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In 2003, the new virtual payment system "MOBI.Money" offered its services to Internet users. This service is multifunctional. Its capabilities allow you to make various types of payments in favor of online stores, service providers (cellular operators, city telephony, TV and Internet providers, utilities). Through "MOBI.Money" you can buy IT products, domains, hosting. At the same time, you do not need to leave home or take time off from work in order to have time to make a payment before the bank closes for lunch: all operations are performed from a regular computer installed at home or in the office. This allows you to avoid time-consuming waiting in lines and on the way to a bank branch or self-service terminal. 

The client can choose the payment methods convenient for him. For example, you can use the resources of SMS-banking or make a payment online.
Another advantage of the MOBI.Money service is that there is no need to install special software on a computer: financial transactions can be carried out directly on the payment site.

MOBI.Money products

The activity of the payment system is aimed at working with ordinary citizens and representatives of companies and organizations, therefore the creators of the EPS have tried to satisfy the interests of all categories of users. MOBI.Money offers its clients to use a wide range of financial products:
• money transfers;
• payments in favor of enterprises and organizations;
• payment for public services;
• payment of loans;
• processing transactions in the processing center "MOBI.Money" and so on.

Money transfers

Members of the system can send transfers to their friends, relatives or partners. You can transfer funds in any convenient way.
1. Cash through the payment acceptance points " Contact ", "Unistream", "Anelik", etc. You can use non-address transfers, ie the sender indicates only the country, city and full name. recipient. By contacting any of the points of issue of money, working in a particular locality, the addressee will be able to pick up the transfer.
2. A popular type of transfer is sending funds from one bank card to another. All international payment documents MasterCard , VISA , issued by domestic banks will do. 3. You can also transfer money to current accounts opened in Russian financial institutions.  

Payment for services

The MOBI.Money system has the capabilities to pay for the services of various enterprises and organizations.
1. Replenishment of the mobile phone balance. The service cooperates with the largest domestic cellular operators: Megafon, MTS, Beeline, Rostelecom, etc.
2. Payment for Internet providers.
3. Payments to utilities. Usually, paying utility bills is fraught with certain difficulties: going to the bank or cashier of an enterprise, idle time in long queues, filling out receipts. By using the services of the "MOBI.Money" service, you can avoid these difficulties. Modern technologies make it possible to pay for public services while sitting in a comfortable chair, generate invoices directly on the payment site and receive receipts in electronic form.
4. Payment for public services. Participants in the system can make payments for fines issued by traffic police inspectors, pay taxes or debts for enforcement proceedings. To use this product, the client needs to link his bank card to his account.

Payment procedure

Even if the user has little experience with electronic payments, he will easily understand the payment procedure in MOBI.Money. Even customers who have not registered an account in this EPS can pay for services . You only need to do 3 steps.
Step 1. Select a service and click on the icon.
Step 3. Fill out the payment form. Here you need to specify the following information: cell phone number (it is already indicated for authorized users), method of payment (from a card account or from a phone balance), account number, amount. Press the button "Pay".
Step 4. We check the correctness of the information provided and enter the password (unregistered users need to click on the "Get password" link - a one-time code will be sent to the phone, which will need to be entered). Press the button "Confirm payment". The operation is complete.
Within a few minutes, the money will be credited to the account of the service provider.
Funds are withdrawn from a mobile phone or from a payment card. If you use a phone, then you should make sure that you have enough finance on your balance sheet. The bank card option is available for registered users who have linked a payment document to their account.
For transactions, a commission is charged within 2-10% of the service cost. The amount of the fee depends on the conditions put forward by the organization to which the payment is received.

How to become a member of the MOBI.Money system?

The account is created automatically when the user performs the first financial transaction. A notification is sent to the clients mobile phone, which contains the password for entering the payment system. This password is valid for 90 days.
The user can independently register in the EPS. For this you need to do the following.
1. Go to the official website of the payment system and press the "Login" button ( located in the upper left corner of the page).
2. Click on the "Get password" button, enter the cell phone number in the appropriate field and click "Get password". The password for logging into the account will be sent along with an SMS to the number specified by the client.
Registration is available for subscribers of Beeline, MTS, Rostelecom, TELE 2 .
Members of the system can monitor the movement of money from their personal account. To do this, open the "Payment history" tab. A list of completed transactions will appear, thanks to which you can find out when the transaction was made, in favor of which company and for what amount. Using the filter, the user can view the history of payments made during a certain period. You can even sort transactions by specific features: date, amount, item, and description.

