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OnlineDengi payment service was developed by Russian programmers. The payment system synchronizes the activities of popular electronic systems. Clients of "Money" can use all online payment methods that operate in the global financial market. More than 4 dozen payment methods are offered to users. Some of them are:
• payment cards;
• transactions via mobile applications;
• self-service terminals;
• virtual wallets;
• EPS operating on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Company OnlineDengi concluded a cooperation agreement with 2 thousand enterprises. Online Money operates in the post-Soviet states, in Asian countries in Europe.
Russian citizens have been using the service for 10 years (the company was registered in 2006). The developers paid a lot of attention to safety and comfort. The security system that the payment system is equipped with complies with international standards. Modern services and the latest technology provide users with ease of use.
The organization is a member of the Association of Electronic Communications of Russia and the Association of Electronic Payment Systems.

Merger with Pay2Pay

In the spring of 2016, the Pay2Pay service joined OnlineDengi . As a result of this transaction, Pay2Pay was able to expand its functionality and offer new options to users. Thanks to the competent and well-coordinated work of the employees of both systems, Pay2Pay users did not even notice the change in the online platform: OnlineDengi supported the CMS and API modules that were used in the connected service.
The merger had a positive effect on the work of Online Money: the system was able to expand its sphere of influence and increase its client base. The financial organization confidently took the 3rd position among electronic payment organizations operating in the domestic market.

How to become an OnlineDengi partner ?

If you decide to register an account in this payment system, then you need to take only 3 steps:
• go to the official website of the company;
• press the "Connect" button (located in the upper right corner);
• fill out an application for registration, indicating the following information: surname, name, patronymic, e-mail address, cell phone number and the website of the trade enterprise.
Payment managers will contact you and help you go through the registration procedure.
Before connecting, you should carefully read the requirements that the service makes to its partners.

What does OnlineDengi offer ?

The Online Money system offers its users a wide range of financial products. The developers took into account the interests of all categories of clients: owners of virtual retail outlets, online organizations that provide IT services, and so on. OnlineDengi service allows you to:
• accept payments;
• make massive payments;
• use a gateway for service providers.

Acceptance of payment

System participants can accept payments from their clients. The management of a company that has connected to OnlineDengi independently chooses payment options. These can be payment cards, cryptocurrency , non-cash payment methods, self-service terminals, payments through mobile applications, and more.
A feature of the function of accepting payments in OnlineDengi is customization , that is, adaptation to the needs of the user.

Bulk payment

Businesses that operate in the " Forex " - market, providing brokerage, play the lottery or collaborate with freelancers are often faced with the need to repay the money at the same time dozens of people. This is a very time-consuming and demanding job that is time-consuming. You can simplify this procedure using the "Mass Payments" option.
Funds can be paid to:
• e-wallets registered in third-party EPS;
• bank or card accounts;
• through financial transfer systems.
In this case, you can use the technical solutions offered by the OnlineDengi system or ready-made registries contained in the user account.

For virtual payment services

Cooperating with OnlineDengi , EPS can expand their sphere of influence and attract users living in different cities of the world. Thanks to a single gateway, EPS will be able to connect service providers who will receive payments from their customers, and a payment system cooperating with Online Money will acquire an additional source of profit from commission fees.
At the same time, there is no need to integrate with each system: synchronization is carried out directly in OnlineDengi .
EPS managers can independently connect or disconnect providers (the personal account is equipped with all the necessary functions). The account also has such options as:
• viewing payment history;
• analysis of the dynamics of payment;
• analysis of working capital.

Use of "Mir" payment cards

Mir is a domestic payment service with which about 130 banking structures and financial organizations specializing in providing loans to the population and enterprises cooperate. Mir has issued almost 500 thousand payment cards. The tools have become widespread among Russian citizens. In the near future, the cards will be offered to foreign consumers. OnlineDengi
users can use Mir payment documents to carry out financial transactions or receive payments. This opportunity is available for both corporate and private clients.

