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Leader is an electronic payment service of international importance. The payment provides services for the implementation of virtual financial transactions. The organization is focused more on ordinary citizens than on corporate clients. The capabilities of the service allow making payments between residents of different countries around the globe.
"Leader" was established in the spring of 2003. The companys sphere of influence has spread to more than 130 countries. EPS has a wide branch network: around the world there are about 130 thousand payment acceptance / issuance points. The organization owns its own payment terminals, the work of which is controlled by the Leader processing center. About 5 thousand devices have been installed in Russia and abroad. 
The service cooperates with various domestic and foreign organizations. Payment partners are cellular operators, insurers, travel agencies, public sector enterprises, banks, etc. More than $ 2 billion passes through the system during the year.
This financial institution is a member of the Association of Banks of Russia and the National Association "Swift".

Money transfer system "Leader"

To send a money transfer through the "Leader", you can contact the cashier of any bank that cooperates with the service. Financial transactions can be performed using self-service terminals, money transfer systems, as well as from an e-account issued on the server.
You can send funds in domestic or foreign currency. The addressee will receive the money within a few seconds after the payment is made. Non-address transactions are carried out through the payment system: the sender, when making a transfer, informs only the country to which the money will be sent and the addressees name. You can withdraw funds at any point of issue of money operating on the territory of the state indicated by the sender.
Funds can also be transferred by non-cash method (to a bank account). The payment system website is equipped with options to track the status of a financial transaction.

Money transfers through mobile operators

Clients can send money transfers through mobile operators MTS, “ Utel . Smarts "," Megafon "," Beeline ". The service can be used only within the Russian Federation. To transfer funds in this way, the sender must send an SMS message to a special number. The body of the notification must contain the following information:
• the state where the money will be sent;
• amount;
• surname, name, patronymic of the addressee.
The system will send an SMS to the senders number, which will contain the code of the financial transaction. This password must be provided to the addressee. You can receive funds at any point of cash issuance EPS "Leader".

Sending a transfer through "Alfa-Click"

From your personal account registered on the Alfa-Click server, you can also send money to your family or business partners. This method of financial transfer has some limitations. 1. The service is available only to citizens of Russia. 2. The amount of the transfer should not exceed 150 thousand rubles. 3. Only the person in whose name the transfer was addressed can receive money. To carry out a financial transaction, you need to perform several steps. 1. We issue an invoice. The sender should go to the Alfa-Click online banking website and be authorized in the system. Then you need to open the “Transfers” category, select the “Money Transfers” section and click on the link A payment form will appear on the monitor, the fields of which should be filled in, indicating the information about the sender and addressee. After the form is filled in and all the data is verified, you need to press the "Submit" button. Translation completed. The user can monitor the status of the transfer from his work computer (the Alfa-Click personal account is equipped with this option). 2. Payment of the bill. You can pay for the transfer both through the virtual bank "Alfa-Click", and through the mobile application. To do this, go to your profile in "Alfa-Click" and find the category "Account for payment" (located on the right side above the category "Expenses"). Then you need to select the account from which the money will be withdrawn and click the "Pay" button. Then the button "Get password" will appear on the screen. After pressing it, a message with a payment code will be sent to the senders phone, which must be entered in a special column. Press the "Confirm" button. The financial transaction is completed. As soon as the transfer acquires the "successful" status, the addressee will be able to collect their money at any cash pick-up point. 


Payment for services

The Leaders capabilities are not limited to money transfers. System participants can pay for the services of more than one and a half thousand organizations registered on the territory of the Russian Federation and the countries of the CIS.
Payment system users can:
• pay off loan debts;
• pay for the services of travel agencies;
• purchase train and plane tickets;
• pay for the services of utilities;
• top up the balance of cell phones;
• transfer money to e-accounts opened in third-party electronic payment systems;
• send finances in favor of budgetary organizations;
• pay for the services of Internet and TV providers;
• pay for government services: fines, taxes, etc.

