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MTS Bank

MTS Bank started its activities in 1993. It is a universal financial institution of national importance. The company is one of the largest domestic banking structures.
The banks operation is authorized by the Central Bank of Russia and is regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation and licenses for the provision of banking services. The company participates in the state deposit insurance program, so Russians open deposit accounts without fear, receiving a stable income from interest rates.
MTS Bank services are designed for both corporate and private clients. Special programs have been developed for representatives of the small and medium segment of the domestic business. Investment projects are not the last place in the companys activities.
The geographical expansion of the financial organization has spread to 42 regions of the Russian Federation. Bank branches can be found in 77 cities and towns. Representative offices of the company operate abroad (for example, in Luxembourg).
MTS Bank offers its clients various types of credit products (both retail and corporate loans), foreign exchange transactions, credit and deposit cards, deposits, operations in the securities market, settlement and cash services, etc.

Comfortable service

The Bank offers its customers modern remote services, thanks to which the routine procedure for paying utility bills and other types of payments is simplified. Internet banking saves people from traveling to a bank branch and anxious waiting for their turn at the cashier. After spending just a few minutes, the user can:
• pay taxes, insurance, fines;
• replenish accounts registered in electronic payment systems;
• pay for city and mobile communication services, as well as the Internet;
• pay a fee for watching cable TV channels;
• repay credit debt;
• send money to the accounts of your partners (both intra-system and interbank transfers are possible).
Users of online banking from MTS Bank can take advantage of useful and convenient options that the virtual office is equipped with. Here you can:
• get information about the account balance, the status of loans or deposits;
• create payment templates and set up payments in automatic mode;
• block or unblock the card;
• view the history of transactions;
• receive statements on expense and income transactions, etc.
A virtual bank is not only convenient, but also profitable. Internal transfers are free. For transfers to accounts opened with third-party banks, you will have to pay no more than 0.3% (the maximum amount of commission does not exceed 150 rubles). Special privileges are provided for clients who receive salaries on accounts opened with MTS Bank. For transferring money to other financial organizations, they will pay only 10 rubles (regardless of the amount sent).
By installing a special program on his cell phone, the client can perform financial transactions without being tied to a work or home computer.

Offers for payroll clients

Salary projects are becoming more and more popular. They are beneficial both for the management of enterprises and for their employees. The payroll process is automated. Funds are transferred to specially prepared accounts.
What are the benefits of company executives from concluding an agreement on a salary project from MTS Bank? The salary payment process becomes much easier and cheaper. You dont need to worry about how to transport and store cash, spend money on collectors and cashiers. All this will be dealt with by bank employees. The salary project also implies additional payments: social subsidies, bonuses, travel funds, etc. A personal manager will help you understand the specifics of working with the project, draw up the necessary documents, and organize the issuance of payment documents. The Client-Bank service allows you to control the payment of wages from your work computer. The salary is paid on time. This is facilitated by the MTS Banks own processing center. The companys management can apply for the installation of ATMs on the territory of the enterprise. The employees of the firm will also benefit. Salary clients are issued international cards of MasterCard and VISA systems . Holders of payment documents can withdraw cash from MTS ATMs free of charge. You can manage your card account from an account registered in a virtual MTS Bank or through a mobile application. An SMS-informing service is connected to the salary cards, which provides information about the state of the account and expense and income transactions. Clients who receive salaries on accounts registered with MTS Bank can count on preferential lending terms and increased interest rates on deposits. 


Merchant acquiring provides for non-cash settlements using MIR, American Express , VISA, UnionPay , MasterCard payment cards .

 The cost of acquiring from MTS Bank is quite acceptable - 1.69% +1500 rubles / month. An individual tariff plan can be developed if necessary. To connect to the service, you must submit an application and collect the necessary documents.

Consumer loans for private clients

In MTS Bank, you can get a loan on favorable terms. The financial institution offers several loan products.
1. Salary clients. This loan is available to people who receive salaries on accounts opened with MTS bank. The project assumes reduced interest rates (from 14.99%) and loyal terms of debt repayment. A loan is issued for a period of 1 to 5 years. The amount reaches 3 million rubles. The borrower can repay the loan at any time without paying additional fees and penalties. There is also no commission for cash withdrawals.
2. Loans for MTS subscribers. The loan amount varies from 25 thousand to 75 thousand rubles. The decision to issue a loan is made within 5 minutes. Interest rate - from 29.9%. The loan can be repaid ahead of schedule.
3. Loans for clients with a positive credit history. The borrower can receive a loan in the amount of 15 thousand to 600 thousand rubles and dispose of it at his own discretion. The loan agreement is concluded for up to 5 years. If desired, the client can repay the loan ahead of schedule (commissions and fines are not charged). The Commission will make a decision to issue a loan within 48 hours from the date of application.
4. Credit for treatment. This type of lending provides for payment for services in clinics of the Medsi medical organization . The loan amount can reach 20 thousand rubles. It must be paid within a year. The interest rate will be 20.99%. The borrower receives a discount on medical services - 0.5%.
You can repay loan debt in any convenient way:
• through ATMs and self-service terminals;
• at the banks cash desks;
• using remote services;
• in the salons of MTS, Svyaznoy, Euroset and others;
• at the box office of the shopping centers "Eldorado" and " Technosila ";
• at the Russian Post offices.
You can apply for a loan in the online banking of MTS Bank: the users personal account is equipped with this option.


