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In 1999, a new organization appeared in the domestic financial business - the Contact electronic payment service. The payment operator is the Rapida company, which undertook the clearing and settlement activities, technical support, activities related to the organization of work and the provision of information.
The Central Bank of Russia stated that the Contact payment system is of great importance for the development of the virtual payments business on a national scale. And this is true: the largest volume of payments (both domestic and interstate) is carried out through this service. The system cooperates with almost 1,000 banking organizations. The financial structure "Contact" includes more than 400 thousand branches and retail points. The company owns an extensive network of ATMs and self-service terminals. Payment offices can be found on the territory of 170 countries.
The server uses novelties in the field of electronic payments. Modern services and innovative technologies allow customers to make money transfers quickly and comfortably. Users can send money to friends or partners in cash or by non-cash payments. There is no need to open a bank account.

Transfer money anywhere in the world

Using the "Contact" service, you can send money to any location in the world. The financial transaction will take only a few minutes. When making a transfer, you should indicate your cell phone number. As soon as the money finds its recipient, a message will be sent to the mobile phone informing about the success of the operation.
The financial transfer can be made in domestic or foreign currency units. Funds can be credited to private or corporate accounts opened with Russian and foreign banks.
Within the Russian Federation, you can transfer up to 500 thousand rubles or up to 10 thousand conventional units (transfers in foreign currencies are available for individuals who are not residents of Russia).
The maximum amount of payments to the states of the post-Soviet space is 350 thousand rubles (10 thousand conventional units). The following restrictions are imposed on transfers between post-Soviet countries: up to 600 thousand rubles (up to 20 thousand conventional units). As for sending money to other countries, in this case the amount of transfers will depend on the laws of the addressees country.

Algorithm for making money transfers through the "Contact" system

The service offers several options for making money transfers. The client can choose the most convenient and profitable way.
1. Points of user service. Having applied to the payment acceptance point, the sender must inform the teller of the state and town to which the money will be sent, as well as the amount and personal data of the addressee. It is necessary to provide a passport and pay the required amount to the cashier (including the commission fee). The service employee will inform the transfer number, which must be transferred to the recipient (without the number it will be impossible to receive money).

2. Transfers through the "Contact account". This option is the simplest and most profitable. Using it, you can send money to civil and corporate accounts opened in any banking organization in the world. The advantages of this type of transfers are as follows:

• the operation is performed without the participation of intermediaries (which means that no additional commission is charged);
• the sender does not need to open a bank account;
• minimum information about the recipient is required to send the payment.
3. Sending funds through self-service terminals. You can also send money through the terminals of banks that are partners of the "Contact" company. The user can transfer up to 15 thousand rubles (including the commission).
4. Money transfers between bank cards. To use this method of transfers, the sender only needs to know the recipients bank card number. You can carry out the operation online. The commission fee will be only 1.6% of the payment amount. The minimum transfer threshold is 100 rubles.
5. Online transfers. You can also transfer money through virtual banking of financial organizations that cooperate with the Contact payment system.

How to receive the money?

To receive a transfer, the addressee should contact the point of issue of payments during working hours. It is necessary to show the operators passport and provide the transfer details (amount, operation number, type of currency and personal data of the addressee). The "Contact" money transfer system does not charge a commission from recipients.

Payment transactions

Clients of the service can not only send money to relatives or partners. The systems capabilities allow you to make various types of payments using a simple scheme. To pay for purchases or services, users do not need to open an account with the EPS "Contact". What can be done through this service?
• Pay off the loan debt;
• top up your mobile phone balance;
• pay a fee for the services intern m- and TV providers;
• purchase a tourist voucher;
• buy plane tickets or train;
• book a hotel room;
• pay for the services of utilities;
• transfer money to charity funds;
• top up an e-wallet registered in third-party EPS.

Repayment of credit debts

Having received a loan from a bank, a client can repay it through the Contact payment service. This can be done not only in the offices that operate on the territory of the Russian Federation, but also in foreign missions. Payment can be made in cash or with a debit or credit card, or from a deposit account. You can replenish your bank account with domestic and foreign currency.
The Contact system cooperates with such financial institutions as Russian Standard Bank, VTB 24, Tinkoff Bank and many others.
You can also repay loans that were obtained from companies specializing in microfinance (VIVA Money, Cabbage, MAYAK, etc.). Moreover, "Contact" assists in obtaining loans.
People who have bad loans can pay off their debts through a payment service.

