Exchange platform – this is a reliable financial partner, we make exchanges within 5-15 minutes.


Moneta.Ru provides Russian citizens with a wide range of services related to financial transactions on the Internet. Both ordinary people and organizations can become customers of the payment system. The possibilities of the service are quite wide: individuals can make money transfers, for virtual stores, company employees develop modern methods of accepting payments, and small businesses can use the billing system.
The main characteristics of "Moneta.Ru" are simplicity of the interface, high level of protection, versatility.
1. Each user receives a personal e-account, from which he will carry out online payments.
2. Using special options, the account holder will be able to view payment history, monitor the movement of funds and find out about the state of the account.
3. The payment offers many options for depositing / withdrawing money. The client will easily select the most convenient and profitable way.
4. Transactions are carried out at a high speed: money is credited to the recipients accounts instantly.
5. By sending funds to internal wallets, the user does not pay a commission.
6. There is no commission fee for payments in stores that are in partnership with the Moneta.Ru service.
The payment system uses 3 types of currencies: European, American and Russian currency units. The Russian ruble is set by default. The account holder can change the main type of banknotes as soon as the need arises. In addition, the service has an exchange office where you can convert currency at a favorable rate.

Comfortable online shopping

Moneta.Ru is a convenient platform for online payments. By linking the trading site to the system, the seller can receive payment in any convenient way. The service offers various options for synchronizing a virtual store with a payment order.
The owner of a sales organization can independently manage the settings using the administrator panel. The work can be distributed among several administrators.
The cost of the services provided by the service is quite acceptable. The client can withdraw the funds stored in the e-account at any time, without observing any deadlines and restrictions.

Billing services for online organizations

Corporate clients can use the billing system "Moneta.Ru". All project participants can open e-accounts. There are many ways that users can withdraw funds or top up wallets.
Using special services, you can automatically calculate the transaction amount. In addition, the personal account has options that allow you to create financial reports, monitor the movement of funds and control the account balance. The account owner can connect additional modules and expand the range of services.
EPS partners can count on special privileges: payment officers will help you choose the most profitable package of services or develop individual cooperation programs.

For users of the "Moneta.Ru" payment system

Beginning of work

To become a member of the Moneta.Ru system, you need to go through the standard registration procedure. There is nothing complicated or unusual here: you just need to follow the step-by-step instructions and carefully monitor the correctness of the data (the information must be reliable).
1. Open the official website of the "Moneta.Ru" payment service and press the "Registration" button. It is located almost in the middle of the page and it is simply impossible not to notice it.
2. Now we proceed to filling out the registration form. Attention! Provide only reliable information! Otherwise, you will not be able to withdraw money from the e-wallet! In the special fields, you should enter the cell phone number and e-mail address. It is necessary to come up with a strong password, as well as answer the secret question ("Mothers maiden name"). After that, enter the captcha characters and press the "Continue" button.
3. The system sends us to the page for activating an e-account and setting security parameters. An SMS will be sent to your mobile phone with data for accessing your personal account (they must be kept and kept in strict confidence). We will also be offered to look at the e-mail: there will be a letter with a link to activate. Follow the link and press the "Continue" button again.
4. On the page that opens, enter the e-mail and the key that was contained in the SMS. And again the "Continue" button. The system will transfer us to the user profile. Registration completed successfully!

Data validation

After registration, the user automatically receives the "Anonymous" status. This type of account has limited capabilities. Holders of personalized accounts can make money transfers, replenish an account using a payment card or self-service terminals, and the threshold for restrictions on the amount of transactions will be an order of magnitude higher. To improve their status, the user needs to go through the verification procedure, that is, data verification. In addition, only verified customers will be able to recover their login credentials and rely on security support. To pass the verification, the client must go to the "Verification" section and provide reliable information about himself: full name, identification number, passport number and series. It is also necessary to upload copies of documents to the site. The account status will be changed after the system employees check all the data. 


E-wallet balance replenishment and withdrawal of funds


The Moneta.Ru service offers several ways to replenish an e-account:
• from an account opened with a bank (for example, Sberbank );
• from a VISA or MasterCard payment card ; • in the salons of communication "Euroset", "Svyaznoy"; • using self-service terminals; • from an e-account opened in third-party payment systems. Lets consider the procedure of replenishment using bank cards as an example. To replenish the balance, you need to enter the virtual account and open the "My account" section. Then you should press the button "Replenish" and select the method of replenishment. In the payment form, you must specify the e-wallet number, amount and card account number and press the "Continue" button. Transactions completed successfully!   

Withdrawing money from the system

The withdrawal procedure is also very simple. It is carried out in the same section "My account", only in this case, you must press the button "Withdraw". Next, select the withdrawal method, specify the payment data, click "Continue" - the financial transaction is completed.