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Rusfinance Bank

" Rusfinance Bank" is the "daughter" financial institution "Rosbank".

The main activity of Rusfinance Bank is lending. The organization provides loans for everyday needs and for the purchase of vehicles.

The banks sphere of influence has spread to 68 regions of Russia. Representative offices of the company operate throughout the country from the coast of the Sea of Japan to the Black Sea coast. In addition, the financial structure has a well-developed partner network, which includes over 25 thousand organizations.

" Rusfinance Bank" takes the leading position in the domestic credit market. The company provides a fairly wide range of financial products related to lending:

  •                    registration of loans at retail outlets and bank offices;
  •                    remote receipt of a loan using the capabilities of the contact center ;
  •                    processing of credit cards;
  •                    obtaining a loan with "real money";
  •                    car loans.

For those who dream of their own car

 Rusfinance Bank specialists have developed several programs, using which Russian citizens can purchase a car in the shortest possible time and on favorable terms. The client can buy a new or used car, a foreign car or products of the domestic auto industry. The purchase and sale agreement can be concluded both with representatives of the car dealership and with a private person. The financial institution cooperates with dealers operating in all regions of the Russian Federation (the banks list of partners includes over 2 thousand car dealerships).

You can apply for a loan directly on the Rusfinance Bank website . Here you can also calculate the interest and the amount of monthly payments.

The advantages of car loans from Rusfinance Bank are as follows.

  1.                 Profitability. A wide range of products allows you to choose the most profitable option (for example, there are loans with reduced interest rates). Loans can be repaid before the deadline specified in the contract (penalties and commissions are not charged). The client can save money by including the cost of the CASCO insurance policy in the total loan amount.
  2.                 Accessibility for every citizen. Most citizens of the Russian Federation can easily get a loan for the purchase of a vehicle. When applying for a loan, the income of all family members is taken into account. The loan is issued even to those people who do not yet have a driving license. To obtain a loan, it will be enough to present only 2 documents: a civil passport and an additional document at the clients discretion (passport, identification code, drivers license, etc.).

When purchasing commercial vehicles, the mass of which does not exceed 3.6 tons, the borrower can count on the rates provided for in the programs for passenger cars.

  1.                 Comfort. The bank provides loans, the funds from which can be spent on car equipment. The amount of such a loan can be up to 30% of the total cost of the vehicle.

To apply for a loan, the client does not need to contact the bank: the loan is provided directly in car dealerships cooperating with Rusfinance Bank.

Credit debt repayment is carried out in any convenient way:

  •                    at the cash desks of this financial institution;
  •                    using bank cards;
  •                    from e-wallets registered in popular EPS;
  •                    via terminals " Eleksnet ";
  •                    through the cash desks of third-party banks;
  •                    at points of acceptance of payments "Contact";
  •                    in the salons of cellular communication and so on.

The loan application is reviewed by the credit commission within half an hour. No commission is charged for the issuance of credit funds.

Lets consider some car loan programs.

  1.                 The Fast and Furious product allows you to purchase a respectable foreign-made car. The interest rate will be from 15% / year (the rate depends on the loan term, the amount and size of the initial payment). The loan agreement is concluded for a period of 2 to 5 years. The client needs to make an initial payment of at least 20% of the cost of the car.
  2.                 " Movement " O k ". This program provides for the purchase of a foreign car that has already been used. Interest rate is offered from 19.9% / year. A first installment of 30% of the vehicle price will be required. The machine must be at least 6 years old.
  3.                 "A great opportunity". This loan is an ideal solution for people who want to support a domestic manufacturer. The bank offers rates from 19.5% per annum . The minimum amount of the initial payment must be 20% of the cost of the car.

Loan for every day

 " Rusfinance Bank" - is a personal assistant that allows you to solve the financial problems associated with daily needs. The clients of the company can get a loan with “real money”. To do this, you need to contact the bank staff, presenting the necessary documents and filling out an application for a loan. The application will be sent to the credit commission for consideration. The Commission will issue its verdict within 1 business day. The money will be transferred to the account of the person who asked for the loan.

The amount of the commission for withdrawing cash depends on the conditions provided by the banks to which the funds were transferred.

The loan amount can vary from 50 to 300 thousand rubles. The loan agreement can be concluded for a period from 6 months to 3 years. You can calculate the rate and the amount of monthly payments using a loan calculator.

Within the framework of this program, such services are available as:

  •                    health and life insurance (if an accident occurs with the borrower, the insurance company will take on the obligation to pay the debt);
  •                    insurance of risks associated with job loss;
  •                    an SMS-notification service that allows you to receive timely information about payment transactions under credit agreements, as well as informs about the approaching date for making the next payment to repay debt.

