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Payment service ROBOKASSA is an intermediary between clients and various financial institutions (banks, money transfer systems, electronic payments, etc.). Some users will ask: "Why do you need an intermediary if you can go to the bank and pay for services calmly?" The fact of the matter is that you still need to get to the bank branch (most banks have opened their offices not in all localities of the country), and with ROBOKASSA you can work online from your home computer or mobile device. In addition, the company owns a wide network of payment terminals that are installed in many Russian cities. 


Beginning of work

The payment service is used by both individuals and corporate clients. To become a member of the system, you need to register an account on the official website of the company http://www.robokassa.ru.
Registration procedure for buyers It is very simple to
register in the system as a buyer. To do this, click on the "Buyers personal account" (located at the top of the page) and fill out the application form. 
A minimum of information will be required from the future client: last name, first name, patronymic, e-mail, password to log into the account and password confirmation. Then you will need to confirm authorization through a letter received at the e-address. Thats all - a new full-fledged owner of a personal account in the ROBOKASSA system has appeared. In his account, the user can configure security settings, link cards and bank accounts, receive bonuses, and more.

Registration for store owners

A sellers account can be opened by legal entities, private entrepreneurs and individuals. Owners of virtual retail outlets will have to go through a rather complicated registration procedure. Several steps will need to be taken.
1. Open the category "Personal account of the store".
2. Fill out the registration form, in which you must specify the following information: organization name, client login, administrator login, administrator email, promotional code. We put a tick next to the phrase "I have read the terms of cooperation" and press the button "Register".
3. We confirm authorization via e-mail.
4. We indicate the data about the trade organization in the user profile (category "Settings", section "Data of the legal entity).
5. Open the category "My Stores" and link your trading site with the account of the organization. 6. Configure the parameters of synchronization of the online store with the "Robokassa" payment service. We connect all the necessary modules. Recommendations provided by the payment system employees and technical documentation will help in this. To test the operation of a trading site, you should use the testing mode. 7. Go to the "My Stores" category again and submit an application for activating the organization. 8. We upload copies of documents allowing entrepreneurial activity (section "Documents"). Some documents must be submitted to the office of the payment service in paper form ("User Questionnaire", a signed Agreement on connecting the store and a notarized power of attorney (if the agreement is signed by a trusted person)). 


Payment for goods and services

ROBOKASSA is a universal payment system. Its members can accept payments, make money transfers, pay for goods and services, and many others. The payment system provides its customers with a wide range of payment methods.
Payments by bank cards
Most users pay for purchases or services from card accounts (credit or deposit). This is one of the most convenient and safest ways, especially in the case of unexpected purchases: money will always be “at hand”, even if it is not possible to withdraw cash.
In EPS ROBOKASSA, you can use payment instruments of the worlds most popular MasterCard and VISA systems. All transactions are checked by a special program and confirmed by one-time passwords. These safeguards provide additional protection against intruders.
Payment from e-wallets registered in EPS
The ROBOKASSA system cooperates with major electronic payment services, therefore payment order clients can make money transfers from their registered e-wallets, for example, in Yandex.Money or WebMoney. Recently, many people work in virtual mode, and employers transfer their salaries to e-invoices. Therefore, the ability to pay from electronic services is a very important advantage. But this payment method is not available for all online platforms, since each service uses its own software and has its own requirements for users. ROBOKASSA managed to combine the activities of various EPS into one system. By connecting his outlet to this service, the entrepreneur will be able to accept payments from any financial organization without registering accounts or opening accounts. There is no need to delve into the work of this or that payment system. Financial transactions can be carried out in various types of currencies. Both electronic and fiat money are used. 

Online banking payments

Payment in ROBOKASSA can also be accepted through virtual banking. In this case, buyers do not need to open e-accounts in electronic payment services. Users finances are protected from both sides: • multi-stage authorization and confirmation of transactions - from the side of online banking; • program for encryption and transmission of information through secure channels - by ROBOKASSA. The list of virtual banks available for payment system clients is very long. It includes services of such banking sharks as Alfa-Bank, Russian Standard Bank, Tatfondbank, Bank Intesa and others. 