Not all Russian families can buy their own housing. Real estate is quite expensive. It takes several decades to collect funds to buy an apartment. MTS Bank will help to solve this problem: acceptable terms of debt repayment, affordable interest rates, promotions and offers allow not only buying a house or apartment, but also paying off debt as soon as possible without burdening the family budget.
The client can take part in state subsidies for loans for the purchase of real estate. This program provides for the purchase of an apartment in new buildings. The contract for the purchase of housing acts as security. The borrower receives up to 8 million rubles. The loan can be repaid for 25 years. Interest rate - 12%. The client must make an initial payment - at least 20%. Paying off the debt ahead of schedule, you will have to pay a penalty - 0.5%.
Taking advantage of a special offer from MTS Bank, you can purchase secondary housing. Clients are attracted by the minimum interest rates - from 14%. You can get a loan from 300 thousand rubles for up to 25 years. The bank will issue 25 million rubles for the apartment purchased in Moscow and St. Petersburg. If the housing is located in other regions of the Russian Federation, then the borrower can receive up to 8 million rubles.
The same conditions are provided for the purchase of real estate in new buildings. However, this offer can only be used by salary clients and employees of the Sistema group of companies.

Lending to enterprises

MTS Bank offers corporate clients several types of loans:
• overdraft;
• loans to replenish working capital;
• investment lending;
• bank guarantees.
Overdraft helps in those situations when there is not enough funds on the companys current account for payment, for example, wages. When issuing an overdraft in MTS, the client does not provide collateral. The borrower can receive up to 15 million rubles at a rate of 19-20%. The loan agreement is concluded for up to 1 year.
Business leaders can take advantage of programs aimed at increasing working capital. The funds can also be used to replenish the assortment of goods. The loan application will be reviewed by a special commission within a week. The contract is concluded for up to 2 years. Early repayment of the debt is envisaged.
Funds from investment loans are used to improve production, purchase equipment, and expand the company. The loan is issued for up to 5 years. The loan amount will be 1 million - 80 million rubles. Interest rate - from 16%. When applying for this type of loan, the client must provide security - property owned by the company (transport, equipment, real estate, etc.).
Bank guarantees are in demand in cases where the client needs to provide guarantees for the fulfillment of their obligations to partners. The amount of the guarantee may be 30 million rubles. The contract is concluded for 2 years. MTS Bank issues the following types of guarantees: tender, customs and performance guarantees.


Deposits from MTS Bank are popular among Russian citizens. Clients are attracted by high interest rates and flexible storage conditions. The financial organization offers a wide range of products in this section: each person can choose a profitable program. There are projects here designed for retirees, people with low and middle income, as well as for high-status clients.
1. "Profitable" - this deposit can be opened both in domestic and foreign monetary units. The contract can be concluded for a period of 3 months to 2 years. You must deposit at least 1,000 rubles (or 100 conventional units) into your account. It is not allowed to replenish the deposit or spend funds. The interest rate depends on the amount of the deposit and the term of the agreement and can reach 8.5% (for ruble investments). The income is paid at the end.
2. “Multicurrency” deposit is popular among clients who use different types of currencies. One account can hold funds in Russian and foreign money. The depositor can conduct exchange transactions without paying commission fees. The amount of ruble investments must be at least 50 thousand and be half of the size of the deposit. The invoice is issued for a period from 3 months to 2 years. The rate reaches 7.25% (in rubles). The profit is paid at the end of the contract. The deposit can be replenished, but debit transactions are not provided.
3. "Pension" can be issued by people who have reached retirement age. This is a good opportunity for them to receive a stable increase in their pension at a rate of 7.5% per annum. The account can be issued in domestic, American or European currency. The depositor can replenish or withdraw funds from it. Profit is paid every month or at the end of the contract.
This is not the whole list of products offered by MTS Bank. A complete list of deposits can be found on the website of the financial institution