Customer credit

 Consumer loans allow you to purchase various types of goods (fur clothing, household appliances , furniture, windows, etc.). The loan can be obtained at a store that cooperates with the bank. The loan is issued for purchases in excess of RUB 2,250. 

Experienced specialists will help you choose the most profitable lending scheme. When applying for a consumer loan, making an initial payment is not a prerequisite.

To purchase the desired item, you need to take just a few steps.

Step 1. We arrive at the store where the consumer loan specialist works (you can find out the list of partners by calling the bank).

Step 2. Decide on the choice of goods, focusing on the cost of purchase in the range from 2,250 rubles to 500 thousand rubles. 

Step 3. We are waiting for the decision of the credit commission (it will take no more than half an hour), get acquainted with the terms of the agreement and sign the agreement.

Step 4. We make the first payment, the amount of which can vary from 0 to 70% (depending on the conditions of the selected product).

Step 5. We pick up the purchase.

Issuing credit cards

 Credit cards are one of the most popular payment documents in the world. Almost all financial institutions issue their own credit cards. " Rusfinance Bank" is no exception.

The bank offers very favorable conditions for credit cards.

  1.                 The client can receive a decent amount of credit - up to 150 thousand rubles.
  2.                 Revolving credit card loan: by repaying the debt, the client can borrow again and again without going through the tedious procedure of signing a loan agreement.
  3.                 Credit cards make it possible to use funds free of charge: within 50 days from the date of the debit transaction, the holder of the payment document pays only the amount actually spent. Interest will be charged on the debt that remains after this period.
  4.                 Credit cards from Rusfinance Bank participate in the Cash-back program , thanks to which the client can get back 1% of the purchase price (funds are credited to the card account).
  5.                 Payment documents are connected to the SMS service. All incoming and outgoing transactions are accompanied by a message sent to the cell phone of the card holder. From the notifications you can find out about the state of the card account and the direction of the movement of funds. The client can also receive financial statements.

To start using your credit card, you need to activate it. To do this, follow these steps.

Action 1. Contact the Call- center (contact numbers are indicated on the official website of the bank).

Step 2. Pass the user identification by providing the consultant with personal data.

Step 3. Put your signature on the back of the document. A regular ballpoint pen is used for this.

Safety system

Credit cards are equipped with a reliable security system: payment and personal information is transmitted through secure channels. Access to the card account is opened by a Personal Identification Number (PIN-code). If the code is entered incorrectly, access to the account will be blocked. Attention! The bank administration strongly recommends keeping the PIN-code in the strictest confidence!

If the document is lost or stolen, the card can be blocked using remote customer service systems ( Call Center).

Bonus programs from VISA

The bonus program implemented by the international VISA system allows you to receive good discounts and accumulate bonuses. Holders of VISA payment instruments can participate in the program. 

When paying by card in restaurants, bars, beauty salons and other social establishments, the client receives up to 10% discount, which is credited in the form of points to the bonus account.

Special offers are provided when paying for the services of entertainment centers. For example, by visiting the Dino Play attraction , you can receive a bonus of 1,000 points. Bonuses can be spent on games and entertainment.

Shares from Rusfinance Bank

Having issued a credit card at Rusfinance Bank, the client will be able to take part in various promotions, thanks to which it is possible to effectively approach the expenditure of funds from the family budget.

For example, you can get a 5% discount on train tickets (the money is returned to the customers card account). By paying for goods and services with a card, you can win a trip to one of the countries in which world events take place (for example, in 2016, tickets for the opening of the Olympic Games in Brazil were raffled off). Rusfinance Bank cards offer discounts up to 15%.

Bank at home

 Modern technology has advanced far ahead. The changes also affected the banking sector. Today we can arrange loans and make payments without leaving our own apartment.

The remote service is also offered by Rusfinance Bank: by registering a personal account in online banking, the client can save his own time. From your account you can:

  •                    apply for a loan;
  •                    receive information on lending products;
  •                    calculate the parameters of the loan;
  •                    learn about the decision of the credit commission.

To become a user of the virtual banking system from Rusfinance Bank, you need to go through the standard registration procedure.

You can work with the Internet banking service from a stationary computer. But people who do not want to be tied to a specific location can carry out financial transactions from a portable device. To do this, you need to download a special application on your tablet or smartphone.

With the help of mobile banking, the user can:

  •                    make current payments to pay off credit debt;
  •                    view schedules of monthly payments for debt repayment;
  •                    receive information about the banks promotions and offers;
  •                    monitor the transfer of funds;
  •                    navigate the location of the nearest terminal or bank branch.

Registration and maintenance of accounts in the virtual and mobile banking system are free of charge.