"Mobile commerce": payment from cell phone bills

ROBOKASSA offers its customers a unique Mobile Commerce service. Using it, the buyer will be able to pay for purchases by transferring money from the cell phone balance. This is a very simple and convenient payment method: you do not need to register in payment systems, open bank accounts, etc. The main thing is to make sure that there are enough funds on the phone.
Such payments are 100% safe, since the transactions do not require information about the details of payment cards and bank accounts.
Mobile commerce is becoming more and more popular. Moreover, now you can replenish your account without paying a commission. While the service is available only within the Russian Federation. Mobile operators MTS, Beeline and Megafon participate in Mobile Commerce from ROBOKASSA.
The money is credited to the recipients account instantly. Transactions go through an identification system.
The owners of virtual points also prefer this method of accepting payments. They understand that for some buyers this is the only way to make a payment. For merchants, "Mobile Commerce" is also a convenient solution, since it does not provide for the conclusion of Agreements, settings of work parameters, account synchronization and other red tape. Everything is extremely simple and safe.

Application for portable devices

ROBOKASSA employees, taking care of the comfort of their users, have developed a program for iPhone mobile devices. By downloading the application, a person will be able to make payment transactions directly from a smartphone.
The program provides the user with freedom of action: access to the ROBOKASSA service can be obtained anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection.

How to connect a mobile application

There are a few steps to get started with the application.
1. Download the program to your phone.
2. Fill in the registration form, indicating the cell phone number and e-mail address.
3. Link a MasterCard or VISA payment card.
The whole procedure will take no more than 2 minutes.

How to use the mobile app?

Using a mobile app to pay for purchases is a snap. The procedure consists of 3 stages.
1. Billing. After the buyer decides on the product and chooses the payment method "Via IPhone", it is necessary to indicate the cell phone number in which the program is installed in a special column.
2. Payment. The payer opens the application and enters the "Accounts" category. The system will require you to confirm the transaction and select a payment card from the balance of which funds will be withdrawn for making a payment.
The ROBOKASSA mobile application can be used not only for online shopping. With its help, the user can make other types of payments. To expand opportunities, the client needs to link a bank card to his account, then from the personal account of mobile banking such options will be available as:
• replenishment of the cell phone balance;
• payment for services of TV and Internet providers;
• payment of payment for the services of utility companies;
• buying domains and hosting;
• transferring money to accounts registered on entertainment sites and social networks, etc.
In the near future, consumers will be presented with a mobile application for devices with the Android operating system.

Tariff plans

The tariffs in the ROBOKASSA system are very affordable. The payment system employees try to approach each client individually. When developing tariff plans, the opinion and wishes of users are taken into account.

For corporate clients

The amount of commission that the owner of an online store pays depends on several factors:
• the type of products (or services) sold by the trading site;
• currencies;
• the volume of working capital.
In any case, by synchronizing the online store with the ROBOKASSA service, the organizations management makes the right decision. You dont need to pay a dime for connecting the site. The system does not seek to make money on attracting customers. It is important for her to cooperate with partners who will work and expand their business.
In the payment system, promotions and discount programs are often held, thanks to which customers can take advantage of favorable working conditions. For example, new partners, connecting to ROBOKASSA, receive the "Starter" tariff package, which provides for reduced commissions for transactions carried out with payment cards (3.0%). No additional fees apply. Buyers dont pay any commission at all. This moment can play into the hands of merchants, as it allows them to attract customers to an online store. 

For individuals

Individuals do not have to conclude an Agreement with ROBOKASSA: cooperation is carried out on the basis of an offer. These customers can choose who pays the commission: the buyer or the seller.

For buyers

The cost of transactions for buyers will depend on the payment method.
1. Paying with the seller using a plastic card or from an online banking account, the client will pay a commission from 5.5% to 7%.
2. When paying for the purchase in Yandex.Money, the buyer will have to pay at least 9% per transaction. Commission through the QIWI system will be slightly lower - from 6.8%.
3. Transactions made through mobile operators will cost 8-15%.

Affiliate program

The electronic payment system ROBOKASSA offers cooperation to people and organizations that specialize in the development of IT products.
The goal of the project is to disseminate information about the possibilities of ROBOKASSA among users of the World Wide Web, as well as to strengthen the competitiveness of the payment system. The project participants use the services of the service on preferential terms: • low rates; • providing information about new products in the ROBOKASSA system, about changes in tariffs and the launch of new services; • training (seminars, trainings, online lessons, webinars); • support from the staff of the ROBOKASSA company (Cool-center works especially for the participants of the partner program).