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National Reserve Bank

In the dashing 90s, many commercial banks appeared on the domestic market. However, not everyone managed to survive in conditions of fierce competition and survive to this day. The National Reserve Bank (founded in 1994) is one of the few financial institutions of that period that not only managed to cope with the economic crisis, but also took a leading position in the Russian banking business.
NRB cooperates with enterprises representing the military industry, shipbuilding industry, aviation industry , and agriculture.
Branches of the organization have been opened in many large cities of the Russian Federation. Bank representative offices operate abroad (Ukraine, Great Britain).
The bank works with individual clients, business owners and financial institutions.

For financial institutions

Financial organizations can conclude an agreement with NRB within the framework of correspondent cooperation. The banks clients can open accounts in domestic or foreign currency:
• rubles (RF);
• rubles (Republic of Belarus);
• U.S. dollars);
• pounds sterling (UK);
• francs (Switzerland);
• yuan (China).
In its work, the company uses the latest technologies to make money transfers at high speed and ensure the security of payments. Funds are transferred through various telecommunication channels, including through the transnational system SWIFT.
No fee is charged for registration and maintenance of a correspondent account.
Financial organizations can use services that allow them to perform transactions in the securities market (over-the-counter and exchange, as well as the stock market). The National Reserve Bank has the right to carry out dealer and brokerage operations. The company can also manage stocks and bonds. What operations can NRB perform? • Work with shares issued by domestic banks; • operations with securities that were issued by foreign organizations; • transactions with bonds that are owned by Russian state and local authorities; • work with mortgage documents; • operations with promissory notes; • activity in the stock market; • work with futures and options. Treasury work is based on the following principles: • high level of security in client authentication; • data secrecy; • operational work; • low cost of services; • flexible system of work with each client. 

For representatives of enterprises

Specialists of the National Reserve Bank have developed a number of services intended for business representatives:
• settlement and cash services;
• financing;
• placement of funds at interest;
• documentary operations;
• rental of safes and much more.

Cooperation within the framework of RSC

Settlement and cash services can be provided both in national and foreign currencies. The capabilities of the financial organization allow:
• to issue and maintain current accounts;
• use cash services;
• make money transfers by non-cash method;
• perform currency exchange operations;
• control the currency;
• use the services of remote systems.
By concluding an agreement with NRB on cooperation within the framework of a cash settlement, a businessman receives certain advantages.
1. Unlimited possibilities. The Bank maintains correspondent relations with large domestic and foreign financial institutions, which increases the level of service, increases the speed of operations, expands geographical opportunities (customers can make payments to different regions of the planet).
2. Speed. Payment transactions go through the payment system of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the international payment system SWIFT. Calculations are made quickly and with high accuracy.
3. Comfort. Company managers or authorized persons can make settlements without leaving the work office. This is possible thanks to remote maintenance systems. Through the same services, you can manage finances, track the direction of money flow and control expenses.
If there are any questions related to the optimization of the mode of financial transactions, the client can seek advice from the employees of the National Reserve Bank (official website http://www.nrb.ru).
Opening a current account in the NRB can be ordinary citizens who provide paid services, private entrepreneurs, representatives of enterprises registered both in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.
The account is issued within a few banking days. Clients who decide to use the settlement and cash services from the NRB should contact the banks employees and submit the necessary documents. Specialists of a financial institution can take over the procedure related to the certification of samples of personal signature and seal. This will eliminate the need to use notary services and save the clients budget.
Clients of NRB can carry out domestic and transnational settlements in domestic and foreign currencies. Operations are performed from 10 am to 4 pm.
The money is debited from the clients current account on the same day when the payment documents were submitted. If the documents were submitted after 4 pm, the operation will be carried out the next day. If the client is late and has submitted the documents after 16.00, but the payment must be made urgently, the bank will make concessions and extend the operating day.

Placement of free funds

All businessmen are well aware that money must work. Therefore, funds that do not participate in the turnover should be placed in deposit accounts. This will bring a good income.
National Reserve Bank offers deposits with high profitability and comfortable conditions, allowing you to freely manage your finances.
1. Standard deposits. On these accounts, you can place rubles, euros or dollars. The deposit agreement is concluded for a period from 1 day to 18 months. The profit can be received monthly or at the end of the term. The terms of this product do not include the possibility of deposits or partial withdrawals. You cannot terminate the agreement before the date specified in the agreement.
2. Deposit with early termination of the contract. The bank offers 2 products with the possibility of early withdrawal of funds. In one case, interest is paid under the terms of the deposit "On demand", on the other - the profit received is fully preserved. The depositor cannot make additional contributions or partially withdraw money. Funds are invested for a period from 1.5 months to 18 months.
3. Deposits with the ability to carry out expense and income transactions. This deposit is open for 3-12 months. Interest is paid at the end of the contract. This product allows you to freely manage your finances: withdraw money at any time or replenish your account. When opening an account, the client must deposit at least 500 thousand rubles (15 thousand conventional units). When going to withdraw money, the depositor must deliberately warn the bank employees. The withdrawal amount should not exceed 25 thousand rubles (1 thousand conventional units).