Benefits of payment processing from the Leader service

The "Leader" money system provides a wide range of opportunities for each category of users. The companys employees have developed a package of services for individuals, enterprises and organizations, as well as for people who specialize in promoting IT products.
Leader provides a number of services related to the work of the processing center, which synchronizes the operation of self-service terminals, ATMs and other equipment, one way or another related to electronic financial transactions.
For enterprises and organizations
"Leader" is a convenient tool for working with electronic payments. For corporate clients, the system provides personal accounts equipped with special options. From their account, the management of the company will be able to manage accounts, set the amount of commission fees. Profile capabilities allow you to prepare financial reports and receive transaction statements. The client can independently configure security settings and monitor to identify unauthorized fraudsters.
Payment provides a unique opportunity that allows an enterprise to develop. With the help of the service, company leaders can attract subagents.
For IT developers
Accounts intended for developers of IT products are also equipped with special options, thanks to which customers can:
• manage equipment;
• send commands;
• view payment logs;
• monitor the condition of devices;
• update software;
• establish a collection schedule;
• draw up a plan of work related to equipment maintenance;
• open or close access for certain users.

If you run out of money ...

The Leader system offers its clients a range of services that can help in difficult situations. For example, a person went on vacation or business trip and he ran out of money. How to be? After all, he is in a strange city, where there are no acquaintances who could lend. In this case, you can use the "Request for money" service.
The request is sent online. To do this, you need to go to the official website of the Leader company, open the Payments category and find the “Request for money” link in the “Other” section. You need to click on the picture and fill out the form that appears, then click the "Send" button.
Sending money will not be difficult. You can do this directly from your mobile phone with the Smart function. Funds can be withdrawn from the card account.

LEADER DIGITAL: virtual banking and bank in a mobile phone

Business representatives can use the services of the LEADER DIGITAL service. This is an online platform that allows you to conduct various types of financial transactions without being tied to a specific place and time. You can transfer money to partners or receive payments from a distance. To do this, you must have a computer (desktop or laptop) and a network connection.
The main advantage of virtual banking from the Leader system is the possibility of customization . This means that payment service employees individually approach each of their clients, developing special products, offering lucrative tariff plans and expanding the list of opportunities.
From an account registered with LEADER DIGITAL, customers can:
• pay for goods and services;
• accept payments;
• make financial transfers;
• manage card and current accounts;
• view the history of transactions;
• monitor the status of the account;
• receive information about expense and income transactions.
The service can be easily integrated with other payment systems, trading sites, virtual banks, etc. EPS is equipped with a multi-stage protection system. Payment and personal information of users goes through an encryption program and is transmitted through secure channels.
By connecting to LEADER DIGITAL, owners of financial institutions can receive additional income from commissions on payment transactions. Online banking LEADER DIGITAL is a multifunctional service that allows you to carry out all possible types of transactions. The interface is simple and easy to use. The client can simultaneously perform several actions: pay bills, receive payments, control the balance, etc. To do this, set the "one window" mode. If there are any difficulties with the operation of the service or need a specialist consultation, the user can contact the Cool- center. This service works around the clock without breaks and weekends. By installing a mobile application on a smartphone or tablet, the client will be able to: • pay for the services of mobile operators, utilities, Internet service providers , etc. (about 2 thousand companies and organizations in total); • pay for government services (for example, taxes, parking lots, as well as fines issued by traffic police inspectors); • transfer funds from one card account to another; • top up cards and e-accounts; • use templates and automatic mode for regular payments; • send funds to the balance of a cell phone. 

Kiosks "Leader"

Heads of enterprises can conclude an agreement with the Leader system for the installation of payment terminals on their territory. The devices are equipped with a user-friendly interface and allow various types of transactions.
Kiosks of the Leader payment service operate without interruption. They have no breaks, weekends or holidays. You can pay for services of more than 1,500 providers through terminals.
The place where the device will be installed must meet the minimum requirements:
• you need a 220 V socket ;
• company management must provide documents confirming that the territory is the property of the company.
Acceptance of payments through kiosks "Leader"
Payment terminals "Leader" are a profitable solution for service providers who can accept payments from customers through them. Thanks to kiosks, the payment acceptance procedure becomes not only comfortable, but also profitable. The company can save on cash transportation, cash register maintenance, cashier maintenance, and more. Kiosks "Leader" are installed in many localities of Russia and neighboring countries, so the company can expand its sphere of influence without investing money in organizing a payment acceptance point.
Funds transferred using the payment terminal are instantly credited to the recipients account.
The equipment is equipped with software, which was developed by the employees of the Leader payment system. Therefore, the service will be able to "adjust" the terminals capabilities to the needs of consumers.
The instrument interface is easy to use: you can understand the principle of operation at an intuitive level. Pop-up tips will also help to understand the payment procedure. Small fees are charged for transactions. Affordable rates, convenience and round-the-clock access have attracted the attention of millions of customers wishing to use the services of terminals from the Leader payment service.