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The IntellectMoney electronic payment system appeared on the domestic financial market not so long ago. The company began its activity in the spring of 2009. Despite its youth, the organization is confidently winning its place under the sun. Experts say that IntellectMoney has great prospects.
The leaders of the payment service saw their main task in creating a secure, reliable and multifunctional system that could offer Russian citizens high-quality services in the field of virtual payments.
EPS cooperates with online stores, large banks, money transfer systems, and more. Service users can purchase goods at discounts, make payments for the services of various organizations, and transfer money to any location on the planet.
Distinctive characteristics of IntellectMoney are:
• versatility;
• safety;
• confidentiality;
• high speed of operations.

Getting started with IntellectMoney

Work at IntellectMoney begins with registration. The clients of the system are conventionally divided into 2 categories: buyers (ordinary citizens) and sellers (corporate clients, including the owners of online stores). Buyers need to open an e-wallet, and sellers need to register their shopping site.

Buyers registration

If you decide to register as a customer, you need to follow these steps.
1. Go to the official website of the IntellectMoney company and press the button "Register".
2. Fill in the form that opens. Here, the future wallet owner will need to provide personal information: full name, e-address, date, month and year of birth. In addition, you will need to come up with a PIN code and give an answer to a secret question. Technical information should be remembered and made sure that they do not fall into the hands of strangers: the PIN code will open access to the account, and using a secret question and an answer to it, you can recover your password if you lose it. The PIN is also used to confirm financial transactions.
Attention! It is necessary to provide only a valid e-address, since it will receive a notification with a link to confirm registration. You will also be able to enter your personal account via e-mail.
3. Then you need to press the "Next" button and confirm your account by clicking on the link in the e-mail.
4. Registration is complete!
The payment does not have any special requirements for its users. Even non-residents of the Russian Federation can open an account here. But in this case, there are some difficulties associated with the withdrawal of money from the system: this option is available only to Russian citizens.
The account owner can:
• top up the e-wallet (7 options);
• pay for purchases and services;
• send money to internal accounts;
• view the payment log;
• securely store payment information.

Registration of a trading site

The IntellectMoney service offers owners of virtual retail outlets to issue a business account. To do this, go to the payment resource, press the button “Register a business account, and fill in all the columns of the form that appears. It will not be difficult to do this: you can understand the registration procedure on an intuitive level, and pop-up prompts will also help.
Now we press the "Next" button and confirm the account. To do this, you need to go to your e-mail, open a letter from IntellectMoney and follow the link. The system will ask you to come up with a PIN code and enter it in a special field. We click the button "Confirmation". After the service checks all the data, you need to submit an application to connect the trading site. Detailed instructions on how to link the online store to the service will be sent by email.
Business account holders can:
• open several e-wallets within one account;
• withdraw funds from the system;
• accept payment via EPS IntellectMoney on the website of your trade organization;
• top up your e-account.

IntellectMoney system tariffs

Payment service IntellectMoney offers its users very affordable rates. For example, a person will not pay a dime for registering an e-invoice. Most financial transactions provide zero commission fees: wallet replenishment, intra-system transfers, online purchases using a bank card, and more.
A commission is charged for replenishing a wallet from the electronic systems QIWI (0-5.5%) and Z-Payment (4.5-5.5%). When transferring money to IntellectMoney from a bank account, you will also have to pay a commission stipulated by the rates of the banking organization.
In most cases, financial transactions are carried out instantly, except for transfers from a bank account (in this case, money goes to the payment system within 5 working days).

Mobile app

The EPS IntellectMoney activity is based on modern technologies. Services are being launched that can improve the comfort of payment system customers. One such service is an app for tablets and cell phones. By installing the software on their smartphone, the participant will no longer sit in front of a desktop computer screen: all payments can be made at any time and anywhere. The main thing is to connect to the Network.
The application contains all the information that the user will need to work with the IntellectMoney system. Here you can find out about service tariffs, discounts, view a list of stores that are in partnership with the payment system. The personal account is equipped with the following options:
• viewing the balance of the e-wallet;
• payments to various companies;
• financial transfers;
• viewing the history of payments.
Customers can pay for the services of over 750 organizations: utilities, mobile and city operators, TV channels and Internet connection providers. Payment can be made both from an IntellectMoney e-account, and from a payment card that has been linked to the user account.
To transfer money to a friend or partner, the user just needs to indicate the number of the e-wallet, the details of the discount card or e-mail.
Login to your account is carried out by login and password.