Virtual payments

The Contact system allows making payments related to online services.
With the help of the service, clients of electronic payment systems can withdraw funds and receive cash, go through the data identification procedure, replenish e-wallets, and pay bills. The company cooperates with the popular XPS " Yandex .D engi ", " JCB ", "Rapid" and others.
Through the "Contact" system, you can pay for purchases purchased at virtual retail outlets, top up the balance of accounts registered on entertainment portals, and so on.

Government services

By contacting the "Contact" payment acceptance point, you can pay for:
• public parking services;
• pay tax or duty;
• pay a fine issued by a traffic police officer;
• pay off debts related to enforcement proceedings.
The capabilities of the service allow customers to receive information regarding all these payments. To do this, you must:
• apply to the "Contact" item;
• present a passport, identification number, insurance number of an individual personal account or a drivers license;
• view the list of charges and select the required payment;
• make payment to the cashier.

Why is identification needed?

Identification allows you to verify the identity of the client and confirm the veracity of his data. This procedure is provided for by Russian Legislation. Authenticated users receive more privileges than confidential ones. They can use all the services that the electronic service provides. For example, exchange transactions are available only to identified users.
Identification also implies an increase in the limit for financial transactions (more than 15 thousand rubles).
"Contact" invites its partners to use the "Personal Account" service. In your account, you can find out about promotions and offers, get information about cooperation with the system. The profile is equipped with options that allow you to manage payment acceptance / issuance points that have been registered in Contact.

What does "Contact" offer banking organizations?

By cooperating with Contact, banks receive a number of advantages. Clients of financial institutions will be able to make payments and transfers not only in the branches of a particular bank, but also through the points of the "Contact" system, which are located throughout Russia. Payment acceptance points operate abroad as well.
The partnership with Contact allows banks to expand their range of services and develop new services based on the software offered by the system. This will increase your profits through additional commission fees.
Cooperation is a great opportunity to disseminate information about the bank among Russian and foreign citizens and attract customers who want to buy or sell foreign currency, rent a safe, open a plastic card, etc. Payment system employees post information about their partners on the pages of the site. Here you can find bank details and contact phone numbers.
Collaboration with the "Contact" system involves cooperation with foreign participants in financial transfers sending money through this payment service.
The money transfer service is extremely popular in modern society. This is due to the low cost of transactions and the ongoing migration of the population. Banks can take advantage of this fact and increase their profits, regardless of the situation in the financial market.
Corporate clients can use some types of services free of charge:
• computer programs serving financial transfers;
• an online integration platform that realizes money transfers that come to the Contact service from remote service systems (virtual banking , self-service terminals, etc.);
• technical service and information support;
• advertising placement, as well as consultation with a specialist in the field of advertising.
Today the majority of large financial organizations take part in the Contact system: banking networks, regional multi-branch systems. Small organizations that have not yet managed to expand and open their branches also become EPS partners.

For service providers

The "Contact" system also cooperates with companies that provide services to the population and organizations. Payment system participants can be:
• operators of cellular and city telephony;
• utilities;
• Internet and TV providers;
• companies specializing in micro-financing , etc.
Contact offers a simplified payment scheme. The client can contact any point of the payment service and pay for this or that service. They attract users and low commissions. All of these factors will enable partner organizations to expand their customer base.
EPS offers a convenient scheme for withdrawing funds from third-party electronic payment systems and receiving "real money".

A few words about safety

The administration of the service strongly recommends that its customers adhere to some rules that will help prevent the actions of scammers.
If they called you and, posing as employees of the Contact company, asked to provide payment information (card or bank account details), you must immediately contact the security service (phones are presented on the official website of the payment, calls are free).
Do not trust people who offer "gifts in exchange for a small commission" and ask to send a transfer through "Contact". If the fraudsters still managed to carry out their plans, you need to contact the police and the Contact customer support service. If the transfer has not yet been received in your hands, then it can be withdrawn.
Attention! Keep your receipts and receipts!