Electronic payment card

The MOBI.Money system issues its own payment card. This document has no tangible medium and is intended for making calculations in the Global Network. The user can order a VISA or MasterCard instrument. Electronic cards of these companies are accepted by all online organizations of the World Wide Web. It takes no more than 5 minutes to issue a virtual card.
The peculiarity of this payment document is that it is not tied to a bank account, but to a cell phone number. Money is transferred to the card account from the balance of the mobile operator. This is very convenient, especially in cases when the user does not have a bank account or for security reasons does not want to give his payment details to unauthorized persons.
You can also top up a card account through self-service terminals, ATMs, as well as from personal accounts registered in online banking systems.
The absence of a material medium is one of the most important advantages of this payment instrument: the card is simply impossible to lose. The document is in no way inferior to its plastic counterparts: it can be used to make purchases, transfer money to partners, pay for services. The card meets international security standards: payment information is transmitted through secure channels. Payments are confirmed by codes that are valid for a short period of time (one-time passwords can also be used).
The card number corresponds to the users cell phone number. The tool also has security codes CVC2 / CVV2.
There are limits on the amount of replenishment of the balance of the payment document. Due to the restrictions, the card holder can control the money spent and transfer to the account exactly as much as is needed for payment.

Partner offers

The MOBI.Money service is easily synchronized with online platforms, trading sites, telecom operators, virtual banks, and more. Therefore, the payment system can cooperate with almost all organizations.

Virtual wallet

Users of the "MOBI.Money" payment service can issue an e-wallet, which can be used to:
• remotely conduct all types of financial transactions (without visiting a bank branch);
• make recurring payments (such as tuition fees or purchase of travel documents).
The service uses modern technologies that ensure a high level of safety and comfortable working conditions. E-wallets are available around the clock. Unlike bank cards, they do not close for breaks, they do not have holidays or days off.

Freedom of Action: Mobile Banking

"MOBI.Money" unties the hands of its users by offering them to use the mobile payment service. The capabilities of this online platform allow you to pay bills through mobile operators. These can be a variety of payments:
• payment for purchases in virtual stores;
• communal payments;
• repayment of credit debts;
• money transfer to partners accounts;
• buying plane or train tickets;
• listing Wed dstv in bl agotvoritelnye funds and more.
At the same time, there is no need to open an account in a bank or in an electronic payment system: a cell phone is enough, on the balance of which the amount necessary for payment is stored.
What does a mobile operator get? First of all, it is an additional source of profit, which is brought by commission fees. Thanks to the service, a mobile operator can attract new customers and expand its sphere of influence.
The MOBI.Money system accepts payments in favor of 700 enterprises (virtual shops and social organizations). More than a thousand types of services are paid through the payment system . The processing center is characterized by high productivity: at least 2 financial transactions pass through it in 1 second.
The service of mobile payments from the MOBI.Money company is beneficial for the owners of trading sites. Simple payment procedure and democratic commission fees attract the attention of buyers. Various sources of money can be used in transactions. Payments are made by any available means, including using SMS commands.

Automatic payments

MOBI.Money partners can use the service of automatic payments. It is necessary for those businesses that provide services that require regular payment. Users can make payments automatically by specifying the recipients account number, date and amount of the transaction: the provider will receive the money at a strictly appointed hour.
The service provides maximum comfort: the client does not need to worry that the payment deadline expires today, and tomorrow the service may be disabled (for example, the Internet connection). Auto payments are especially useful for credit debts: set the necessary parameters, and the loan will be repaid on time, and the bank will not be able to make claims.

Online acquiring

Thanks to online acquiring, an organization can accept payments from its customers directly on the site. Bank cards are used for financial transactions. The payment procedure is as follows. By placing a special button on his website, the head of an online organization will be able to accept payments remotely through the MOBI.Money service. The buyer, having decided on the product and choosing a payment method, instructs the bank that issued the payment document to transfer money to the account of the online store. The company will receive funds within a few minutes. How is acquiring beneficial for merchants? 1. The principle of spontaneous buying works. The buyer liked the product and decided to buy it: just a couple of clicks and the deal is complete. 2. The client receives the goods that have already been paid for, which means that the probability of rejection is reduced.