Replenishment of e-wallet IntellectMoney

There are several ways to top up an account registered in the IntellectMoney system.
1. Using a bank card. This method does not require money transfer to the IntellectMoney e-wallet: payments can be made directly from the card account. To do this, you need to link the payment document to your personal account. In a payment, you can use international instruments MasterCard, VISA, issued by domestic financial institutions. The client can link 3 cards to the system.
2. Through self-service terminals. You can replenish the balance of an e-wallet in this way very quickly: the operation is carried out within a few seconds. Banking equipment is located in supermarkets, lobbies of organizations, at metro stations.
3. Through the cash desk of any domestic bank. To use this option, the user needs to print a receipt form (located in the account), fill it out and pay by contacting the cashier of any bank. The money will enter the system within 2 to 5 banking days (the term depends on the conditions set forth by the financial institution).
4. Through virtual banking. This is one of the easiest ways to fund an e-account, since you can make a transaction without leaving your home. The user needs to log into an online bank account and make a money transfer by entering the e-wallet number and the amount. Payment is instant.
5. Using services that carry out money transfers. To replenish the account in this way, the client must contact one of the points of receipt of money systems "Western Union", "Zolotaya Korona", "Contact". The funds will be credited to the wallet within 24 hours.
6. From e-accounts registered in third-party EPS. You can also deposit money into IntellectMoney from an account in such electronic services as Yandex.Money, Rapida Online, QIWI, etc.
7. Using ATMs. To top up your account, you can use Master-Bank ATMs. Payment can be made by bank card or cash (if the device is equipped with a cash-in system).

Withdrawing funds from the system

Clients of the payment system have the ability to withdraw money from their e-wallets. Attention! Withdrawals are allowed only in the name that was specified by the user during registration! Only authenticated users can withdraw finances. To go through the identification procedure, the client must provide passport details.
You can withdraw funds in two ways.
1. To a payment card. You can transfer money to a payment card issued by any banking structure operating in the Russian Federation. In the profile, you need to find the "Withdraw" tab, select the category "To a bank card" and specify the details of the payment document. The funds will be credited to the card account within 5 banking days. The cost of the operation will be 3.5% + 20 rubles. The financial institution to which the transfer is made can also withdraw the commission.
2. To the current account. Money can also be sent to a current account registered with one of the domestic banks. This is done through the "Withdraw" tab, only in this case you should click "To a bank account" and enter your payment data. Finances are credited within 5 days. Transaction cost - 3.5% + 20 rubles + commission fee provided by the bank.

Savings on the face

IntellectMoney is not just a convenient service for carrying out virtual financial transactions. This is a good opportunity to save money! The system invites its customers to take part in the discount program and receive discounts on goods and services. In some cases, savings can be up to 5%. To become a participant in the program, the user needs to order a discount project participant card. You dont have to pay for it. By presenting the card, you can get discounts on the services of social enterprises (restaurants, beauty salons, cinemas, etc.). IntellectMoney partners are many stores (both virtual and regular), travel agencies, entertainment centers, etc. When shopping in various stores, the user presents one IntellectMoney discount document: the card works in all institutions that cooperate with the payment service. Operating principle The operating principle is as follows. Having decided on the product, the person presents the discount card to the cashier and receives a discount: about 50% of the purchase price is credited to the e-account. The money received by Intellect is exchanged for products of outlets or services of various companies. "Earned" funds can be sent to third-party users. Money can be converted into cash. 


Varieties of discount cards

IntellectMoney offers its users several types of discount cards. Each document is unique and offers its owner favorable terms.
1. "Standard". The holders of these documents purchase goods and use the services of restaurants, fitness clubs, etc. at good discounts. The document will be delivered by the state postal service.
2. Electronic discount card. By ordering a virtual card, the client does not have to wait for the mail to deliver the document. The blank card can be printed on an ordinary printer. In terms of functionality, the card is no different from the "Standard" one.
There are 2 more types of discount documents. Their employees IntellectMoney released in collaboration with partner organizations.
1. "Student". This document was created together with the Financial and Industrial Academy of Moscow. The card is issued to students of schools, secondary technical and higher educational institutions. It allows you to buy cheap educational literature, stationery, tickets to cultural events. It can also be presented instead of a pass to the territory of the university.
2. INTERSPORT. The document allows you to shop in the INTERSPORT network and purchase sporting goods at reduced prices.