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"SKB-Bank" stands for "Bank for the Promotion of Commerce and Business". This commercial financial organization is the largest banking structure operating in the Sverdlovsk region. The company is a federal bank.
The central office is located in Yekaterinburg. The Bank provides all types of financial services to enterprises of various sizes and private clients. Representative offices of the organization operate in 150 settlements of our country.
SKB-Bank has been operating since 1990. The company is actively involved in the development of SME facilities.

Time for good deeds

SKB-Bank takes an active part in the social life of the country. The organization is the initiator of charitable programs, the purpose of which is:
• to provide targeted assistance to childrens institutions and boarding schools for the elderly;
• increasing the level of medical care for children with serious illnesses (the company pays for expensive drugs and medical equipment);
• education of the younger generation (the bank provides material support during competitions, finances the construction of playgrounds and sports grounds, contributes to the improvement of urban infrastructure, etc.);
• implementation of personalized projects: "The fulcrum" (the goal is vocational guidance of high school students), "Pages scorched by the war" (a virtual photo album dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War), "Our choice is life!" (the project is aimed at educating a healthy generation).
Bank clients can also contribute and provide all possible assistance to people who need it. Its easy to do. You need to go to the official portal of the SKB-Bank company (website, open the “Time for Good Deeds” section and press the “Help Children” button.
The bank offers several ways to transfer funds to the accounts of charitable foundations:
1. Change issued by pretty pennies is often a burden for our wallet, but this little thing can help people in need. The client can ask the cashier to transfer the change to a charitable foundation. The transfer of funds is confirmed by a check.
2. You can transfer money through remote services.
3. Receiving profit from interest on the "Ordinary Miracle" deposit, the client transfers 0.06% to the account of childrens organizations.
4. Holders of the Dobra Card payment instrument are also participants in the charitable project.

Serving business representatives

SKB-Bank specialists have developed a full range of services for small entrepreneurs and large enterprises. Corporate clients can use:
• settlement and cash services;
• credit programs;
• deposit products;
• the terms of the salary project.

Settlement and cash services

Within the framework of
cash settlement services, corporate clients can: • open a current account within 1 banking day;
• use an online banking service designed specifically for business representatives;
• issue a corporate client card;
• become a member of the Partner Club and post advertising information about your company free of charge;
• carry out transactions until 9 pm.
To open a current account, a businessman should complete only three steps.
Action 1. Fill out the application form directly on the website and press the "Submit" button.
Step 2. Take a call from bank employees to clarify details.
Action 3. Come to the bank branch with a package of documents and sign a cooperation agreement.

Loan programs

Young entrepreneurs can use the financial support from SKB-Bank. Thanks to loans, you can increase production capacity, expand the enterprise, increase working capital and much more:
1. "Stable growth." Having issued this loan, the borrower can receive up to 70 million rubles at a rate of 15% / year. The loan agreement is concluded for a period of 1 to 3 years. The borrower needs to provide collateral. This can be equipment, commercial vehicles, or real estate.
2. "Stable growth of KLZ" (line of loans with debt limitation). The client receives an amount of up to 70 million for up to 3 years. Tranches arrive at intervals of 1, 2 or 3 months. The interest rate is 14.5%. In some cases, a loan can be obtained without collateral.
You can apply for a loan to SKB-Bank while sitting on the couch. To do this, use the remote service systems. The credit commission will issue its verdict within 1 business day.
The bank makes the following requirements to corporate borrowers:
• the length of service of the company must be at least 1 year;
• the company must be registered on the territory of the Russian Federation.

An easy way to increase your business budget

The financial institution invites business owners to increase the budget of their firm at the expense of the profit earned from interest. The banks specialists have developed a wide range of deposit products.
These can be standard deposits, the terms of which do not provide for the possibility of carrying out debit transactions or early termination of the contract. You can open the shortest-term account - "Overnight". This product provides for the placement of funds for a period of 1 day or more. For example, you can invest money on holidays or weekends when the company does not need working capital.
A profitable option is deposits with the possibility of replenishment and partial withdrawal of money. The terms of such products allow the head of the enterprise to freely dispose of finances.

