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After the internet became widespread, our lives became much easier. Today we not only communicate with friends online, read books, watch movies, but also order goods in virtual stores, paying for them all over the same Internet. Now there is no need to go to a bank branch to pay for a utility or transfer money to partners: almost all financial transactions, from simple payments to complex investment projects, can be carried out on the Global Network.
In connection with the intensive development of the electronic payments market, many sites have appeared on the Internet that provide financial services in a virtual mode. One of them is the OKPAY electronic payment system. The service serves both private clients and representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.
The company was founded in 2009. Specialists in the field of electronic marketing, marketers working with online sales, developers of computer programs for financial organizations worked on the creation of the service. The idea of creating a payment system arose back in 2000. For 9 years, the owners of the enterprise have been collecting information and gaining practical experience in the field of electronic payments and cryptocurrency (electronic money).

Providing guarantees

The OKPAY system is backed by foreign exchange reserves. The financial institution has offshore accounts. The total amount stored in accounts is equal to the volume of client funds that are in the systems e-wallets.
Goals pursued by the creators of the payment system

Working on the site, experienced financiers and programmers set themselves the goal of creating a classic electronic currency that would meet the requirements of security and privacy. As conceived by the creators of the OKPAY cryptocurrency, it should overcome obstacles in the form of state borders, that is, payment electronic money should be quoted in all countries of the world and be used in international transactions.
Another main goal is to equip the system with special tools and options that could protect both the seller and the buyer.
OKPAY is a payment system that is open to representatives of all social strata of society. Therefore, the owners of the company have set reasonable prices for all types of services.
The payment service helps small businesses grow by financing businesses and providing them with a wide range of products on preferential terms.
The site interface is accessible and simple. To understand it, the user does not need to have special knowledge or extensive experience in using a computer and the Internet.
For ordinary users,

OKPAY provides financial services to private clients. By registering in the system, the user can:
• store funds on the e-account;
• make financial transfers;
• purchase goods in virtual retail outlets;
• issue a payment card;
• take part in the affiliate program;
• take advantage of beneficial discounts and promotions.

Electronic wallets

OKPAY users can apply for an electronic wallet. Access to the account is open around the clock: the client can manage funds at any time convenient for him. By looking at the transaction history, the wallet owner can get complete information about the movement of money.
What opportunities does an e-wallet open to its owner?
1. Making payments. From his account, the user can pay with online stores and paid sites for the goods and services provided, transfer funds to the accounts of friends or partners. To send finances, you must specify the subscribers e-mail address.
2. Acceptance of payments. The clients account is credited with the money earned under the referral program, money received as a result of financial transfers, etc. Funds are credited instantly.
3. Registration of a payment card. The user can order a card from his online account. The document is used to carry out non-cash payments or receive "cash" from ATMs. You can top up the card balance directly from the OKPAY e-wallet.
4. Request for payments. To receive a money transfer from a third-party payment system user, you must submit a request and indicate the senders e-mail.
5. Exchange transactions. The system accepts payments in various types of currencies (more than 20 banknotes in total). In his account, a client can purchase or buy fiat money or cryptocurrency of other electronic services.
6. Automation of the payment process. The user can set an automatic payment mode for recurring payments.
Clients can open multiple wallets in one account. Funds on the account can be stored in all currencies quoted in the OKPAY system. Each e-wallet is assigned an original number.


Deposit / withdrawal of funds

The OKPAY system provides many ways (over a hundred) to deposit or withdraw funds. Here are some of them:
• from a card (to a card) VISA and MasterCard (plastic or electronic); • to e-wallets (from wallets) registered in third-party online services ( QIWI , Yandex.Money and others); • through the salons of mobile operators (MTS, Beeline, etc.); • through bank transfers. We transfer money to friends and partners Payment customers can make intra-system, interbank and international financial transfers. This method of sending funds is reliable and convenient. To implement it, you do not need to open a bank account. Low rates attract customers attention. The capabilities of the service allow you to receive transfers in different types of currencies. How to send or receive a transfer? The client can send money to one of 70 countries (the list of countries is indicated on the OKPAY resource: The service price will be only 1% of the transfer amount. To send funds to an e-wallet in OKPAY, the sender must go to the payment acceptance point, provide the operator with the recipients details and deposit the required amount. This method of sending does not require opening an account with OKPAY or any other EPS. When receiving money, the subscriber must indicate the transfer number, amount and currency. People who do not have an account in this system can also receive transfers. After sending funds from the OKPAY wallet, the recipient comes to the point of issue of money, provides a passport and indicates information about the payment. If the details match, the teller will issue the money.  


