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Rapida is a non-banking organization specializing in lending to individuals and corporate clients. The company has been operating in the electronic payments market for more than fifteen years (the payment system was founded in 2001). 15 years later, Rapida merged with the QIWI group of companies . Rapida is the operator of the Contact money transfer system, which is popular in our country. The activities of a financial institution are authorized by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The companys employees are implementing the latest technologies. Transactions are carried out based on the latest developments in the field of electronic payments. The processing center is directly connected to the billing systems of banking and other organizations, to whose accounts payments are received. The result of this work method is high transaction speed. 

Rapida has a wide network of retail outlets where payments or loans can be made. Transactions can be made through:
• Rapida cash collection / withdrawal points;
• payment terminals;
• ATMs;
• salons of mobile operators;
• household appliances stores.
Representative offices of a financial organization operate throughout our country: more than 100 thousand offices provide high-quality customer service. In addition, special mobile applications can be used to carry out some types of financial transactions.
The company is in partnership with the Russian Postal Service, many domestic and foreign banking structures¸ retail chains, social enterprises, urban and mobile operators, TV and Internet providers, housing and communal services, etc.

Rapida Online

To use payment services, customers do not have to look for a payment acceptance point. Transactions can be made directly from your home computer through the Rapida Online service. Internet banking users get access to almost all types of payments:
• repayment of credit debts;
• replenishment of the mobile phone balance;
• Payment of utility services;
• payment in favor of TV and Internet providers;
• transfer of funds to accounts registered in third-party payment systems;
• Money transfers;
• government payments (fines from the traffic police, taxes, etc.);
• registration of insurance policies and so on.
Only registered customers get access to the service. The registration procedure in Rapida is very simple, and everyone with minimal Internet skills can understand it. To become a payment system user, you need to perform just a few steps.
Action 1. Go to the official website of the payment system
Action 2. Open the "Electronic wallet" tab and click the "Create wallet" button.
Step 3. A registration form will open, in which you must indicate the number of a valid mobile phone (it will receive a code to activate your account), last name and first name.
Action 4. Read the rules for working with the service and put a tick next to the phrase "I have read the rules of work and accept the conditions" and confirm the registration.
Step 5. Next, an SMS will be sent to the phone, which will contain the activation code. The password should be entered in a special field.
Action 6. Another SMS will be sent to the mobile phone - with a PIN code to enter the wallet. Enter the password - registration is complete.
Personalization of an electronic wallet The
terms of cooperation provide for the mandatory personalization of the data provided by the user during registration. To do this, you must provide a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
You can go through personification at the points of money transfer systems (in particular, "Contact" or in the office of the Rapida payment service).
1. Identification of the account at the "Contact" payment acceptance points. To carry out the procedure, the user needs to pay 250 rubles, of which 150 rubles is the service fee, and 100 rubles will be credited to the e-account. The operator will ask you to provide the number of the e-wallet issued in Rapida, and will issue a payment receipt (it must be saved before changing the account status).
2. Identification at the Rapida office. In this case, you will not have to pay anything for personalizing the e-wallet. You only need to present your passport and provide the account number. Within 3 working days, the account will receive the “Personalized” status.

Rapida payment system: variety of services

Rapida is a convenient and secure way to make payments. By contacting the companys office or registering an online wallet, a person will be able to carry out financial transactions without unnecessary red tape, long queues and tedious bureaucracy.

Repayment of debt on loans

Payment options allow you to make monthly payments for loans issued by banks that cooperate with Rapida. This can be done through the postal services of Russia, the Western Union money transfer system, self-service terminals, mobile phone stores, cash desks of household appliances stores (Eldorado, Technosila, etc.).
The main characteristics of loan payments through Rapida are high speed of payments, comfort and safety. Clients spend no more than 5 minutes on the procedure. There are no long queues at payment points. In addition, it is unnecessary to fill in bales of additional documents: it is enough to present a passport and provide the payment details. The companys offices are located throughout the Russian Federation. They can be found at every step: shops, communication salons and so on. All payment and personal information of the client is kept in the strictest confidence. Data is transmitted over secure channels. The system works reliably - failures in financial transactions are unlikely. The transaction cost will depend on the organization where the payment was made. For example, at the state post office they will take a commission of 1.9% (but not less than 50 rubles), in Western Union the procedure will cost 3%. The cheapest payment method is self-service terminals. Here the commission will be only 1% of the transaction amount. To make payments as comfortable as possible, customers can create templates. This will simplify the payment procedure: you do not need to enter the bank details every time. 