Participation in a salary project

Paying wages to employees through a bank is not only convenient, but also beneficial. SKB-Bank is implementing a salary project and invites the heads of companies to take part in it. Benefits, salaries, travel and other payments are transferred to cards of the international format VISA . This step will allow the company to reduce costs associated with paying salaries and eliminate the risks that accompany transportation and storage of cash. In addition, the salary project will optimize the work of the accounting department. For employees of the enterprise, this is an equally profitable solution. Thanks to payment cards, the process of receiving wages is greatly simplified: a person can withdraw as much money as he needs, without being tied to a specific time and place (you can withdraw funds from ATMs). The bank provides additional privileges to holders of salary cards: favorable lending conditions, high profitability on deposit programs. You do not need to pay anything for the execution of salary payment documents. The money is credited to the recipients accounts with an accuracy of 1 day. The bank offers special conditions to enterprises with a staff of about 20 employees. For example, the Loan for Own program provides preferential lending terms. In addition, the borrower does not need to worry about making the monthly payment on the loan on time: the deductions will be made from the salary. This will eliminate the possibility of delay. Holders of salary cards are automatically connected to remote service systems. 

For private clients

A full range of services has been developed for ordinary citizens who can take advantage of:
• favorable lending conditions;
• high profitability on savings accounts;
• comfortable conditions for making payment transactions and money transfers;
• modern remote services.

Passive income

By placing funds on deposit accounts from SKB-Bank, Russian citizens can receive additional income. A wide range of deposits will allow you to choose the most favorable and comfortable conditions:
1. "An ordinary miracle". This contribution allows you to get profit up to 9.25% / year. The deposit agreement is concluded for up to 3 years. When opening an account, the client must deposit at least 1,000 rubles. Income is paid every month. The client can independently determine the method of paying interest: capitalization or crediting to a special account. The account can be replenished.
2. "Fulfillment of desires." The deposit agreement is concluded for 9 months. The yield can reach 7.7% / year. The amount of the initial payment is at least 10 thousand rubles. Partial withdrawals and deposits are not permitted.
3. "Lucky Coin". This account can be opened in national or foreign currency. The yield is 8.5% / year. The term of the deposit is up to 12 months. Profit is paid quarterly.
4. "Pension". This is the best option for the elderly. The deposit provides complete freedom of action (the client can replenish the account or partially withdraw funds) and a good income of 6% / year. The interest is capitalized every month and is added to the total amount of the deposit.
How to overcome temporary financial difficulties?
Credit programs offered by SKB-Bank will help to solve temporary financial difficulties:
1. “For everything about everything” is a consumer loan, the funds from which can be used to purchase household appliances, computer equipment, furniture, fur products, tuition fees and healthcare services, etc. The borrower can receive an amount in the range of 51 thousand - 1 million 300 thousand rubles. The loan must be repaid within 5 years. The debt can be paid ahead of schedule (fines are not charged). 2. A credit card is a profitable and convenient way to obtain a loan. The client can dispose of funds at his own discretion: withdraw cash, pay for goods, etc. The peculiarity of credit cards from SKB-Bank is the interest-free period, which lasts 62 days. At this time, the borrower only pays in the amount actually spent. Interest is accrued only upon the expiration of the grace period, if the loan is not repaid by that moment. The client can receive an amount up to 300 thousand rubles. Holders of a credit instrument can purchase goods with a discount of up to 3%. 3. Refinancing the loan. This project allows you to change the terms of lending. The product is designed for borrowers who experience force majeure circumstances (for example, dismissal from work), and people cannot pay off debts on time. The interest rate is fixed - 19.9% / year. 4. Mortgage lending. The bank offers several products that allow Russian citizens to acquire their own housing. The loan can be repaid over a period of 30 years. The interest rate ranges from 13 to 15% / year. You can take advantage of preferential terms and buy an apartment in the residential complex " Roshinsky ". In this case, the rate is 13.5%, of which 5% is assumed by the Government of the Sverdlovsk region. 

"SKB-Bank" on the couch

Bank customers can carry out financial transactions without leaving their homes. This opportunity is provided by the SKB - online service . By registering in the system, you can manage finances, track the expense and receipt of funds, contact the employees of the financial organization.
From his account, the client can receive complete information about:
• the state of current and card accounts;
• the amount of accrued interest on deposits;
• the amount of monthly payments and the schedule of payments on loan debts.
The capabilities of the service allow you to pay for various types of services, including the repayment of a fine issued by a traffic police inspector, payment for services of utilities, repayment of loans issued in third-party banks, and much more. Online banking users can replenish card accounts, make deposits, send money to clients of other financial institutions. To pay for regular services, you can use payment templates. This convenient option saves the payer from the tedious procedure of entering payment details.
The users personal account is equipped with virtual cards, with which one can find out the address of the nearest bank branch and the location of ATMs.
By downloading the mobile application, you can make payments from your tablet or smartphone.
To connect to the service, the client should contact the bank employees (you must have a civil passport with you). You dont have to pay for the connection. What do you need to become a user of " SKB - online "? Quite a bit:
• current, salary or card account with SKB-Bank;
• computer device;
• access to the Network.