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Russian standard

Russian Standard Bank has been providing its services since 1999. Today the company has federal significance. She is on the list of the largest domestic financial institutions.
The bank specializes in providing credit services to citizens. Lending offers work in almost 1400 cities and towns of our country. The company has 28 million clients. The financial institution has issued loans to Russians in the amount of over 2,048 billion rubles.
Russian Standard Bank is also the leader in the provision of depository services: favorable terms on deposits and the opportunity to receive a stable income attract Russian citizens.
The company has a wide network of offices and branches (about 170 branches in total) and its own network of ATMs and self-service terminals.

Remote maintenance services

The specialists of the Russian Standard company have developed remote services that allow carrying out financial transactions without visiting a bank branch:
• Internet banking;
• mobile bank;
• application for mobile phones "Credits";
• SMS bank;
• RS- Express ;
• Mobile Payments application;
• SMS-informing;
• "INFO M @ IL";
• "Telephone Banking".

Internet banking

Internet banking allows you to perform almost all banking operations without leaving your home. By registering in the virtual bank system, the user will be able to pay utility bills, pay off loans, pay taxes or fines, purchase goods in online stores, view transaction history and plan expenses, make money transfers, and more.
Internet banking from "Russian Standard" is a secure service: information is encrypted and transmitted over secure channels. Access to the account will open only after the client enters the username and password. Each operation is confirmed by a one-time code that is sent to the users mobile phone.
The advantage of online banking is the ability to create recurring payment templates. This option saves the client from having to constantly enter payment details. The list of companies to whose accounts you can transfer funds via Internet banking does not include all Russian enterprises. However, customers can independently expand the list by leaving a request to add a recipient.
The service works around the clock and seven days a week, so the client can pay for services or transfer money to partners at a convenient time for him.
Users of the virtual bank do not pay for account maintenance. No commission is charged for payment of goods.
To register in the system, you must contact the employees of the financial organization "Russian Standard" and sign an agreement. Holders of the "Bank in Pocket" payment document automatically become Internet banking users.

Bank in a cell phone

Mobile banking provides access to bank services from different parts of the world. Clients have the opportunity not only to make transfers and pay for services or purchases, but also receive reports on transactions, open deposits, create templates, apply for a virtual card, and more.
The data for entering the mobile banking system are issued by the employees of the Russian Standard company during the conclusion of the contract for the provision of Internet banking services.

Application for smartphones "Credits"

The Loans application allows you to view information on loans and credit cards. This service will prevent late payments. The user can:
• view the debt repayment schedule;
• find out the end of the grace period for crediting (for cards);
• obtain the necessary information on loan products (interest rates, terms, etc.);
• find your bearings in the location of the nearest office, ATM or payment terminal;
• set a reminder that the due date has come.
Additional services of remote maintenance
1. SMS-informing is a service that provides information about the state of the account and the success of the transactions.
2. Thanks to the SMS-bank service, a client can perform financial transactions from a mobile phone (repayment of credit debt, payment for goods or services, etc.). To do this, you just need to send messages to a special number.
3. Payments can also be made over the telephone. The Telephone Banking service will help you with this.
4. INFO M @ IL provides information about the current or card account to the clients email address. From the letters, the user will be able not only to find out the balance of his account, but also to receive financial reports, statements, and more.
5. RS- Express allows you to conduct financial transactions online. The service is available to all users of the World Wide Web.
6. With the help of the Mobile Payments service, you can easily and quickly pay for the services of cellular providers.


For enterprises and organizations

Russian Standard Bank works with private business owners as well as with heads of state-owned enterprises. Special products have been developed for them:
• loans;
• deposits;
• settlement and cash services;
• trade and online acquiring ;
• salary projects.

Loans for business

Business leaders can get loans for business development. In addition to the standard set of products, Russian Standard also offers such types of lending as a bank guarantee and operations related to foreign economic financing.
1. A loan for a short term is an ideal option for those who need money urgently. The credit limit, interest rates and terms of the agreement are determined individually for each client. The collateral can be liquid assets, guarantors or liabilities, which provide for the receipt of profit on an account opened with Russian Standard Bank.
2. A bank guarantee is a product that is used by both private businesses and state enterprises. The cost of the service is set individually for each organization. In addition, the specialists of Russian Standard will provide competent advice regarding the structuring of the transaction and help prepare the necessary documents.
3. Trade finance service implies assisting an organization in financing transactions related to import or export. The banks clients can use such trade finance instruments as:
• financing of transactions related to imports;
• financing of pre-export operations ;
• letters of credit.