Traffic fines

The Rapida system allows its clients to pay fines issued by traffic police inspectors. This can be done from a home or laptop computer. An important condition is an Internet connection. You need to go to the companys website, open the Rapida Online service and fill in the form fields, specifying the payment details.
Self-service terminals that are installed in public places are also a convenient way to pay fines. You can also pay the fine at the Rapida office.

Purchase of transport tickets and tourist vouchers

To buy a plane or train ticket, you do not need to go to the train station or to the airport. You can buy travel documents at Rapida payment points. Here you can also arrange a tourist voucher. Payments are made instantly.

Online shopping

In connection with the development of IT technologies, virtual trade organizations are gaining more and more popularity: online stores, entertainment sites, online platforms that provide IT services. Rapida offices and online service accept payments in favor of these organizations.
Payment for online purchases through this service has some features. One of them is using a requirement code. When placing an order on the trading site, the client generates an invoice: in the special fields, you must enter the last name, first name and patronymic, cell number and e-address. Based on this data, a 10-character code is generated. When paying for the goods, the buyer shows the code to the operator and pays the required amount. You can also buy expensive products (more than 15 thousand rubles) through the system. This opportunity gives buyers freedom of action.

Financial transfers

Rapida has the capabilities to make money transfers both domestically and internationally. The payment systems partners are the most popular organizations dealing with this type of financial transactions: Western Union, Leader, Anelik and others. These systems have their own networks that operate both in Russia and abroad. In addition, the companies cooperate with the largest domestic and foreign banks. You can send money to friends, relatives or partners through Rapida payment points.
The cost of a domestic operation will be 1.5%. If the funds are sent to the neighboring countries, then you will have to pay a commission fee of 2%.
Money transfers are carried out according to a simplified scheme. When applying for the first time, the sender informs the cashier of the payment details (country, name of the addressee, currency, etc.). Based on this data, a transaction template is created that can be used for subsequent payments. You can create a lot of such templates.
When sending money through the systems "Western Union" or "Leader", you do not need to provide the full address of the recipient - it is enough to name the country to which the money will be sent. The addressee will be able to pick up the transfer at any point of issue of funds. A financial transaction from the moment of its registration and until the receipt of money lasts only a few minutes.
Clients can send up to 150 thousand rubles (5 thousand American and 3.5 thousand European currency units).

Rapida electronic card

The Rapida payment system offers users electronic prepaid cards MasterCard and VISA . By issuing a payment document, e-account holders will be able to expand their capabilities and receive an effective, convenient and secure instrument for making electronic financial transactions. The cards were issued by Russian Standard Bank . The payment document does not have a plastic cover. The card is specially designed to pay for purchases or services on the World Wide Web. Payment information (amount, recipient details, etc.) is contained in a message that arrives at the payers mobile phone. In addition, the client receives an electronic check that can be printed if necessary. Why do you need an electronic payment card? This tool allows you to avoid the risks associated with virtual payments. The cardholder can provide his details without fear. The tool works for a short period - from 3 to 4 months. The account stores the amount within 15 thousand rubles. The user can execute several payment documents at the same time. For example, one will be used to pay for mobile applications, the other - to top up the balance of entertainment sites.   


For partners


Rapida Company enters into partnerships with various organizations: banking structures, online stores, electronic payment systems. The payment invites agents to cooperation.
Through the Rapida system, banks can accept payments in favor of merchants, social institutions, mobile and city operators, and so on. The list of organizations with which the payment service cooperates is unusually wide. Thanks to this, financial institutions will be able to expand their sphere of influence, replenish their client base and increase income through additional commissions. Rapida partners can use the banking hardware software for free.

Virtual trade organizations

Online shopping Rapida provides a convenient platform for making virtual payments. Buyers can pay for goods in any way. The simplified payment procedure shortens the transaction time. Funds are credited to the store account instantly.
The software that store owners install on their sites is provided free of charge. What are the benefits of a shopping site? 1. Fast connection (within 5 days) with a minimum package of documents (no need to sign a contract). 2. There is a single commission fee of 3.5%. 3. Funds are credited to the companys account instantly. 4. The software is provided free of charge. 5. System failures are eliminated. It will also be convenient for customers to work with Rapida. They will be able to pay for the goods at any of the 50 thousand payment points or through an online service. Customers do not pay additional fees. Even quite large sums (over 15 thousand rubles) can be transferred through Rapida.