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Home Credit

1990 was marked by the emergence of a new banking organization on the domestic financial market - the Technopolis Investment Bank. Some time later, Technopolis merged with a group of financial companies under the name Home Credit. The banking structure has shown itself as a promising organization. The development of Home Credit Bank was rapid: just 2 years after its foundation, the company offered credit products to Russian citizens and served its first customers.
The leadership of the organization began to work on expanding geographic expansion. The first steps were taken, as a result of which a representative office of Home Credit Bank began its work in Nizhny Novgorod. Retail outlets are also opening. There are more and more of them: Home Credit loan points operate in many localities of the country.
Home Credit financial network has confidently “got on its feet”. The companys administration is establishing partnerships with the trading giants Eldorado, Technosila, Mir, M-Video.
Bank employees are developing new credit programs, offering unique services and modern services. The service level is improving, and the client base is also expanding: Russians are attracted by favorable interest rates and flexible lending terms. In 2004, Home Credit produced its first plastic cards with a credit limit. A year later, a new product was proposed - cash loans. Such loans could be obtained at any retail outlet of a financial institution.

Marks of Excellence

Every year Home Credit Bank takes part in various competitions. The company has won prizes several times. For example, in 2013, a financial institution received the Silver prize (the Efie Brand of the Year competition). In 2014, the bank was awarded the prize “For the introduction of modern technologies”. In 2015, Home Credit was recognized as an organization that took an active part in the Russian Financial Literacy Week for Youth. And in 2016 the company received one of its most expensive awards - the Peoples Trust Award.

All about loans from Home Credit Bank

Home Credit Bank offers its clients all types of lending:
• consumer loans;
• loans with "real money";
• loans for the purchase of real estate.
Loans are issued as soon as possible. Bureaucratic delays and painful waiting for the decision of the credit commission to issue a loan are completely eliminated. The client can draw up a schedule of monthly payments himself. The bank does not require collateral: there is no need to look for guarantors and pledge property. A distinctive feature of loans obtained from Home Credit is the free issuance of credit funds. Detailed information on the terms of lending can be obtained on the official website of the company. In virtual banking of the Home Credit financial organization, the client can calculate interest rates, as well as the amount of monthly payments (the personal account is equipped with all the necessary options). 

Loan repayment methods

Home Credit employees have provided many options for repayment of credit debts. Bank clients will easily find the most profitable and convenient way.
1. "My loan" - this application is designed specifically for receiving payments related to debt repayment. Payment cards Maestro, MasterCard, VISA are accepted for payment. The amount of the commission fee ranges from 0.6-1.3% and depends on the type of bank card. The money will be credited to the credit institutions account within 24 hours. If there are no Home Credit Bank branches in the village and there is no banking equipment that accepts cash, no commission is charged for financial transactions. The application can be installed on a smartphone or tablet.
2. Online banking. You can repay the debt from your account registered on the Home Credit online banking server. Payment is made by non-cash method from debit cards of Home Credit Bank. When making a payment from Internet banking, the client does not pay a commission. All transactions are accompanied by a one-time password that is sent to the users cell phone. Funds are credited to the account within 24-48 hours.
3. Cash-IN ATMs. Payments are made in cash. To conduct a transaction, you will need to enter the contract number or barcode. The money will be credited within 24 hours. There is no commission fee.
4. At the box office "Home Credit". When paying for the loan at the companys cash desks, the borrower does not pay a commission.
5. Deductions from wages. The payment is made by wire transfer. The borrower must submit to the employer an application for monthly deductions in favor of the given banking structure. If the salary is paid to a card account, then you should contact the financial company where the salary card was issued.
You can also pay off the debt in other banks or through the payment systems "Zolotaya Korona", "Rapida", self-service terminals "Eleksnet", Russian postal services, electronic payment systems, etc.


Cash loans

Having issued this type of loan, the borrower receives an amount from 10 thousand to 850 thousand rubles with an interest rate of 19.9% / year. The credit commission will consider the loan application within 1 hour. The contract is concluded for up to 7 years.

Consumer loans

By taking out a consumer loan, you can purchase household appliances, a travel voucher, jewelry, clothing, and more. The financial institution offers several loan programs. Each has its own characteristics.
Having opened a loan for travel, the borrower receives an amount from one and a half to 2 million rubles. The loan is issued for six months. You will need to make an initial payment - at least 20% of the tour cost.
The loan amount provided for the purchase of furniture reaches 500 thousand rubles. No down payment is required. You can pay off the debt for about 2 years. For the purchase of electronics, the bank issues up to 80 thousand rubles, but for household appliances you can take a loan of up to 500 thousand rubles.