For ordinary citizens

The National Reserve Bank also works with private clients. For them, the specialists of the financial organization prepared the following products:
• savings accounts;
• lending products (consumer loans and mortgages);
• payment cards (debit and with a credit limit);
• payment transactions;
• Money transfers.


NRB offers a wide range of deposit products. These are term deposits, programs with the possibility of early termination of the contract, foreign currency accounts, and so on.
1. "Urgent". The profitability of this product can reach 7.5%. The deposit is opened for a period of 1 to 12 months. You can deposit Russian, American or European money into the account. The depositor needs to deposit an amount of 3 thousand rubles (100 foreign units). Profit is transferred at the end of the term to a separate account. You cannot replenish or withdraw money from your account.
2. "Optimal". The deposit agreement is concluded for 6 or 12 months. At least 10 thousand rubles (300 conventional units) must be deposited into the account. The depositor can choose the way of paying out the profit independently: capitalization, payment to a bank or card account. The deposit yield can be 6.2% / year. Debit transactions are allowed on the deposit.
The bank is a member of state deposit insurance, therefore depositors place their savings here without fear.
You can calculate the profitability using the deposit calculator, which is equipped with the website of the National Reserve Bank.

Customer credit

People who have faced temporary financial difficulties can apply for a loan at NRB. The organization offers favorable conditions for consumer lending. Customers of the bank can use special conditions.
1. For depositors. Having issued this loan, the borrower will receive an amount from 30 thousand to 100 thousand rubles at a rate of 33% / year. Issue form - transfer to a card account. There is no commission for dispensing funds. The debt is repaid in equal installments. You can also repay the loan ahead of schedule (no penalties are provided). Loan term 6-12 months.
2. Salary clients. This is the most profitable product: the interest rate will be 28%, and the loan amount can be up to 750 thousand rubles.
3. "Commonwealth". This loan program can be used by employees of enterprises that have entered into cooperation with NRB. Company executives can take advantage of special conditions and receive up to one and a half million rubles at a rate of 26% / year. The following conditions are provided for employees: from 50 thousand to 750 thousand rubles at a rate of 28% / year.
4. "Economical". The terms of the loan involve the issuance of a loan in the amount of 30 thousand to 1 million rubles at a rate of 29.95% / year. The loan agreement is executed for up to 3 years.

Loan for the purchase of an apartment

NRB specializes in granting mortgage loans. A wide range of programs allows you to choose a loan that will meet the needs and capabilities of the borrower. Mortgage lending from the National Reserve Bank has its own characteristics:
• the interest rate is fixed for the entire financing period;
• when calculating the amount of the mortgage, the income of all family members of the borrower is taken into account;
• when making a loan, the bank does not require guarantors;
• Clients can repay the loan ahead of schedule, making the amount in installments or in full (commissions and penalties are not charged);
• a loan agreement can be concluded for a period from 12 months to 25 years (in 1 month increments);
• the borrower can purchase real estate in any region of the Russian Federation where the branches of this financial institution operate;
• the decision to issue a loan is valid for 90 days: this will allow the client to carefully approach the choice of real estate;
• payment schedules are set depending on the individual preferences and capabilities of the borrower.
The mortgage is issued in local currency. The borrower can receive an amount ranging from 500 thousand to 15 million rubles (but not more than 85% of the price of an apartment or cottage). Interest rate - from 12% / year (depending on the terms and amount of the loan, as well as the type of property being purchased).
With the participation of the National Reserve Bank, you can buy:
• housing on the secondary market;
• a house with a personal plot on the secondary market;
• townhouse (Solnechny settlement);
• volumetric modules for building construction.

Debit cards

NRB issues its own payment documents. The organization cooperates with the international payment system VISA, therefore bank cards are accepted for payment and cash withdrawal in many regions of the planet. The most popular tools are VISA Classic and VISA Gold . VISA Classic combines affordable cost and high quality service. This is an international card. With its help, you can withdraw money from any ATM in the world or pay by bank transfer. The documents capabilities allow you to book a hotel room, rent a vehicle, and make online purchases. VISA Gold was created especially for high status clients. This is not just a settlement tool, but a pass to privileged establishments (hotels, restaurants, high-level clubs, VIP-lounges of airports, etc.). Cardholders have access to services such as concierge service, airport shuttle and travel insurance.