Payment from China

OnlineDengi cooperates with popular Chinese services TenPay , Alipay . Most of the transactions carried out on the territory of the Peoples Republic of China go through these financial institutions. OnlineDengis
cooperation with these payment systems expands the capabilities of our compatriots: now they will be able to provide services to Chinese citizens and accept payments from them. However, there is no need to register an office in China. You dont have to come up with all sorts of gimmicks like intermediary sites or VPN tunnels to keep costs down. By accepting payments through OnlineDengi , the entrepreneur acts legally and is not exposed to any risks.

Settlements with Belarusian users

Merchants connected to OnlineDengi can accept payments from citizens of Belarus. To do this, you should use the service of the "Single Settlement Information Space". There are a variety of payment methods used. The user can work with the service in the "one window" mode.
Almost 2 and a half dozen banks operating in Belarus are connected to ERIP, as well as EPS WebMoney , EasyPay . All residents of this country can pay for goods and services through a payment terminal, online banking system, bank card, etc. What does this give merchants ? They will be able to expand their geographic expansion and attract new customers, which means they will increase their sales. 


Synchronization of the trading site with the OnlineDengi system

To accept payments from their customers through the OnlineDengi system , the owner of the online store needs to synchronize the work of his website with the payment service. This EPS provides 3 types of integration.
1. Easy integration. All you need to do is to place the button "Pay via OnlineDengi " on the pages of your resource . The buyer will automatically go to the system website. Here he will be able to choose a payment option and place an order.
2. Integration using CMS. The merchant can use a ready-made module that does not require additional settings and specialist intervention. The payment offers many modules working on the CMS system. One of them is Amiro CMS. It can be installed on sites that were developed based on the Amiro CMS. To integrate the module, the store owner must submit an application to the administration of the payment service and sign a cooperation agreement.
This module has the following advantages:
• you can work with the module immediately after it is installed;
• Amiro CMS complies with the accounting requirements set by Russian Legislation;
• the module is characterized by a high level of performance;
• payment methods are adapted for Russian consumers;
• in case of difficulties with the operation of the module, customers can contact the support service.
"1C-Bitrix" is another module that trade organizations can work with. This module boasts the following characteristics:
• a simple interface is intuitive and allows you to manage the site without any problems, choosing the necessary settings, adding or changing content;
• multifunctionality (using over 30 options, the user can customize the work of the trading site, manage sales, etc.);
• the module works without interruption and withstands high loads;
• "1C-Bitrix" is equipped with built-in anti-virus programs that ensure the safety of the trading site;
• site owners can use technical documentation (instructions, recommendations for use, etc.);
• the module uses a technology such as cloud storage, thanks to which media files are loaded quickly, and the load on the server is reduced;
• by connecting to 1C-Bitrix, the management of a virtual outlet can offer customers a mobile version of their website;
• if necessary, the user can contact the support service, which works around the clock.
3. Integration using API. This synchronization method is the most flexible. It provides a full range of functions. Members of the system can customize the operation of the system at their discretion by connecting the necessary options. In this case, the buyer does not know that the payment is made through the OnlineDengi service .
By connecting to the system, the user must accept the rules of work and sign a cooperation agreement. In the user account, open the "Technical Settings" category and provide the required information. The payment administration recommends using the services of an experienced specialist. The owner of the online store receives a unique project identification number, secret password and mode_type (ID of the transaction method).

Security of personal and payment data of users

The system pays special attention to the safety of customers. All information about users passes through special encoding programs and in this form is stored on the server or transmitted through secure channels.
Unauthorized persons cannot obtain information about the holders of personal accounts.

For those who want to make money

OnlineDengi company offers cooperation to specialists in the field of IT-technologies, who are engaged in software development, create websites and virtual studios. Having created their own Internet resource , these people will be able to connect to OnlineDengi and get an almost inexhaustible source of income.
An activity such as the creation of CMS modules can also bring income. To make a profit, an affiliate program participant must place his module on the CMS market and monitor its performance by providing technical support to customers. Income comes from financial transactions that were carried out by users of the payment service.
How to become a partner? Everything is very simple. You need to register a partner account and sign a cooperation agreement. In his account, a new OnlineDengi employee can get information about users, create a link to attract referrals. Here is a list of participants who were attracted by the link. Partners can replenish
their e-wallet using a payment card, through self-service terminals or from accounts registered in popular EPS. If you need to transfer funds to third parties, you can use the ZGold game card .