Settlement and cash services

Corporate clients can open an account in domestic or foreign currency. The bank offers several types of accounts.
1. A current account can be opened by enterprises that do not engage in lending, as well as private entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens for settlements.
2. A special account is drawn up for a certain type of transactions provided for by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
3. A budget account is opened by persons who perform operations with funds coming from the state budget.
For more information about settlement and cash services, please visit the portal of the financial organization Russian Standard Bank (official website  


Merchant acquiring

In modern life, non-cash payment methods are becoming increasingly popular. They are convenient for ordinary people and organizations: there is no need to worry about storing funds and cash collection.
The bank cooperates with the most popular domestic and world payment systems ( MasterCard , VIS, Discover , American Express , Mir, Zolotaya Korona). This allows you to accept payments for almost all payment cards that operate on the territory of Russia. Employees of the financial institution will select the most convenient system for accepting payment cards and install equipment that corresponds to the companys specialization. The advantage of Russian Standard merchant acquiring is individual tariff plans for each client. Online stores or organizations providing virtual services can activate the Internet acquiring service . The service allows you to receive payment for goods directly on the website of a trade organization.


Making payments and sending transfers

Russian Standard Bank offers several ways to make money transfers and pay for services.


1. RS Express is a server through which it is convenient to pay for services of mobile operators, city telephony, television and Internet providers, utilities. The service works around the clock. The interface is simple and straightforward. Being in various geographic locations, the client will be able to pay for services. The main condition is the presence of a computer device and an Internet connection .
2. Payment through ATMs or self-service terminals is convenient, fast and profitable. Banking equipment is located in public places: shops, metro, cafes. The client can pay for purchases or transfer funds from card to card at any time of the day or night.
3. Virtual payments - this method allows you to conduct financial transactions from your home / work computer or portable device. By registering an account in online banking, a person will be able to pay for goods or services without leaving home.
4. Payment is also accepted at the cash desks of a financial institution.
Financial transfers
W Erez bank can transfer funds to relatives or partners who are in different cities of the Russian Federation or abroad. The company offers the following methods of bank transfers:
• between internal accounts;
• from an internal card to accounts registered with third-party financial institutions (and vice versa);
• transfers to cards of foreign companies;
• money transfers "in real money";
• sending funds through electronic payment systems.
Money can also be transferred through remote services. This is the most advantageous way as there is no commission fee.

Bank cards

Russian Standard Bank offers a wide range of bank cards, which is able to satisfy the needs of customers from various social strata. Lets consider some products.
Easy Choice is a payment tool that is suitable for everyday use. Its a credit card. Its main advantage is the zero interest rate (until the moment when the final statement is presented to the borrower). The client does not pay commission fees for payment for goods and services. If you need cash, you will have to pay a commission of 599 rubles.
The owner receives a payment order of 30% - hydrochloric discount on services of restaurants, hotels anywhere in the world, as well as a 5% discount on the purchase of airline tickets and book hotel rooms online
The Bank in Gold Pocket card is a multifunctional payment instrument. This product allows you to get a good profit - 8%. The client can withdraw funds whenever he wants without losing profit.
By paying with a card, the holder receives bonuses - 5% of the value of the goods. Having accumulated bonuses, you can purchase any product.
Having issued a payment document, the client can receive income, accumulate bonuses and buy things at a reduced cost. This is possible thanks to the project "Discount Club", provide 30% - hydrochloric discount on goods in 3 thousands of stores. Holders of the payment instrument get the opportunity to purchase discount tickets for air transport.
The American Express Card is the perfect solution for travel lovers. Using the finances stored on the card, a person does not pay interest for 55 days from the moment of the first expense transaction. Having issued a card, the client automatically insures his health. Goods purchased with a credit card are also insured. The card participates in the "Discount Club" project and helps to save up to 30% when shopping at retail outlets that have signed a cooperation agreement with Russian Standard Bank, and 5% when purchasing air tickets on the website of the travel company.