Payment cards

Customers of the payment system can receive a payment card and use it for making non-cash payments (in ordinary and virtual stores) and withdrawing cash from ATMs. This is a convenient and reliable way to withdraw funds from electronic accounts.
You can draw up several documents and link them to the OKPAY wallet: a payment card will allow you to quickly and without unnecessary red tape receive "real money" at ATMs located around the world. There is only one condition - the MasterCard logo should flaunt on the ATM.
Using this tool, the user will be able to send money to card accounts opened in other financial institutions.
The main advantages of OKPAY MasterCard

OKPAY MasterCard is a prepaid payment document. It is accepted in all financial institutions that cooperate with the international payment system MasterCard . Using the card, you can: • pay for purchases; • book tickets for trains and planes; • rent vehicles; • pay for the services of hotel complexes; • receive cash; • carry out calculations on the World Wide Web. OKPAY cards have the following advantages: • no need to go to the bank, stand in lines and fill out a heap of documents: an application for a payment document is submitted online; • replenishment of cards from OKPAY accounts is carried out instantly; • information about the success of payment transactions is sent to the cell phone in the form of messages; • the cardholder can receive a statement of transactions. The user can order a virtual or plastic card. The details of the virtual payment document are sent to the users e-address. The card has no physical medium and is used for online settlements. Its cost will be $ 15. When replenishing the account, the client will pay a commission of $ 3 + 1%. There is a 3% fee for transferring funds (but not less than $ 5). The card is valid for 1 year. The plastic document will be delivered by postal services free of charge. The client can use courier delivery. This is a paid service and costs $ 55. The price of a plastic document is $ 15. For replenishment of the account, a commission of $ 3 is charged, for money transfers - 3%. When cashing out finances at ATMs, the cardholder pays only 2% of the commission fee (but not less than 3 and not more than 15 dollars). 


For business

Acceptance of payments

Owners of virtual stores and paid sites open accounts in the OKPAY system in order to accept payments from their customers. Payment options allow you to carry out all types of financial transactions. With a wide range of payment methods, businessmen can increase conversions and attract customers attention to a shopping site.
What are the benefits of OKPAY to virtual store owners?
1. Customers can pay for goods and services in all convenient ways: by bank transfer, from credit cards issued by financial institutions, through self-service terminals, from third-party electronic wallets, fiat money and cryptocurrency and many other variators.
2. Entrepreneurs can receive regular payments to their accounts from visitors to their sites. For example, payment for mailings, commission fees, membership fees, payments to charitable foundations, and more.
3. It is also possible to accept payments in automatic mode. This will require the consent of the client. Acceptance free payment implies automatic debiting of funds from the clients account.

Bulk payments

Doing business involves paying salaries to employees, paying for freelancers; making payments to affiliates, settlements with suppliers, crediting bonus points to client accounts. At OKPAY, all this is possible thanks to bulk payments.
The payment offers several ways to make massive payments:
• online payments: funds can be sent from an OKPAY account to any EPS;
• payments are possible to international cards issued in any bank of the planet, or to OKPAY payment documents;
• bank transfer is beneficial for large payments;
• the user of the system can issue a financial transfer in cash.
For bulk payments, you can set up an automatic payment mode.

Business wallet

Corporate clients work in accounts that are equipped with special financial tools that can facilitate the procedure for accepting payments from a huge number of clients (over 1 million). More than a hundred ways to receive payments allows you to choose the most profitable and convenient. Transactions are completed within a few seconds.
To pay for services to suppliers, remote employees or affiliates, you only need to provide the addressees e-mail.
The account is equipped with options that allow you to quickly and easily draw up an accounting report, view the history of transactions, get information about payment transactions (date, amount and status), track cash flow, and more. OKPAY
online banking

is an international payment service. Its clients can make payments to the accounts of 15 thousand banks operating in 130 countries. Thanks to online banking, users of the system can manage accounts without reference to place and time.
A feature of OKPAY Internet banking is the low cost of services. By making a payment through this service, the client will pay an order of magnitude less than with other methods.
The system supports 21 types of currencies. The online banking interface is equipped with two dozen languages. If you have any questions, the client can contact the support service. Experienced specialists will provide competent advice and help resolve any issues related to the operation of the payment service. The support service works around the clock. The consultants speak 3 languages.