of retirement age. Such clients can receive the maximum income - up to 9.3% / year. When opening an account, the client must present a pension certificate and invest at least 1,500 rubles. Interest is paid to a bank account.

Payment documents

The bank issues settlement instruments MasterCard , VISA . The organization offers a wide range of bank cards: there is a product for each category of customers. Here you can issue electronic cards that are intended for online payments, standard payment instruments, as well as premium products. There are also cards that allow you to receive income up to 7% in rubles and up to 2% in foreign currency on the balance of funds stored in the account. The advantage of debit instruments is that they provide discounts on goods and services (in some cases, up to 10%). Status cards provide their holders with almost unlimited opportunities: • concierge service; • access to VIP-lounges of airports; • travel insurance, etc. Cards are a convenient tool with which you can effectively manage your finances: withdraw cash from ATMs, pay for goods in stores, make payments for services through terminal networks. It will take no more than 4 days to issue a plastic card.  

Remote service

The banks specialists have developed several services that allow clients to manage money without leaving their own home.
1. "Voice menu". This system allows you to get information about the account balance, learn about changes in the foreign exchange market, block / unblock access to the card account.
2. "Online partner". This is virtual banking, which users can use all types of financial services. By installing the mobile application, the client will be able to make payments using a laptop.
3. SMS bank. This service allows you to manage finances using messages sent from your mobile phone.