Exchange platform – this is a reliable financial partner, we make exchanges within 5-15 minutes.


The PayBox payment service acts as a link between the buyer and the seller. The task of the payment system is to transfer virtual payments. PayBox processes financial transactions, accepts funds and keeps track of money. The service is based on modern technologies and the latest developments in the field of e-commerce. Payment system users can carry out various types of transactions: • bank and postal transfers (interbank or interstate); • sending funds through financial transfer systems; • transactions using payment cards of various formats (plastic or electronic); • payment from e-wallets registered in third-party EPS; • operations with
cryptocurrency and fiat money, etc.
It should be noted that the payment system does not provide for intra-system operations. This means that system members cannot transfer money to the accounts of other PayBox users .
The service offers more than 30 payment methods. The payment works with users all over the planet.
PayBox can be easily synchronized with various virtual platforms. System participants can not only accept payments from their customers or customers, but also make exchange operations between conventional and electronic currencies, monitor the movement of money, receive statements, view the transaction log, and so on.

Virtual bank

In the PayBox Online system, you can draw up and manage e-invoices directly from your work or home computer. You can store money simultaneously in several types of currencies: Russian and Belarusian rubles, US dollars, Ukrainian hryvnias, Armenian drams, European currencies, etc. The service is used by individuals and corporate clients. The methods of transferring funds can be very diverse: • cashless payment methods; • in cash through the cash desks of commercial financial organizations operating in Russia; • through money transfer systems (" Unistream ", " Anelik ", "Western Union ", etc.); • through self-service terminals and ATMs; • from third-party payment services and so on.

How to register with PayBox ?

System users are conventionally divided into 2 categories: service providers (or sellers) and consumers (buyers). Service employees have developed 2 types of accounts, each of which is adapted to the needs of a specific category of users. You dont need to pay anything for registering an account.
Registration of consumers
The registration procedure in the payment system will not cause any difficulties. It is no different from the procedures used in other services.
If you decide to become a member of the system, open the official website of the company and click the "Register" button. A form will open in front of you, the fields of which must be filled in. The following information must be provided:
• surname, name, patronymic;
• a reliable password that will open the entrance to your personal account (repeat the password for confirmation);
• e-mail address;
• passport details (number, series, where and when issued, etc.);
• date, month and year of birth;
• address of residence (country, city, etc.);
• cell phone number.
Then you should put a tick next to the phrase "I accept the agreement" and click the "Register" button. A message will be sent to the e-mail with a link that will lead to the account activation page. Registration is complete! Your IP address will be stored in the services memory: if you enter your personal account from someone elses computer, the system will require you to go through several authorization phases. This measure ensures the financial security of users and prevents fraudulent activities. Attention! All data must be real! Otherwise, you will not be able to withdraw money from the e-wallet and carry out financial transactions. 

Registration of suppliers and connection of a trading site

If you are the owner of a virtual store and want to accept payments from buyers through PayBox , then you should connect the shopping site to the service. There is nothing difficult in this, you just need to follow all the points of the instructions.
1. Go through the standard registration procedure.
2. You open your personal account and agree with all the requirements put forward by the administration of the payment.
3. In the section "My Account" you need to set up the function of receiving payments. To do this, you should select the methods that will be offered by your customer for making payment and connect them.
4. Then open the "My Sites" tab and follow the prompts to link your sales organization to your account.
5. Using the "HTML codes and buttons" button, create a simple payment form (it will be posted on the site).
6. Turn on the options through which payments will be accepted on a specific site.
After all the steps of the instructions are completed, the PayBox employees will check the online store and assign it the "Active" status. Now you can get to work and accept payments from your customers.
You can also connect a trading site by phone. Just call customer support (contact details are provided on the official website of the company).
The client will not pay a dime for connecting an online store to PayBox . Moreover, the system serves user accounts for free.
The payment is available for representatives of small and medium business segment. The services are also used by large enterprises specializing in e-commerce.

How are payments made?

PayBox service does not require registration from consumers (buyers). The payment procedure looks like this. All a customer needs to do is choose a product. And payment can be made in any convenient way. You can use payment cards, transfer money from an e-wallet registered in a third-party EPS, contact the payment acceptance point of one of the financial transfer systems, etc.
Money is credited to the sellers account every 14 days. A commission is charged for each transaction (from 2.4 to 4%). The amount of the fee directly depends on the working capital and the specialization of the enterprise.

What does PayBox offer its users?

It should be noted that the PayBox developers , in an effort to attract the attention of customers, tried to satisfy consumer demand for such types of commercial products as bookmaking services, bulk payments, replenishment of accounts of gaming sites, sending payments outside the Russian Federation and much more. Everyone who is somehow connected with electronic payments will be able to find something useful for themselves.

Bookmaker Box

This product is popular with people who are accepting bets on upcoming events. This could be, for example, a soccer championship. Bets are accepted online. The amount of winnings is set in advance.

Event Box

This service is designed to accept bulk payments. Event Box is perfect for organizers of major events: concerts, competitions, scientific conferences, trainings or seminars. The service allows you to accept payment for one event from a large number of people. Funds can come from various sources of money: bank cards or current accounts, remote services (self-service terminals, online banking , etc.), e-wallets, and so on. But the capabilities of this product are not limited to bulk payments. The user can create digital passes and control them online.

Game box

This service should be used by owners of entertainment sites or virtual gambling clubs. Monetization is based on AP, SDK. The money is credited at the time of the game. All existing methods can be used to transfer funds.

International Box

This service allows you to make cross-border payments. At the same time, the laws that apply in the territory of the country that receive the money are respected.

Market Box

This product is specially designed for shopping sites. Its interface is very simple and intuitive to understand. Connection of the service will not cause any difficulties.

Mobile Box

With this product, vendors can accept payments from their customers through mobile apps. The service is based on adapted information transfer protocols.

Social Box

The service allows sellers to expand their capabilities and attract customers. By connecting this product, the user can sell their products through social networks . By creating an account on one of the social networks, the seller posts information about the products: pictures, descriptions, specifications, etc. Here is also a link, by clicking on which, the buyer pays for the purchase. If a potential client likes something, then he just needs to make one click - and the product is in his pocket.
In this case, the principle of spontaneous buying works great: a person saw the product and purchased it. He does not need to go to the bank to make a payment, or enter the EPS account by entering passwords and logins. Everything is extremely simple: I saw it, pressed the “Pay” button, and bought it.
The service works in all popular social networks : VKontakte , Odnoklassniki and others.

Travel Box

The service was developed for travel agencies and businesses that sell airplane, train and bus tickets. Several functions are integrated into one service:
• data transmission to the tour operator or travel document seller:
• invoicing;
• informing the payer about the cost of the service and the amount of the commission.