Mortgage credit lending

Buying a property is not an easy task. Home Credit credit organization will help to solve it. The Bank issues loans for the purchase of housing at low interest rates - from 11.95% / year.
Using mortgage lending programs, you can buy an apartment (or part of it), a room in a communal apartment, secondary or primary real estate, housing in a house under construction, a country house with a garden plot, a garage, and so on.
Company employees have also developed programs aimed at improving the living conditions of the population. There are also projects aimed at refinancing loans.
Mortgage Loan Registration Scheme
1. Submitting an application (online or at a bank branch).
2. Consultation of the company manager.
3. Obtaining consent for a loan from Home Credit partners.
4. Choosing the organization that provided the most favorable credit terms.
5. Signing the contract.
The application is considered within 1-3 days. After 4 days, you can make a deal.
The bank sets minimum requirements for borrowers. The registration of the client does not matter. A loan can be issued on the basis of only 1 document - a passport. There are no requirements for work experience.

Cards issued by Home Credit Bank

Home Credit Bank issues MasterCard and VISA cards. The financial institution offers credit cards or debit payment instruments.

Credit Cards

Having opened a card with a credit limit, the client gets round-the-clock access to funds by withdrawing cash from ATMs or paying for purchases and services by non-cash payments. The company offers 3 types of credit cards. A feature of Home Credit cards is an interest-free period of using credit funds - 51 days.
1. "Quick shopping". The account contains 300 thousand rubles. You can withdraw "real money" from an ATM free of charge. If by the end of the interest-free period the debt is not repaid, then the borrower will have to repay the loan with interest - 34.9% (for non-cash payments) and 49.9% (for cash withdrawals). Receiving "real money", the client will pay a commission of 4.9% of the withdrawn amount. Credit card service is free of charge.
2. "Card for the benefit of Gold" provides an opportunity to purchase goods with discounts. When paying by card in partner stores, the client receives bonuses to his account (1-3% of the purchase price), which can then be exchanged for various goods. When shopping in online stores, you can get a discount of up to 30%. The available amount is up to 300 thousand rubles. The borrower can independently determine the amount of monthly payments (at least 5%). The cost of the payment document will be 990 rubles per year.
3. “Card with Platinum Benefit” is an indicator of high status. The payment instrument provides its owners with special privileges. For example, when paying by card, you can return up to 5% of the purchase price (bonuses are credited to the clients account). There is also a 30% discount on goods purchased in virtual stores. This product provides for reduced rates (from 29.9% / year) after the end of the grace period. Servicing a credit card will cost 4,990 rubles per year.
To apply for a Home Credit Bank credit card, you need to enter the users personal account and press the button “Issue a card”.

Debit cards

The bank offers 2 categories of debit cards: in domestic and foreign currencies.
The ruble category is represented by the "Key" and "Good News" payment instruments. With the "Key" card, you can pay for purchases, withdraw cash, pay for services, and make money transfers. The card is issued and serviced free of charge. When making intra-system transfers through the Internet banking system, the user does not pay a commission. Transferring funds to accounts opened with a third-party bank, you will have to pay a commission - 10 rubles. The cost of transferring to cards served by other financial institutions is 1% (but not less than 100 rubles).
The Good Mood card is not just a tool for making payments, but an opportunity to increase your capital: 7% / year is charged on the balance of funds.
Dollar cards are presented in 4 variants. VISA Classic and MasterCard Standard are issued free of charge. By withdrawing cash from Home Credit ATMs, the client will pay a commission of 3% of the amount received. Issuance of payment documents VISA Gold and MasterCard Gold will cost the client $ 25. A feature of these cards is the accrual of interest on the balance - up to 1% / year.
Having received a debit card, the client can connect a number of additional services: SMS notification service, online banking and mobile application, e-mail notification service, payment card insurance.


Home Credit Bank has prepared a wide range of products for such categories as deposits. The companys clients can open ruble or foreign currency accounts. You can make a deposit at a bank branch or from your personal account in online banking.
The most profitable is the ruble product "Maximum income" with an interest rate of up to 9.62% / year. The client determines the method of payment of profit himself: monthly crediting to a separate account or capitalization of interest. The terms of the agreement provide for account replenishment (without expense transactions).
For people of retirement age, the company has prepared a special offer with a high yield - 9.62% / year. The deposit can be opened by people who have presented a pension certificate. Interest is paid every month. The contract is valid for 1.5 years.
Attractive conditions for foreign currency deposits attract the attention of clients. By placing dollars, the depositor can count on an income of 2% / year, euros - 1% / year. An account is opened with an investment of $ 100 or more. Deposit replenishment is possible. Withdrawing money from the account is not provided. Income is paid monthly.